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Atmakaraka Soul Planet In Nakshatras | Know Your Purpose in Life

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What is Your Atmakaraka?

Your Atmakaraka is the planet with the highest degree in your birth chart; the root word Atma translates into Soul and karaka means significator, so Atmakaraka is the significator of your Soul. Your Atmakaraka reveals your purpose in life and what you are here to learn and experience. Your Soul is here to balance out the karmic scale by repaying past life karma debts, learn lessons, and fulling desires.

Why Is Your Atmakaraka Important? Your Atmakaraka is the most important karaka out of all the 7 chara karakas, this is because your Atmakaraka is the significator of your ascendant (1st house). Consequently, your first house is the karma reason for your birth and is a significator of your soul, physical body, characteristics, personality, head, brain, appearance, dharma, destiny, well-being, vitality, strength, fame, status, birth, early childhood, and starts in life.

How is Your Atmakaraka Used? Your Atmakaraka is used to understand your soul purpose and is a prediction tool for the first house significator. Your Atmakaraka can be used to understand Yourself, Personality, Soul Destiny, Purpose, and Dharma in life.

What is Your Karakamsa? Your Karakamsa is the sign your Atmakaraka is placed in your Navamsa (D9) chart. Your Karakamsa can provide additional information about your destiny and soul purpose. Karakamsa show whether or not you will fulfill your soul’s purpose in life. When you are in the Mahadasha of your Karakamsa you feel a purpose in life and your destiny is revealed to you.

How to Calculate Your Atmakaraka?

Your Atmakaraka is the planet with the highest degree in your natal birth chart. The planet with the highest degree is automatically calculated in your personalized Vedic astrology birth chart report. The image above is Diana, Princess of Wales, 7 chara karakas. The planet with the highest degree is Sun at 16:20 degrees. So, Sun is her Atmakaraka and is used to understanding her purpose in life.

Atmakaraka Nakshatra

The nakshatra you Atmakaraka is placed in defines the characteristics of your soul. You can know more about your personality, personal power, interests, character, and nature of your soul by knowing the nakshatra your Atmakaraka falls in.

Atmakaraka in Ashwini Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Ashwini Nakshatra means you are assertive, adventurous, fast, and headstrong. You like to dive into a situation headfirst which makes you very adventurous and often impulsive. You have healing powers and an interest in alternative medicine, herbology, or growing herbs. You enjoy playing sports and have a competitive nature because of this you are a natural athlete.

Your Atmakaraka in Ashwini Nakshatra is similar to Atmakaraka in Aries, this is because Ashwini is in the headstrong and assertive sign of Aries.

In your Ashwini Nakshatra Mahadasha things happen fast and at rapid speed and you realize your purpose in life; You can experience healing to your physical body and may travel a lot.

Atmakaraka in Bharani Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Bharani Nakshatra means you have the power to impregnate your subconscious minds to manifest your soul desires. Your thoughts and ideas can grow and develop into something concrete and tangible. However, your ideas take time to grow, similar to a baby growing in its mother’s womb. You have extraordinary creative abilities that transform into artistic and creative talents. You have a stout but strong physique and long nose similar to the elephant which is Bharani ruling animal: However, you experience many transformations in life especially when you outgrow a situation. This is because the wound is the main symbol of Bharani Nakshatra. Therefore, when a baby outgrows its mother’s womb it goes through a transformation into the physical world. Consequently, when you outgrow a situation, a change takes place that transforms your life and soul.

In your Bharani Nakshatra Mahadasha you experience many changes and transformations. In which these changes are necessary for your soul growth and development.

Atmakaraka in Krittika Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Krittika Nakshatra means you have a critical and sharp mind. Therefore, you can be fault-finding and nitpicking. Since your mind is so sharp you can pierce information, ideas and, concepts to the smallest detail. Therefore, you have a natural talent for editing and proofreading. Nevertheless, Agni the fire god is the ruling deity of Krittika Nakshatra you are fascinated with fire. Therefore, you enjoy fire rituals, bond fires, barbecues, firecrackers, fireworks, and lightning aromatherapy candles. Being around Fire makes you feel alive and connected with the Fire God, Agni.

In your Krittika Nakshatra Mahadasha you can be invited to many social gatherings involving fire like barbecues, fireworks, and you can travel to places where there are volcanoes like Hawaii.

Atmakaraka in Rohini Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Rohini Nakshatra means you are mesmerizing, hypnotic, alluring, magnetic, and leave a lasting impression on people. You attract attention and lure others in like a moth to a burning flame. Because your aura is so inviting people love being in your company. Your eyes are compelling and hypnotic. If you are a female, you enjoy decorating your eyes with

dark-colored mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner because this embellishes the natural seductiveness in your eyes. You are a natural charmer who can hypnotize people with just one gaze. On the other hand, you have creative talents and can are naturally gifted when it comes to playing musical instruments. You enjoy agriculture and growing plants and herbs. This is because the main symbol of Rohini Nakshatra is an Oxen Cart pulled by two Bulls. Consequently, a bull is an ancient symbol of fertility and growth.

Your Atmakaraka in Rohini Nakshatra is similar to Atmakaraka in Taurus, this is because Rohini is completely contained in the earth sign of Taurus.

In your Rohini Nakshatra Mahadasha you experience growth, fertility, and financial blessings. You will have a mesmerizing aura, that will draw people to you who will help you fulfill your life purpose.

Atmakaraka in Mrigashira Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Mrigashira Nakshatra means you love the thrill of chasing after a goal, dream, or objective. However, once you accomplish an objective you start chasing after a new goal. This is the energy of Mrigashira Nakshatra of being on a never-ending chasing quest. You have very restless energy, and you must keep moving around or going after something. Because you love searching and finding you can be a collector of many rare and hard-to-find items. In addition, you have a very technical mind and enjoy understanding how the mechanics of things work. This is because Mars the planet of technicians is the ruling planet Mrigashira Nakshatra.

Atmakaraka in Ardra Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Ardra Nakshatra means inspiration can hit you like a flash of lightning. You can experience an awakening in which you have that ‘aw ha moment’ and everything is clear. Because of this, you have the most brilliant ideas that no one else has thought of. The best thing about your ideas is that you don’t have to overthink to get a brilliant idea. Because of this, you have a very inventive mind, however, once you start implementing your ideas, they could take time to manifest. This is because a diamond is one of the symbols of Ardra Nakshatra; therefore, a diamond takes time to form in the earth (with heat and pressure) similar to your brilliant ideas.

In your Nakshatra Mahadasha you experience many changes and transformations that will help you manifest your soul purpose. You will have a creative surge and will invest your time in a creative project and pursuits.

Atmakaraka in Punarvasu Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Punarvasu Nakshatra means you are very go-oriented. You shoot for the target and get what you want in life; because of this, you are very motivated when it comes to your dreams and desires. However, since Punarvasu means the return of the light, this means you may have to repeat a task several times before you can accomplish your objective. The first attempt at accomplishing a goal can often fall short of your expectation; however, once you try again you will succeed at the things you desire.

Atmakaraka in Pushya Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Pushya Nakshatra means you are generous, caring, nurturing, and you enjoy helping people. Since Brihaspati (Jupiter) is the ruling deity of Pushya Nakshatra, you are a natural teacher. You can take a student under your wings and nurture their education. You are also a natural adviser; you can give advice based on your own wisdom and knowledge. You are kind to others and have a very charitable nature. Because you are kind to others the Brihaspati (Jupiter) blesses you with prosperity and abundance.

In your Pushya Nakshatra Mahadasha you experience prosperity and good fortune in your life. You will have an aura of protection that safeguards you in your ventures. You can spend a good amount of time in the comfort of your home, and you may even be blessed with a home of your own.

Atmakaraka in Ashlesha Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Ashlesha Nakshatra means you are hypnotic and captivating. People are drawn to you like a moth-to-a-flame, this is because you have an aura of attraction that can suck people in. You have very hypnotic eyes that can charm people. Because of this, you can get others to do what you want. You are naturally gifted with clairvoyant powers and often have ESP experiences. You are highly intuitive and can sense the energies of an environment. Due to your high intuition, you can tell when things are not right in your environment, and because of this, you can protect yourself. The Nagas (mystical snake healers) are all the ruling deities of Ashlesha Nakshatra; because of this, you have natural healing abilities.

Atmakaraka in Magha Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Magha Nakshatra means you are authoritative, powerful, and a natural ruler. You have profound leadership abilities and can manage people effectively. as a result, you are a natural entrepreneur and business person. On the other hand, Magha is a royal Nakshatra and connected with the ancestors. Consequently, you come from a royal lineage, your ancestors were King and Queens. You feel royalty within your DNA and want to be treated like a king or a queen. Because of this, you love living a luxurious lifestyle, such as, staying at the best hotels when traveling and dining at five-star restaurants. You are meant to rule in this life and must have your Kingdom established to have a sense of fulfillment. Your own Kingdom could be a business prospect or owning property.

Atmakaraka in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra means you have a very relaxed, sensual, and carefree nature. You enjoy lounging around and taking it easy in life. You do not like stressing over the mundane life, such as everyday work routines. You enjoy experiencing luxuries and sensual pleasure, such as, eating good food, socializing, partying, and delighting in passion. You are extraordinarily creative, and you are gifted with visual artistic talents. This creativity is because Venus the planet of the arts and creativity is the ruling planet of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. You enjoy being in a relationship and having a partner in your life. You prefer contractual agreements such as marriage or business agreements and you enjoy connecting socially with others.

Atmakaraka in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra means you are very patriotic and enjoy lending a helping hand. You have a very supportive nature however you do not let others walk all over you because the Sun, the planet of power and authority rules Uttara Phalguni. because of this, you like to give your support from an authoritative role. You are very independent and can stand on your own two feet. Personal relationships are important to you; as a result, you prefer to be in a romantic relationship than single. You love the company of other people; therefore, you enjoy socializing in your social network and spending time with friends and family. You prefer working in a group and team environment. You can often be the leader in your social networks.

Atmakaraka in Hasta Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Hasta Nakshatra means you a skillful with your hands. You are naturally talented when it comes to handcrafts and handiwork. Because of this, you are a natural handyman: any test involving fixing something with your hands comes naturally to you. However, since Hasta Nakshatra main symbol is an ‘open hand’, and your hands are used to grasp items: you have the mental capacity to easily grasp concepts and ideas. This makes you highly intelligent because you’re able to process information rapidly. You’re talented when it comes to business, trade, and being a merchant. You have the golden touch and can transfer a business or idea into something profitable or of value.

Atmakaraka in Chitra Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Chitra Nakshatra means you are a natural architect and are talented when it comes to structure, design, and engineering. Since Chitra Nakshatra is partially in the Virgo range, and Virgo relates to perfecting and polishing ideas and forms: this means that you can polish any type of rough or unedited form to perfection. Because of this, you are an excellent editor, proofreader, and craftsman. On the other hand, you are very visual you learn best when you are shown a demonstration of what you want to learn instead of reading about it. You also had the power to manifest your desire with creative visualization. This is why vision boards can help you attract the things you desire in life. Since the planet Mars is the lord of Chitra you are very active, enthusiastic, energetic, and dynamic. You like to be active and move your physical body. You are very beautiful, so beautiful that you attract the attention of many people. This is because a “Beautiful Jewel” is the main symbol of Chitra nakshatra, and everyone loves looking at a pretty gem.

Atmakaraka in Swati Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Swati Nakshatra means you are very independent and focused on developing your individuality. This is because a ‘blade of grass in the wind’ is the main symbol of Swati nakshatra, which is a symbol of an independent nature. You believe skies are the limit and want to spread your wings and touch the heavens. In other words, you have big dreams and goals, so big that others may tell you that they are unattainable. However, since you are so goal-oriented and do not like restrictions, you do whatever is necessary to accomplish your dreams. You have good communication skills and can start a conversation and keep it going. You have natural musical talents, this is because the Ruling God of Swati Nakshatra, Vayu (God of Wind) Has blessed you with creative and musical gifts. However, you may forget the creative gifts you have and someone has to remind you how creative you are.

Atmakaraka in Vishakha Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Vishakha Nakshatra means you do whatever is necessary to accomplish your goals, dreams, and objectives. You have many victories in life and may be seen to others as undefeatable. You will not let anyone or anything stand in the way of your accomplishments. Because of this you are a powerful force and can manifest your desires. this is because you never give up and are determined to realize your hopes and wishes. You have a dual personality this is because both Indra and Agni rule Vishakha Nakshatra. Therefore, you have the characteristics of Indra, powerful and authoritative, and the characteristics of Agni (fire God) which gives you an unquenchable thirst for life. in other words, you have a strong appetite for realizing your dreams and desires.

Atmakaraka in Anuradha Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Anuradha Nakshatra means you have a very friendly and warm nature. You enjoy socializing and spending time with your friends. Because you enjoy being in social environments and working with people, you are naturally talented when comes to mediation and negotiations. On the other hand, you have a very logical and calculative mind and are good when it comes to mathematic, statistics, numbers, and data. However, since Anuradha Nakshatra, is partially in Scorpio, you have a very secretive nature. You enjoy mysticism, occult, and delving into the esoteric. On the other hand, since the staff is the main symbol of Anuradha Nakshatra, and a staff relates to the kundalini energy. You can awaken your kundalini and experienced enlightenment. You have a very original mind and can come up with new ideas and concepts no one else has thought of.

Atmakaraka in Jyeshta Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Jyeshta Nakshatra means you are powerful, authoritative, and destined to sit in a seat of rulership. This is because Indra (King of the God) is the ruling deity of Jyeshta Nakshatra. Because of this you are meant to be a King or Queen and lead other people. You have natural leadership abilities, and you know how to delegate tasks and assignments. However, because you are so powerful and have things other desire, you may have a jealous person in your life who wants what you have. Since the main symbol of Jyeshta Nakshatra is a ‘Round Talisman’ or ‘Circular Amulet’, you enjoy wearing rings, circular earrings, medallions, or amulets which symbolize your great power.

Atmakaraka in Moola Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Moola / Mula Nakshatra means you love getting to the root cause of things. This is because the ‘roots of a tree are the main symbol of Moola Nakshatra. Consequently, you enjoy researching, investigating, and understanding the root cause of life events. You could have a career as a detective, investigator, scientist, or researcher. On the other hand, a ‘bunch of tied roots’ is an alternative symbol for Moola Nakshatra. As a result, you have natural healing power and may delve into alternative medicine or herbology. However, personal relationships can be uprooted then replanted. To clarify, a personal relationship can end then restart again with a stronger foundation. You enjoy eating foods the grow in the ground or have roots; food like beets, potatoes, ginger, garlic, onions act to delight your taste buds. This is especially true if the second lord of food is connected with Moola Nakshatra.

Atmakaraka in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra means you believe in truth, justice, and fairness. Because of this you do not like falseness and are truthful with others and expect the same in return. It is hard for you to tell a lie especially regarding the house your Atmakaraka is placed in. For instance, if your Atmakaraka is in Purva Ashadha and placed in the 11th house of friendships you like being truthful with your friends and expect them to be truthful to you. on the other hand, you are good at communication and writing. Therefore, you can be a public speaker, publisher, or novelist. Nevertheless, you feel invincible and unconquered; because of this, you will always rise above your competitors.

Atmakaraka in Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra means you are law-abiding, righteous, and truthful similar to Purva Ashadha Nakshatra individua. Because you are so truthful and honest you unknowingly expose others’ secrets. This is because when asked about something you must give the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You practice what you preach and will follow through with any promise you make. Your sense of commitment is very strong, and you will not commit to anything that you cannot accomplish or succeed in. On the other hand, you must always aim for a goal or have a purpose in life, without an objective you feel a sense of disconnect. Since Uttara Ashadha is the ‘latter invincible one’, you have victories, success, and achievements in your life. You are highly ambitious and put in the effort to manifest your goals. This is because part of Uttara Ashadha is in the ambitious sign of Capricorn.

Atmakaraka in Shravana Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Shravana Nakshatra means you are learned, educated, and knowledgeable. You enjoy learning new things, a mental quest intrigues your mind. You are educated even without a formal education. You prefer the company of people who are like-minded (educated), and you dislike people who lack knowledge of basic subjects. You have good listening skills. This is because one of Shravana symbols is a ‘listening ear’. When people speak you truly listen to their words. Because of your keen listening abilities, you can make a wonderful therapist, advisor, mentor, and counselor. You are gifted with clairaudience; that is to say, you can hear messages from the spiritual world, or you can hear sounds no one else can hear because your hearing is so sensitive.

Atmakaraka in Dhanishta Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Dhanishta Nakshatra means you have natural musical talents. You may have a natural gift for keeping a beat and you express this through singing, music, and dance. On the other hand, since a drum is the main symbol of Dhanishta Nakshatra, you do not like to skip a beat. That is to say, you have perfect timing; you always seem to be in the right place at the right time. Because of your perfect timing, many opportunities come your way. On the other hand, you have high expectations of other people. Therefore, you want people to live up to your high standards and expectations.

Atmakaraka in Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Shatabhisha Nakshatra means you are extraordinarily intelligent and can process and retain a large amount of information and data. Because you are so learned, you may come off as a know-it-all to others. On the other hand, Shatabhisha is known as the nakshatra of skywatchers. that is to say, you have an interest in astronomy, astrology, stars, aerospace, and space. On the other hand, you can be very secretive and can conceal your true thoughts and feelings from others.

Atmakaraka in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra means you have a sharp mind and can pierce through information like a blade. You are naturally intelligent and can master any subject you take an interest in. On the other hand, because ‘two faces’ is one of the symbols of Purva Bhadrapada you can have two sides to your personality. You can adjust your personality as needed to accomplish a goal. You have rare mystical powers that you utilized to obtain your objectives and dreams in life.

Atmakaraka in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra means you are an excellent counselor and advisor to other people. You’re able to calm others’ raging emotions with the power of your words. On the other hand, similar to Uttara Bhadrapada you have mystical powers and magical abilities. You can control the elements of nature with your mind. Nevertheless, since this is such a mystical nakshatra you may have experiences with extraterrestrials or see UFOs in the sky. You have the power to awaken your kundalini energy and experience spiritual enlightenment.

Atmakaraka in Revati Nakshatra

Atmakaraka in Revati Nakshatra means you are benevolent, compassionate, and kind to others. You are good-natured, and your faith is strong. You are very optimistic and like to look at the brighter side of things. You are a true humanitarian and want to help others for the greater good. You’re the protector of children and want to be in service to those who are less fortunate. You have a big heart and love giving to charities. You are very forgiving and do not like the whole grudges because you feel it weighs the heart down. You have a deep sense of compassion which makes you very forgiving. With Atmakaraka in Revati Nakshatra you disklike holding grudges and anger in your heart, you prefer to remind, sweet, soft, and kind. Because of this, you have good karma. You let go and forgive others because you know this is the path to happiness and success.


What Do Your Atmakaraka Planet Means?

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Your Atmakaraka planet is the nature of your soul. Your Atmakaraka (Amk) planet can be anyone of 7 chara karakas (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). However, Rahu and Ketu are excluded from the 7 chara karakas. In this section is the meaning of your Atmakaraka planet and how it relates to the house it is placed in.

Atmakaraka Sun

Atmakaraka Sun means you are intelligent, inspirational, creative, powerful, authoritative, and have good leadership abilities. You have all the qualities of the Sun and are a shining light in the lives of others. You have an interest in politics and can have a career working for the government. You are confident and have high self-esteem. However, since you are so authoritative, you can be controlling and dominating which intimidate others.

Atmakaraka Sun In Different Houses Meaning

Atmakaraka Sun in 1st House means you are a born leader and have a rulership personality. You are an example and inspiration to others. People are inspired by you and follow your lead. Sun in the 1st house is exalted, which is the original House of Aries. Therefore, you must always be in a seat of power this is because you have a hard time taking orders from others. Your destiny in life is to be a leader and the ruler of your own kingdom. For instance, your own Kingdom could be owning a business or having property in your name. You take action towards self-development and love expressing yourself by fulfilling personal desires.

Atmakaraka Sun in 2nd House means your early childhood highly Influenced your personal development. If the sun is in a friendly sign, family positively influences you however if Sun is in an enemy sign, you experienced the opposite results. Sun is the significator of the father; therefore, the father is a big influence in your life. Nevertheless, your purpose in life is to take the authority role and manage and increase your finances and resources. Your ego and confidence are boosted when things are going well with your family. You can accumulate money through your own efforts; your confidence and self-esteem is boosted when you are making your own money. You have a very powerful and authoritative tone to your voice when you speak others listen.

Atmakaraka Sun in the 3rd House means you put the effort into obtaining the things that you want. Your soul purpose is to take the leadership role to make things happen in your life by putting in the time, effort, energy, and work. You may have a career in writing, communication, or social media. Your youngest sibling or people in your immediate circle (friends, Coworkers, neighbors, coworkers,) support you and your path in life.

Atmakaraka Sun in 4th House means you feel at ease and comfortable at home. You feel confident, powerful, and authoritative being in the safety of your home environment. Your ego is connected with your home; however, you could become so attached to your home that you may be an introvert or homebody. When you have purchased a home that you love you feel confident and illuminated. With Sun in the 4th house, you prefer a large and spacious home; your home is your castle where you are the king or queen. You can have a home office will work from home; However, if you commute to work every day you may notice that you take a lot of work home with you. Your mother is a strong influence in your life, and she could have been the authority figure in your childhood home.

Atmakaraka Sun in 5th House means you experience a lot of good luck and fortune from past life deeds. This is because the 5th house is Purva Punya (past life good Karma); you could experience this good luck especially during the Mahadasha of Sun. You are very intelligent and have visual creative talents. Your education is important to you and your career development. You have intelligence when it comes to speculative business investments. You have an interest when it comes to learning ancient texts such as scriptures. The 5th house relates to stage performance: therefore, you could be in the entertainment business.

Atmakaraka Sun in 6th House means the majority of your life revolved around routines. Your Dharma’s (Purpose in life) is to be involved with the mundane world. To clarity, that everyday work routines, running errands, and performing tedious tasks are how you burn your karma. With Sun in a 6th house, life can feel like an obstacle; however, you have the vitality and the power of authority to come out on top no matter how hard things can get. The power of the Sun shines a light and burn away opponents and obstacles that can get in your way. Because of this sun here is a good placement.

Atmakaraka Sun in 7th House means your power can be lost. This is because the Sun is debilitated in the seven house which is the original house of Libra. You can have trouble exerting your power and getting others to follow your lead. People can test your ego, especially your marriage partner (husband or wife. As a result, your self-esteem and confidence can take blows because you feel people do not respect your authority. Taking blows to your ego is how you burn your karma in this life. However, to assert your power you may have a controlling personality to prove yourself to other people. Nevertheless, you can lose your ego or identity when you are in personal relationships. However, once you realize life is about compromising then Sun in the 7th house can give good results.

Atmakaraka Sun in 8th House means you have a deep interest in mysticism and esoteric knowledge. Your soul inspires you to explore the occult and hidden subjects because this is your purpose in life. You are a researcher, and you bring to light any information that is hidden, secretive, rare, or hard to find. You enjoy delving into the unknown and can work for a company at which secrets or hidden information it’s the main part of your job. You can either discover other people’s secrets or have your own secrets exposed. Nevertheless, you are very magnetic, and people are drawn to your alluring energy like a moth to a flame. This is because the sun is light, and the 8th house is darkness; therefore, you are like a beacon of light glowing in the dark. If Sun is in good dignity other people can freely give you resources or you can benefit financially once married.

Atmakaraka Sun in 9th House means you feel inspired and have a sense of purpose when you are performing good deeds, practicing faith, being involved in religion, or spirituality. You put your heart and soul in religion, spirituality, or a belief system because your soul is guiding you to this practice. You have very strong beliefs that help you identify who you are: you live your life according to your beliefs. With Sun in the 9th house, your father is very authoritative and a natural-born leader. You can have a career in higher education, teaching spirituality, or religion. You can travel a long distance for work or enjoy traveling in general.

Atmakaraka Sun in 10th House means your purpose is to be the boss, authority figure, and ruler of your own kingdom when it comes to your career. You do best when you are in business for yourself as opposed to working for someone else. You do not get along with bosses and supervisors because you are meant to rule. However, if you are working for someone else, you’re best suited to be the boss, supervisor, CEO, etc. of the company you’re working for. Therefore, you make a wonderful entrepreneur, businessman, and businesswoman because you have natural leadership abilities. Nevertheless, with Atmakaraka Sun in 10th House, you can have a career in which you give you a service to the government. A government position is the type of job you easily attract.

Atmakaraka Sun in 11th House means your friends, elder sibling, and people in your social network look to you as the authority figure. You are a natural group leader and take the leadership role when it comes to gatherings of large groups. People look up to you for guidance on how to go about performing tasks. If Sun is not afflicted, your eldest sibling follows your lead. You have a lot of influential and powerful people in your network circle who will help you with your soul purpose and destiny.

Atmakaraka Sun in 12th House means you have a very reserved personality and enjoy solitude. You do not like to be in the spotlight unless other planetary alignments show otherwise. Your purpose in life is to seek spirituality and enlightenment; you achieved this by being in isolation in which you can pray, meditate, chant, or practice your spiritual beliefs. Nevertheless, part of your personality you keep private and hidden from the world, only those close to you can truly know who you are. On the other hand, Sun relates to your energy and vitality and 12 houses relate to expenditures. Therefore, with Sun in the 12th house, you give your energy to your purpose in life. You can also work for a foreign government or work for a local government in which the majority of your work is related to a foreign entity.

Atmakaraka Moon

Moon Atmakaraka means you are sensitive, caring, compassionate, emotional, nurturing, and intuitive. You are very sensitive and can tune into the energies of an environment. If the energy is positive this can influence you in a good way; however, if the environmental energy is heavy, you can become moody. When you are feeling unbalanced, a peaceful and serene environment balances your emotional aura. Nevertheless, you are very protective of your heart and can put up a hard shell to avoid being hurt; Therefore, other people need to be careful what they say to you because your feelings can easily be hurt. On the other hand, your emotions can fluctuate from highs to lows. If the Moon is in good dignity, you will experience mostly the highs; however, if Moon is debilitated, combusted, or in an enemy sign you are prone to fluctuations in emotions. This is because the moon is constantly waxing and waning and so do your feelings. On the other hand, since the Moon represents water, your body can retain water.

Atmakaraka Moon in Different Houses Meaning

Atmakaraka Moon in 1st House means you are very sensitive and have high intuition. You often put up a hard exterior because you are very sensitive, and your feelings can get hurt easily. Your intuition is strong, and you can often feel the energy of an environment. However, if the moon is afflicted your emotions can go up and down. You are very nurturing, caring, and have natural maternal instincts, you love taking care of things especially the people in your life. Your mind is focused on your physical body; therefore, you enjoy taking care of yourself like working out, eating healthy, and having a well-balanced emotional and mental disposition.

Atmakaraka Moon in 2nd House means you can accumulate a large number of resources. This is because the moon is exalted in the second house which is the original House of Taurus; so, your resources can be increased. However, the Moon waxed and wane and so can your resources: Consequently, if the moon is in an enemy sign, you can experience fluctuations in resources. In addition, your mind is focused on your family, values, and finances. You have an emotional connection with your family, and your family influences your values in life. You have a very beautiful face that shines like the moon and gets attention.

Atmakaraka Moon in 3rd House means your mind is focused on intellectual curiosity. That is to say, you enjoy researching, learning things, and intellectual interests. You’re very communicative and enjoy talking especially with people in your immediate environment (friends, siblings, cousins, or coworkers) You are talented when it comes to writing and communication. You can be a novelist, publisher, or Blogger. You enjoy engaging in hobbies and your mind is focused on putting effort into things you love

Atmakaraka Moon in 4th House means you are emotionally attached to your home. That is to say, you feel emotionally at peace when your home environment is serene, however, if your home environment is unbalanced this can disrupt your emotional stability. Your mother was a big influence in your childhood home: therefore, you are very emotionally attached to your mother. If Moon is in good dignity, you had many comforts in your childhood home: however, if the moon is afflicted your home environment went through many changes and ups and downs.

Atmakaraka Moon in 5th House means you are emotionally attached to educational pursuits, fun, entertainment, and children which are all significator of the 5th house. The 5th house is known as the house of fun and entertainment; you feel emotionally balanced when you are in a divine moment of fun and enjoyment. You are emotionally attached to your children and your feel good when your children are happy and at ease. You have a very political mind and have an interest in politics or government.

Atmakaraka Moon in 6th House means your mind is focused on the routines of everyday life. As a result, you’re often thinking about work or giving your service to someone or something. You have many ups and downs dealing with daily routines, and you go through many fluctuations in your work environment. You are mostly attached to the underprivileged and underdogs: therefore, you enjoy taking care of or giving your service to less fortunate people. However, your mind can be focused on obstacles and competitors which may disrupt your mental and emotional peace.

Atmakaraka Moon in 7th House means your mind is focused on your significant other or business contracts. You are emotionally connected to your spouse (husband or wife) or significant other. You feel good when your relationship is going well: however, if your relationship falls on difficult times this can affect your mental peace. The Moon represents the masses, and the 7th house is the 10th from the 10th house; therefore, the seven house is the highest when it comes to status and fame. As a result, you can be recognized by the masses and become famous or have a high status among others.

Atmakaraka Moon in 8th House means your mind is focused on the occult, mysticism, and research. You enjoy researching especially hidden information. Therefore, researching esoteric knowledge and mysticism helps you understand the meaning of your existence and it balances your life. However, if the Moon is debilitated in the 8th house, which is the original House of Scorpio, your mind can often go to dark places and your emotions can fluctuate. On the other hand, sudden life changes can cause a feeling of instability. However: when married your mind is focused on your spouse resources which you can benefit from.

Atmakaraka Moon in 9th House means your mind is focused on your belief system. As a result, you live life according to how you believe. This belief system can be based on spiritual laws, mundane laws, religion, and spirituality. The 9th house is related to advisors and counselors; therefore, you are focused on giving your wisdom and knowledge to people who need your guidance. This makes you a counselor and advisor to others. You have a very nurturing and charitable nature. Because of this, you are very lucky in life because you create good karma.

Atmakaraka Moon in 10th House means you can have fame, recognition, and high status in life. This is because the Moon relates to the masses, and the 10th house is where the Sun is the highest in the sky. Therefore: people can look up to you regarding an accomplishment, achievement, or celebrity status. On the other hand, your work involves nurturing, taking care of others, or your career is related to the home. Therefore, you can have a home business or work from the home. If you commute to work, you bring a lot of office work home. Your mind is always focused on your career, status, and recognition. During the Mahadasha of the Moon, you can experience positive results in your career.

Atmakaraka Moon in 11th House means your mind is focused on your social network, society, friends, and elder siblings. Your support network can be very caring and nurturing and help you with your life purpose. You enjoy being a part of organizations and you have a humanitarian personality in which you want to help the underprivileged. You feel emotionally connected when you are with your friends or social network. Being a part of a large organization is your destiny in life and helps you burn your karma. In addition, you can have gains from your mother or a motherly figure. This is because the moon is the karaka a mother in the Levin house relate to gains.

Atmakaraka Moon in 12th House means you are a very private person and enjoy time alone. Your mind is focused on spirituality and enlightenment. You enjoy quality time alone and self-imposed confinement. That is to say, you can spend a lot of time alone and go deep in your thoughts in which you contemplate life. Being in a peaceful environment helps you balance your emotions. In addition, your mother is a very private person who also enjoys her solitude. Your mind is on foreign travel, and you might as well travel or live permanently overseas.

Atmakaraka Mercury

Atmakaraka Mercury means you are intelligent, communicative, skillful, humorous, youthful, flexible, and a traveler. You are witty and enjoy laughing and joking. The planet Mercury is the karaka of friends and business; therefore, you value friendship and business partnerships. You are mechanical or skillful with your hands. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini (the original 3rd house). The 3rd house relates to the hands; therefore, you have natural talents with your hands and can be a mechanic, craftworker, carpenter. You have a youthful appearance and can look younger than your age. You enjoy traveling and taking road trips. You enjoy moving and being on the go, therefore you enjoy short trips to the grocery store, gym, running errands, or visiting a family or friend who lives close by.

Atmakaraka Mercury in Different Houses Meaning

Atmakaraka Mercury in 1st house means you are very intelligent this is because the planet mercury has directional strength in the 1st house. You can retain and process large amounts of information. You absorb information like a sponge and have the intelligence to logically look at problems and create rational solutions; you can process this information quickly and retain what you have learned. You are studious and love learning new things then intrigue your curiosity. You enjoy reading books and have a fascination with always wanting to know more. Because you are so intelligent you may appear to others as a ‘know-it-all.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 2nd house means you have a natural talent for managing finances and resources. You are skillful when it comes to marketing, banking, finances, business, and resources management. You are calculative when managing personal wealth and income. On the other hand, you are skillful when it comes to using your voice as an instrument. You can also be very good at speeches in which you use your words intellectually and skillfully.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 3rd house means you are a skillful communicator and writer. Through writing and communication is how you fulfill your soul purpose. You have a way with words that conveys your intelligence. You are charismatic and can easily win people over with the use of your words. You can be a skillful writer, communicator, social media star, blogger, author, articles writer, or any medium that utilized the written words. If the 10th House Lord of career influences Mercury in the 3rd house, you may as well have a profession in which communication and skilled writing is important.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 4th house means you keep books in your home. You have books that stimulate your mental curiosity and books on a variety of subjects. You like your home to be mentally stimulating and you may have a special place in your home where you read and keep your books. Mercury in the 4th house relates to grade school and early education); therefore, you were very studious in grade school; you were engaged in your academic learning (studying, homework, and reading); You were able to retain the information you learned in school which helps you get good grades. You may have been a bookworm because you enjoyed learning so much and you are good at mathematics or any logical information. On the other hand, the 4th house is an indicator of your mother and home environment growing up. Therefore, you have a very communicative relationship with your mother, as a child, your mother could have been your first teacher.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 5th House means you are very intelligent and invest in your education. This is because both mercury and the 5th house represent intelligence and education. You have an interest in learning ancient texts and scriptures and mastering of what you have learned. You can have many academic achievements because you value a good education. The 5th house is also related to stage performance; therefore, you could be a very skillful performer (acting, dance, drama, or being on a stage). You can adapt your personality like a chameleon the suit any role for the stage. You use your intelligent accumulate resources and speculative business investments. You have creative intelligence which can manifest in artistic pursuits. However, when in romantic relationships you prefer to be with someone you can have intellectual conversations with. To clarify, you must connect mentally before intimacy.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 6th House means your life path is about the daily routines of everyday life. It is your purpose in life to deal with the mundane world but from an intellectual perspective. This is how you burn your karma. You have the intelligence to outwit opponents and outthink your way out of obstacles. The 6th house is the house of debates and mercury relates to intelligence; therefore, you win arguments with your intellect; Consequently, you win overall competitors with your words and knowledge; this is how you gain victory in life and achieve your goals.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 7th House means you are proficient in communicating with others so you can be successful in public relations, mediations, and written contractual agreements. You have excellent business skills and know-how to negotiate disagreements: therefore, you could be an experienced businessman, businesswoman, lawyer, or mediator. On the other hand, the 7th house is related to your spouse; therefore, your spouse (husband or wife) is very intelligent, youthful, communicative, and witty. With Mercury in the 7th House, you enjoy having stimulated intellectual conversations with your husband or wife.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 8th house means you enjoy researching and investigating subjects related to the occult and mysticism. You love collecting books on metaphysical and esoteric knowledge; any type of hidden or ‘secret subject’ intrigues your mind and stimulates your mental curiosity. You have a detective mental perspective on life and love researching and digging for information; therefore, you can be aCSI agent, secret investigator, or researcher in which you uncover hidden information. In addition, you enjoy writing about secrets, mysticism, and stories in which clues or secrets must be uncovered.However, you can go through many ups and downs with friends, relatives, and people in your immediate environment.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 9th House means you enjoy researching and collecting information on both mundane and spiritual laws. You have a skill when it comes to writing religious texts, philosophies, laws, and religion. You communicate with people regarding your strong belief system, religion, and spirituality. You are mentally intrigued when investigating the laws of man and the divine law of the universe. These subjects stimulate your curiosity, and you always want to know more. Therefore, you could be a master or Guru when it comes to ancient text, religion, and spirituality.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 10th house means you can get recognition in business, marketing, writing, or using your logical intelligence on the job. You can work in a profession in which you are a writer, journalist, public speaker, accountant, marketer, copywriting, columnist, or computer programmer, etc. You are the jack-of-all-trades in your profession, and you have a variety of skills that you use on the job and in your work environment.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 11th house means you’re intelligent when it comes to accumulating gains and resources in your life. You have a calculative intelligence and can come up with a logical solution to grow your resources. Nevertheless, you have a very communicative relationship with your friends, eldest sibling, support system, and social network. This communicative relationship helps you fulfill your purpose in life. You can make additional resources with writing and communicative talents. When you write or communicate it can be a social effort.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 12th house means you can channel information and receive messages from the spiritual realm. Since the 12th house is related to the imagination, and mercury is about writing, you could be an extraordinary fiction or fantasy writer; this is because you can easily channel ideas from other worlds and dimensions. You have clairaudience experiences; that is to say, you can hear voices and messages from the spiritual world. Nevertheless, foreign cultures stimulate your mind, and you love investigating how people of different backgrounds and ethnicities live. Your mental curiosity inspires you to travel overseas to other countries in which you absorb the cultures and way of life. Nevertheless, you prefer to communicate with people in private and may dislike talking in large groups. When you are reading a book and learning something you absorb the information better in isolation.

Atmakaraka Venus

Atmakaraka Venus means you are creative, artistic, poetic, social, and passionate. You enjoy socializing, entertainment, and parties. You have artistic and creative talents and can be an artist, painter, Interior designer, or love being involved in creative endeavors. Venus is the planet of beauty; therefore, you can dress beautifully, attractive, colorful, and in fashionable clothing. You prefer a harmonic and well-balanced relationship and will work to maintain balance in your life. Venus is also the planet of romance and pleasure; therefore, you are romantic and sensually expressive. You are relationship-oriented and enjoy personal connections and romantic relationships.

Atmakaraka Venus in Different Houses Meaning

Atmakaraka Venus in 1st house means you are charming, artistic, creative, social, and enjoy being in relationships. You are very beautiful and have a magnetism that draws other people to you. You are socially adept and love the company of others. With Atmakaraka Venus in the 1st house, you feel a sense of connection when you are around other people. You need people in your life to feel balanced; therefore, building relationships it’s part of who you are.

Atmakaraka Venus in 2nd house means you are passionate about your facial appearance, food, family, personal resource, and collecting luxury items. You have a very beautiful face that gets lots of attention. If you are a woman, you’ll enjoy decorating your face with makeup. Since you have such a sweet voice you may have vocal talents which give you a sweet singing voice. When you speak you have a very pleasant and sweet tone to your voice. On the other hand, the second house relates to the type of foods you like to eat: since Venus is the planet of luxury you enjoy fine dining and love to delight your taste buds with hot quality foods: therefore you have expensive taste buds.

Atmakaraka Venus in 3rd house means you are creative with your hands; you are naturally talented when it comes to handcrafts or creating anything with your hands. Therefore, you can be a talented painter, artist, Skecher, poetry writer. Since the 3rd house is related to hobbies investing your time in these creative hobbies brings joy to your heart. You have very pretty handwriting, and you are very poetic with your words therefore you have a natural talent for calligraphy, romantic writing, or you could be a blog writer in which you write about love and romance. On the other hand, if Venus is not afflicted, you have a very loving harmonic relationship with your younger sibling.

Atmakaraka Venus in 4th house means you are passionate about building a beautiful home, enjoying comforts, and having peace and balance within the home. You enjoy beautifying your home with home décor, artwork, beautiful colors, craftwork, sculpture, and colorful paintings. When your home is beautiful and in order, you feel balanced and happy. You have a very natural loving heart that radiates like the sun. Your mother or a motherly figure inspires you with creativity. Growing up your home environment was a pleasant place to live full of comforts, joy, balance, and social. there could have been many parties in social gatherings in your childhood home.

Atmakaraka Venus in 5th house means you are passionate about romance, entertainment, children, ancient texts, creativity, speculation, education, and politics. Your Dharma (Karma) in life is to express yourself through the 5th house. You have creative talents and a talent for the visual arts (pictures, drawing, painting, artwork). You have a natural gift for stage performance and can be an actor, in theater, cinema, musician, singer, etc. You have very beautiful children, and your first child can be a daughter since Venus it’s a feminine planet. However, if other planetary alignments indicate a boy your n is very handsome and gifted in creative pursuits. To predict when you will have children, please read Timing of The Children Article.

Atmakaraka Venus in 6th house means after dealing with everyday life routines you often need to balance your energies. This is because Venus is debilitated in the 6th house which causes an imbalance to the harmonic energy of Venus. On the other hand, the 6th house is related to the mundane world and the work environment, and Venus is the significator of women; therefore there’s a lot of feminine energies in your work environment; that is to say, you could work with a lot of females. In addition, you could work with a company that is associated with women or Venetian products such as cosmetics, perfumes, beauty, models, or even products related to pleasure. In addition, you have a passion for taking the less fortunate under your wings and showing them kindness and support.

Atmakaraka Venus in 7th house means you have a passion for romantic relationships, marriage, personal relationships, and business contractual agreements. You enjoy socializing and being around people and you love harmonic personal relationships. When your relationships are going good you feel that sense of balance; however, if your relationships are out of order you put the effort into your relationships so balance can be restored. On the other hand, your marriage partner (husband or wife) is very beautiful, creative, loving, and charming. You are happy when you’re in a relationship or marriage as opposed to being alone. Please also, read Darakaraka article to know your spouse characteristics.

Atmakaraka Venus in 8th house means you are passionate and love the occult, mysticism, metaphysics, and secret sciences. You are passionate about understanding the operations of the hidden world; therefore, you enjoy researching any mystical subject you can get your hands on. On the other hand, in-laws (your husband’s family) are very social and enjoy parties. therefore, in-laws have many social events and parties. However, since the eighth house relates to secrets, when you’re in a relationship there are some things that you may keep secret or hidden from others. Nevertheless, since Venus is the karaka of marriage you can have many ups and downs in your marriage life.

Atmakaraka Venus in 9th house means you are passionate and devoted to higher education, long-distance travel, spirituality, culture, religion, philosophy, and your belief system. Your purpose in life is to express yourself through the 9th house. You’re passionate about culture, therefore, you may travel a long distance to beautiful countries and lands learning the culture of the people. You have a charitable heart for helping people and you believe in performing good deeds for others because of this you are lucky in life and good fortune comes to you.

Atmakaraka Venus in 10th house means you are passionate about your career, authority, government, achievements, and interacting socially with society. Through the 10th house is how you perform your Dharma (metaphyseal purpose in life). Atmakaraka Venus in the 10th house shows that you can have a career in artistic and creative pursuits such as drawing, painting, decorating, artist, designer, makeup artist, fashion designer, interior decorator, jewelry design, event planner, party planner, etc. It is your purpose in life to express your creativity in a career.

Atmakaraka Venus in 11th house means your support system (friends, elder siblings, social network, and organizations) helps you fulfill your purpose in life. People in your social network are loving, supportive, and inspire you with creativity. Nevertheless, you are passionate about society and help in creating balance in the world. On the other hand, the 11th house is a significator of gains and extra resources and Venus is feminine energy. therefore, extra resources can come from Venusian investments, such as women’s products, beauty, gems, precious stones, relationships, clothing, beauty, accessories, etc.

Atmakaraka Venus in 12th house means you are passionate about isolation, seclusion, spirituality, and enlightenment. The planet Venus is exalted in the 12th house which is the original house of Pisces; however, the 12th house is a Dusthana house. Therefore, you are passionate about self-imposed confinement; you’re the type of person who balances your energies and restores peace of mind when you are in a serene and peaceful environment. Venus is the planet of marriage, and the 12th house relates to foreigners; therefore, you can marry someone who is a foreigner or of foreign birth. In addition, you are passionate about overseas travel, and you can have a permanent residence in another country. On the other hand, you have unrealistic expectations when it comes to your spouse. Since the 12th house relates to imagination you have a fantasy lover and you expect to meet someone of similar characteristics; however, the person you marry will be the complete opposite of what you hope and wish for.

Atmakaraka Mars

Atmakaraka Mars means the nature of your soul is aggressive, assertive, driven, motivated, courageous, athletic, and technical. Since Mars element is fire, you have a very fiery nature. You take action with intensity and are goal-oriented. You are a natural athlete and have an assertive nature. You may as well be a professional athlete or engaged many hours working out in the gym. You enjoy taking initiative and getting things done. You can’t sit still for a long period because you must be constantly moving or taking some type of action. You must be constantly engaged in some type of mental or physical activity. Actions dominate your life, when you are engaged in an activity, you feel alive, inspired, and motivated. On the other hand, Mars is a soldier who protects the land: therefore, you are protective of the people you love and will defend them if they are feeling uneasy. You are very passionate and put intense energy into everything you do. However, when challenged you are a force not to be messed with. Nevertheless, you have technical and analytical abilities, therefore, you can be an architect, engineer, technician, computer programmer, electrical engineer, or real estate agent.

Atmakaraka Mars Mean In Different Houses Meaning

Atmakaraka Mars in 1st house means your purpose in life is to focus on your energy and take action toward personal development. With Mars in the 1st house, you are good when it comes to taking actions that contribute to your wellbeing, personal fulfillment, and accomplishments. You are all about results, and making things happen in addition, you put energy into things to create a manifestation. You are physically active and enjoy sports, working out, and moving your body. it is your purpose in life to exert energy in your physical body. As a result, you can be an athlete, bodybuilder, physical therapist, police officer, or perform any type of physically intensive job. Your purpose in life is to use your strength and physical body in the world.

Atmakaraka Mars in 2nd house means it is your destiny and soul purpose to exert energy in the 2nd house. Therefore, your purpose is to be actively involved with family, growing your resources, and practicing your values in life. Your energy goes into the strength of your speech. Your speech is strong in tone and sound. You may often sound aggressive to others when you speak. however, your voice is your strength, and this is how you exert your power.

Atmakaraka Mars in 3rd house means your Dharma in life is to put the energy, effort, and strength into communication, writing, and speech. You must put your energy into developing technical and mechanical skills; even being a professional writer and communicator requires a technical approach. You are technical with the use of your hands and could be into martial arts, Tai chi, a mechanic, writer, or any sports which require your hands.

Atmakaraka Mars in 4th House means you feel you are not living up to your soul’s purpose and potential in life. This is because Mars is debilitated in the 4th house, which is the original House of Cancer. The planet Mars in the 4th house is like putting a soldier in the kitchen; consequently, when a soldier is in the kitchen he cannot fully live up to his potential. As a result, you feel that your goals in life are not being realized or something is holding you back. On the other hand, growing up in your childhood home there were many unbalances that disrupted your mental peace. You may feel uncomfortable in your home or homeland; therefore, you can leave your birthplace to find your purpose in life.

Atmakaraka Mars in 5th house means you are born to take action by learning ancient texts, investing in your education, being in politics, and speculations. You exert energy and take the action needed to learn ancient texts, scriptures, verses, tantra, mantra, and spiritual interests. Your strength comes from spiritual practices. Since Mars is a technical planet and the 5th house relates to education you can have a technical education like technology, engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, computer programming, etc.

Atmakaraka Mars in 6th house means you’re very active in your work and your day-to-day routine. You put energy and strength to remove any obstacle in your life. Your purpose in life is to bulldozer through any challenge that stands in your way. You have a competitive spirit and the valor, willpower, and strength to when challenged. therefore, you are a natural athlete or are the most competitive person in your work environment.

Atmakaraka Mars in 7th house means it is your destiny in life to balance out your relationships and neutralize any unbalanced energy. The planet Mars in the 7th house relates to Kuja Dosha, this means you can have trouble in marriage and contractual agreements. To balance this energy, you must learn to control your over-aggression when it comes to your spouse (husband or wife) and business relationships. You are very competitive when dealing with other people; therefore, Atmakaraka Mars in the 7th house can make you a lawyer in which you battle out legal agreements.

Atmakaraka Mars in 8th house means the reason for your birth is to take action researching, delving into the occult and mysticism. You like to dig for information that is secret and hidden. Your spirit comes alive when you are actively involved in the hidden aspects of the eight house. You can be very mysterious and may not reveal your true thoughts and feelings. Nevertheless, you can go through many ups and downs in life; however, you can balance this energy by practicing Yoga or tantra, or occult science. any type of practice that brings balance to your mental and emotional disposition will help keep your life in order. you are a very magnetic person and people are attracted to your energetic aura.

Atmakaraka Mars in 9th house means you have a purpose in life to take action when it comes to religion, spirituality, laws, higher education, performing good deeds, and your belief system. therefore, you stand your ground when you believe in something; you will not let others sway you from your beliefs. You put the energy into pursuing higher education. in addition, you are a spiritual soldier and deeply passionate regarding your religion and spirituality. You could receive strength from your father, mentor, counselors, and advisors. You take the initiative when it comes to war and travel, and love visiting places of different cultures.

Atmakaraka Mars in 10th house means that your purpose in life is to take action realizing your career goals. The planet Mars is exalted in the 10th house which is the original House of Capricorn. Mars is about action and Capricorn is about performing actions in society (the outside world). Therefore, with Mars in the 10th house, you take any action that is needed when it comes to advancing your career. this also shows that you may be involved in a career in which there is lots of competition you have to compete for your success. If you are not challenged in your work environment, you become restless and bored with the work.

Atmakaraka Mars in 11th house means your purpose in life is to take action to achieve your goals. You put energy, determination, motivation, and ambition when it comes to realizing your wildest hopes and dreams. You are strong-willed and take whatever action is needed to see your goals manifest. when you serve society and groups of people this empowers you with strength. However, you can have competitive relationships with elder siblings and friends; now and then you can get into it with these people.

Atmakaraka Mars in 12th house means your purpose in life is to take action to spend quality time by yourself and get away from your daily routine. therefore, you can be a lover of solitude. Because of this, you may seem like a loner to others. However, you need solitude to balance your fiery energy. You enjoy foreign travel especially overseas. Since the 12th house is the furthest from the 1st house you can have a permanent residence in a foreign country. However, Mars is active energy; therefore, you want to do many things; however, with Atmakaraka Mars in the 12th house, you can easily exhaust yourself by doing too much. You have a very active and wild imagination; you channel stories from the subconscious mind and are an extraordinary writer. This is because of Mars aspects the 3rd house of writing and communication.

Atmakaraka Jupiter

Atmakaraka Jupiter means the character of your soul is a philosopher, spiritualist, counselor, religious, and educated.  You are an advisor to your family, friends, and people in your social network. People look to you for guidance and wise counseling for problems or issues they may have. You are highly educated; even if you do not have a formal education, you take time to educate yourself in a skill, trade, or subject. Nevertheless, if you do decide to pursue an education you can obtain a master’s degree or Ph.D., or any advanced degree; higher education intrigues your interest. You are religious or spiritual; if religious, your go-to churches or temples in prayer or worship. If you are spiritual and take interest in spiritual practice you can be a practitioner of chants, mantras, and healing prayers.  You are a philosopher and a seeker of truth; therefore, you contemplate life and the true meaning behind all existence. You are very lucky and fortunate in your life; This is because the planet Jupiter blesses you with prosperity and abundance; this is especially true if Jupiter is involved in Raja Yoga, Dhana Yoga, or Lakshmi Yoga. During the Mahadasha of Jupiter, you experience good fortune in your life.

Atmakaraka Jupiter In Different Houses Meaning

The planet Jupiter in different houses gives the most beneficial results. . therefore, with Jupiter being your Atmakaraka, your soul’s purpose in life is to enjoy the rewards and blessings of Jupiter in your life. However, if Jupiter is afflicted it will protect the significator of each house.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 1st house means your purpose in life is to be a counselor and advisor to every aspect of your life, especially each house Jupiter aspects. From the first house Jupiter aspects the 4th house, 5th house, 9th house, and 7th house. Therefore, you’re a Guru and give wise counsel to your mother(4H), your father(9H), your spouse(7H), and your children (5H). You can give good advice because Jupiter has directional strength in the 1st house; because Atmakaraka Jupiter is in your first house you are wise and intelligent. Jupiter is expanding, therefore, placed in the first house it expands your physical body: therefore, your body can be big, bulky, tall, or wide.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 2nd House means your purpose in life is to expand your resources. Since Jupiter is benefic, you are blessed with a good relationship with your family: you love to deal with people in your family (cousin, aunt, uncle. Your speech is wise are you love advising family members. You can earn resources through speech, food, or your face. Since Jupiter is a wise guru, you have a wise-looking face and can appear holy and spiritual.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 3rd house means you are born to use your communicative power to preach and to teach. You are very good when it comes to communication, writing, and dictation. You can receive wisdom from younger siblings and people in your immediate environment (neighbors, coworkers, cousins, and friends). Anyone with who you are in close contact can be a messenger of knowledge and wisdom. You learn from your environment and use your own personal experience to counsel others. since Jupiter is the karaka of wealth you can make money from, the 3rd house significator such as, communication, publications, writing, classical knowledge, marketing, business, classical arts.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 4th house means you have a heart of gold, peace of mind and, love tranquility within your home; however, if Jupiter is afflicted in the 4th house it will give opposite results. Nevertheless, when Jupiter is in good dignity you do not let imbalances disrupt your mental and emotional peace. You have a blessed relationship with your mother; in addition, wisdom can come through your mother, and she can give you wise advice and counsel. Additional resources come through the home and mother. You can also be blessed with a big home of your own.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 5th house means you are blessed with children, a good education, spiritual knowledge, and you do well in business speculations. You are blessed with an education and if pursued you’re able to obtain a degree, certificate, or be skilled in trade; it’s because the 5th house is all about education and Jupiter blesses you with an education. Jupiter relates to travel; therefore, you may travel when it comes to educational pursuits. The birth of children brings blessings into your life. Your children especially the first child is naturally wise and your child may be a reincarnation of a past life guru.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 6th house means your wisdom comes from dealing with the everyday mundane life. That is to say, your work routines, working on the job, and servicing people enlighten you with wisdom and knowledge; this is because you learn when dealing with the mundane world. With Jupiter in the 6th house, you are protected from enemies and oppositions. On the other hand, since Jupiter relates to law and the 6th house is service; you could give your service being a lawyer, attorney, litigator, or mediator. this is because Jupiter blesses you with knowledge of the law to deal with disputes. Atmakaraka Jupiter gives you an optimistic perspective when resolving challenges.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 7th house means your purpose in life is to gain wisdom and knowledge from your interaction with other people. You are blessed with a good spouse who supports you and guides you. The spouse (husband or wife) it’s very intelligent and good when it comes to negotiations. Jupiter is the karaka for husband in a female chart; therefore, Jupiter blesses a female with an intelligent, spiritual, and good husband. Nevertheless, Once married (for both males and females) many blessings come into your life. this is because Jupiter becomes activated when you get married and Jupiter is the most beneficial planet in Vedic Astrology.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 8th house means your purpose in life is to gain knowledge in occult, mysticism, esoteric, and hidden information, even astrology is known to be a hidden knowledge. researching information on the occult and the hidden supernatural world inspires you with wisdom and knowledge of spiritual laws. A female can marry a man who is a provider and supports her financially. Nevertheless, Jupiter in the 8th house can indicate a rich or financially secure spouse for both men and females; however, Jupiter has to be in good dignity (exalted, friends sign, or own sign). This is because the 8th house relates to spouses’ income and Jupiter is abundance.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 9th house means you are wise, knowledgeable, spiritual, lucky, fortunate, end up believer in higher education. the 9th house is known as the highest of luck and when you’re Atmakaraka isn’t this house this means that you can attract luck to you like a magnet. things seem to magically work out for you or you can get ahead in life went little work. you are blessed with higher education and can’t have an interest in spiritual and mundane laws. Therefore, you have the talent to be a judge or lawyer. You enjoy religious or spiritual studies it will invest your time learning spirituality, reciting mantras, praying, practically any type of religion or spiritual belief you have. You feel fortunate in life, this is because your mind focuses on positive expectation at the 9th house draw good things to you like a magnet.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 10th house you are a counselor and very knowledgeable when it comes to the work you perform in your career. People come to you for advice and wise counsel: this is because you educate yourself on how to correctly perform a task on the job. You are blessed with career success, and even when there are obstacles on the job things seem to magically work out; this is because Jupiter protects and brings blessings to your work environment. Jupiter is the significator of husband in a female chart; therefore, a female will meet her husband at work or in a business environment. a female may also have a business relationship with her spouse.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 11th house means you love expanding your social network and you were blessed with good friends: influential people help you realize your soul purpose and goals. The 11th house relates to your hopes, wishes, desires, and Jupiter brings blessings; therefore, with the help of your support network or eldest sibling, you’re able to manifest your wildest dreams. in addition, Jupiter blesses you with additional resources, earnings, and financial gains. You get good guidance and advice from your friends and eldest sibling.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 12th house means you can be successful as a spiritual practitioner. however, developing your spirituality requires you to be in isolation, this is good because you enjoy spending time alone. Jupiter blesses you with pilgrimages and overseas travels; therefore, when you travel you become more spiritual. You receive wisdom and knowledge where you are traveling. You may very well have permanent residence in a foreign country. You’re very charitable and enjoy giving what you have to charity organizations. The planet Jupiter is the significator of husband in a female chart. Therefore, a woman’s destiny is to meet her husband in foreign lands, isolated locations, online, or in spiritual centers. Your husband could be a foreigner or of foreign birth.

Atmakaraka Saturn

Atmakaraka Saturn means you are disciplined, responsible, patient, hardworking, serious, and mature. The planet Saturn is cold and dry; therefore, you can come off as having a cold personality. This is because you are very serious which makes you appear detached from emotions. To clarify, on the surface, you do not show your emotions, however, if watery a planet like Moon conjunct or aspect Saturn you put on a hard exterior, but you are very sensitive and emotional inside. You are mature and can act or appear older than your age. You can have a younger appearance especially if Mercury influences Saturn; however, when people talk with you, they think that you were older because you are mature far beyond your years.

Nevertheless, you are very hard-working and will not shy away from hard work; you put in the effort needed to succeed in your goals or objectives. You are patient enough to see your goals manifest even if it takes years. However, if Saturn is afflicted (combusted, debilitated, enemy sign) you are impatient and become pessimistic when you do not see the results from your efforts.

Atmakaraka Saturn In Different Houses Meaning

Saturn in Different houses suppresses the house Saturn is placed in. Consequently, wherever Saturn is placed in your natal birth chart is where you will experience a delay. Only through hard work, perseverance, discipline, and time will Saturn bring results. Therefore, with Atmakaraka Saturn your soul’s purpose is to work hard to achieve success in rearguing the house Saturn is positioned in.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 1st house means you must learn to be patient with yourself and fulfilling your soul purpose, Saturn is debilitated in the 1st house which is the original house of Aries; Consequently, Aries is a leader and Saturn likes to serve. therefore, the planet Saturn feels uncomfortable in the first house. As a result, you do not like to take the leadership role in certain aspects of your life. You are also impatient and want things to happen quickly without waiting for results. Nevertheless, you can be pessimistic at times and see the glass half full. That is to say, you may feel a lack in your life. You are hard-working and love to give your service; you can have many menial jobs and in which your work your fingers to the bone for little pay.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 2nd house means your finances will be suppressed until Saturn matures or return to its natal position in your birth chart. therefore, early in life, you can have difficulties making ends meet. Because you experience so much suppression in personal resources you can come across as frugal because you want to hold onto the resources you have. Saturn represents old age and maturity in the second house is your face; Therefore you have an old-looking face or you often appear overly serious. there could be an estrangement with family or a particular family member. Your speech is wiser and older than your years; even at a young age, you may use a mature vocabulary. Overall, your purpose in life is to put hard work into the 2nd house such as resources, family, speech, etc.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 3rd House means your purpose in life is to put the effort into your communication skills and the things you desire in life. The third house suppresses your speaking ability; as a result, You often prefer not to talk or are hesitant about what to say. You have a hard time communicating freely with Saturn in the 3rd house you prefer to write down your thought and ideas instead of expressing yourself verbally. You find it difficult to communicate freely and put your ideas in words. The third house relates to success through your own efforts and Saturn his hard work; therefore you can succeed in your dreams and goals with a lot of hard work even though it may feel like an uphill battle.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 4th house means in your early childhood there was a lot of restriction. Growing up in your childhood home there could have been many rules you had to follow which suppressed your freedom. The 4th house relates to your emotional wellbeing and Saturn is pessimistic; therefore, you can have a cynical way of looking at things. On the other hand, Saturn represents structure, stability, Security and the 4th house is the home. you need your own home to feel secure in life. If you do not have your own personal space this creates a mental and emotional unbalance. However, because Saturn suppresses the 4th house it could take time for you to purchase your own property. Therefore, your purpose in life is to create stability within your home.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 5th house means you have to be patient when it comes to your learning, education, children, and learning ancient texts. When it comes to learning and education there can be a delay in which you have difficulty learning a subject; however, all obstacles can be overcome with hard work and patience. You have to be patient when dealing with your children and you experienced a delay in this area. You will feel like you are not the best parent to your children until later in life.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 6th House means you work hard on your job, working long and exhausting hours with little breaks. This is because Saturn represents hard work at the sixth house your daily work routine. You can often drown yourself in your work because Saturn in the 6th house makes you a workaholic. In addition, there are a lot of rules, regulations, and guidelines you have to follow on the job. Nevertheless, this is a very good placement for Saturn because the planet Saturn suppresses oppositions and competitors.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 7th House means your soul purpose is to work with other people creating harmonic balances. You want to make sure everything is done equally when working with others; similar to the balanced scale which represents Libra. The planet Saturn is exalted in the 7th house which is the original house of Libra; therefore, Saturn does extremely well in the 7th house. Your marriage partner (husband or wife) can be older than you because Saturn represents old age and maturity. However: marriage comes with a lot of hard work, discipline, and responsibilities. However, you can make a marriage work because you put the work needed in your marriage.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 8th House means you have the potential to live a long life since Saturn suppresses the aging process. however: once married there can be an and strange relationship with in-laws (your husband’s relatives) especially the husband’s first youngest sibling. in addition,Saturn can suppress joint assets from the spouse; in which your husband or wife’s financial contribution can be starved.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 9th house means your luck can be starved; that is to say, that you must put in hard work and achieve your goals instead of relying on luck to get you ahead in life. Your father is very strict, disciplined, responsible, and has a cold and serious nature: however, there can be an estranged relationship when it comes to the relationship with your father. you may feel a disconnect with the father or feel as if you cannot get close to him. On the other hand, when you pursue an advanced degree and higher education it requires a lot of hard work, discipline, and perseverance.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 10th house means your purpose in life is to put in the hard work needed to succeed in your career. This is because you have karma to pay back in your career; however, you can have career success later in life when Saturn matures. With Atmakaraka Saturn in the 10th house, you have to work harder than others to succeed in your career. You must put in the time, patients, hard work, and discipline to be successful in your chosen career. With the right discipline, you can climb the corporate ladder or be self-made or a successful entrepreneur of your own business but again this takes work and patience.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 11th House means your soul purpose is to give your service to humanitarian causes by working for an organization that supports underdogs, the underprivileged, and the disadvantaged. The focus is to give your service to large groups of people. This also can be achieved by working for charity organizations or doing charity work. You love serving the masses because this supports the growth of humanity.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 12th house means you want to support and help the underprivileged in foreign lands. You give your service to places of isolation, confinement, and foreign entities. You may invest time in charity organizations or have a job working in an isolated area. The 12th house is a significator of foreign lands and overseas travels. You may work for a foreign company or with foreign people in your homeland. Nevertheless, you have trouble getting time to yourself and your sleep can be suppressed. It can be hard for you to fall asleep and get a good night’s rest because Saturn suppresses sleep which is a significator of the 12th house.

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