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Revati Nakshatra

Revati Nakshatra is the twenty-seventh Nakshatra and follows Uttara Bhadrapada. Revati zodiac range is from 16o 40’ Pisces to 30o 00’ Pisces. The entire Nakshatra is in the water sign Pisces. Revati is the last Nakshatra out of the traditional twenty-seven nakshatras. This is a very light and upbeat nakshatra; therefore, people born under its influence are benevolent, caring, forgiving, and compassionate.

Revati Nakshatra ruling animal is a Female Elephant (Matriarch). Elephants are giant loving creatures who even mourn their dead. Elephants are sensitive and compassionate similar to the energy of Revati. The leader of an elephant herd is the Matriarch (female elephant); she is responsible for keeping the herd safe and leading her herd to water. Therefore, elephants are also protective and love water. Consequently, Revati natives are also very protected and love water.

Revati Nakshatra Name

The name Revati means wealthy. Revati people have the potential to gain great wealth because they are good and light-hearted people. Their good natures blessed them with financial wealth due to good karma.

Revati Nakshatra Symbol

Revati Nakshatra two symbols are a ‘Pair of Fish Swimming’ and a Drum. Revati is completely in the zodiac sign Pisces; therefore, a pair of fish is also the symbol for Pisces. Fish swimming represents a journey from this world into the afterlife. Revati people are very spiritual and curious about life after death. Through spiritual practices, Revati natives can experience moksha, which can prepare them for the afterlife.

On the other hand, the Drum symbol blesses Revati people with musical abilities and being in Intune with the music (the rhythm of the universe). That is to say; they are in harmony with nature by taking care of the earth and humanity. It is important to mention that the Drum is also a symbol of Dhanishta Nakshatra. Like Revati, Dhanishta people have musical talent and are in tune with nature’s beat.

Deity Pushan: Ruling Planet Mercury

Revati Nakshatra ruling deity is Pushan, who is among the 12 Adityas (solar Gods). Pushan is the deity of safe travels, protectors of herds (animals), and helps find lost items and animals. When we die, Pushan is the Ferryman who crosses us over into the netherworld, the realm of Yama (God of Death).

Revati Nakshatra ruling planet is Mercury. The planet Mercury represents logical intelligence, breathing, the nervous system, communication, travel, and friendship. Many of these meanings are related to Revati Nakshatra.

Nature and Behavior of Revati Nakshatra People

Revati nakshatra energy is a combination of the ruling planet Mercury, the ruling deities Pushan (protector of travels and animals), and the symbol ‘Pair of Fish Swimming.’ Therefore, people with Revati nakshatra strong in their chart will express the qualities of this Nakshatra intensely. When Revati is strong in your chart, your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Atmakaraka is in Revati Nakshatra.

Keywords: Benevolent, Kind, Compassionate, Nourishing, Forgiving, Protective, Dreamer, Vivid Dream, Love Pets, Fight For Animals Rights, Love Water, Safe Travels.

Revati people are benevolent, kind, sweet, nurturing, and considerate. They are people of good nature and have strong faith in life. They are optimistic and focus on the positive aspect of a situation. They are lovers of humanity, society, and the greater good. They are protectors of small animals, children, underdogs, or anyone unable to help themselves. They love animals and fight for their rights. Their heart is so big for animals they often take in stray off the street. Revati people are the Hippies, peace lovers, and believers of world peace. They are also big givers to charities. They prefer to donate to charities that help animals, children, underprivileged people, or heal the world.

Revati people are very forgiving. They do not like to hold on to grudges, resentments, and ill feelings. They can easily let go if someone has wronged or hurt them. Because of this, they have good karma, and things seem to just work out for them

Revati people love water this is because the Nakshatra is completely in the water sign Pisces. They enjoy activities like boating, fishing, swimming, and cruise ships. They also prefer to live near the ocean, beach, lake, or river. They feel a deep connection with water, and it seems to replenish their souls.

Revati natives are blessed with safe travels. That is to say, when traveling, they usually experience very few problems. Their flight usually arrives on time, luggage is rarely lost, and the journey is often pleasant and headache-free. However, if they do experience problems traveling, the situation is usually easily resolved.

Revati nakshatra people love traveling. This is because Mercury, the planet of travel, rules this Nakshatra. However, when they travel, it’s usually to a foreign country or overseas. This is because this Nakshatra is in the sign Pisces the natural 12th house of foreign travels. Also, the ruling deity Pushan, known as the Ferryman (across water), rules this Nakshatra.

They are known as dreamers this is because Pisces rules dreams and imagination. They have big dreams in life, realistic fantasies, and lucid dreams. Their dream can be so real that often it is hard to distinguish a dream from reality.

Sun in Revati Nakshatra

Sun in Revati Nakshatra people have strong spiritual values in them. This is because Revati is all about the importance of spirituality in one’s life. That, paired with the career-oriented and authoritative urges of the Sun, creates a spiritual career for the people in this Nakshatra. These people are drawn to spiritual careers like bees to honey. However, this position often sees musical careers with a hint of spirituality because Revati’s alternate symbol is a drum.

Though, as a common rule of thumb, these people are often seen in finance-related jobs, working their way through their materialistic desires until Revati slowly puts their focus on the spiritual arena of life. The word “Revati” also stands for wealth, which means there’s going to be an abundance of money in most cases, but a complete lack of peace of mind will be there. That’s why the native will go towards the spiritual side of life later in life.

These people can be selfish and unrealistically impractical in their early years. Some might even find them to be stubborn. These people are all about living their best life in their teen and early adult years and listening to no one that tries to obstruct their way of having fun.

Moon in Revati Nakshatra

Moon in Revati Nakshatra people can be very meditative. These people are quite in touch with their spiritual side, and love to meditate on their problems. This is quite an interesting position, as the Moon, with its emotional tenderness and nourishing qualities, collides with the Nakshatra of spirituality and kindness, creating quite an effective combination for those who want spiritual wealth and peace of mind. Parallel to this, these people can be quite fun to be around. They have a passion for music, and can often be the life of the party once they get into their comfort zone.

Revati represents the last of the Nakshatra, the final entity, and that translates to life and death. When Moon is present in this Nakshatra, this means that the native will be very interested in the matters of life and death. They’ll have a curious mind that asks deep questions about existence. However, having a curious mind doesn’t always work out for the best. They’re always in their imaginative world and are zoned out most of the time, completely unaware of what’s happening around them.

Like a goldfish thinks its aquarium is the entirety of its world, these people emotionally attach themselves to the imaginative world. They think that’s the true world, and the world we’re living in is just an obscured, blurry reality. This placement is a mix of positive and negative outcomes, which can be easily be overcome if the native works.

Mercury in Revati Nakshatra

Mercury in Revati Nakshatra people is quite creative, especially when it comes to writing. This Nakshatra should be quite strong, considering Mercury is sitting in its own Nakshatra. However, it’s in a state of debilitation here, though that doesn’t alter things greatly. Mars is a natural writer, and in the Nakshatra of spirituality, the people possess creative writing skills that are often used to create spiritual stories. Careers in writing, music, and various other creative professions are also seen here, but all of them have one thing in common. A higher spiritual goal, away from all the materialistic things of this world.

Revati Nakshatra is as deep as it goes in Nakshatras. It’s the last entity in this iteration, due to which people possess the deepest level of creativity. It’s so deep and interconnected that these people often make high-grossing businesses out of it. That’s the power of Revati Nakshatra. These people can be seen thriving in the business of wealth, finance, and many other Mercury-specific career fields, as “Revati” translates to both wealth and finance.

The real trouble due to the planet’s debilitation is in relationship matters. The weakened Mercury makes the person too imaginative to cope with the reality of things, making sustaining the relationship quite hard.

Venus in Revati Nakshatra

Venus in Revati Nakshatra people are actual picky when it comes to finding the person they want to be with. For them, rejecting a boatload of people isn’t a big deal, and they’ll keep doing it until they find someone they want to spend their life with. They become extremely picky with their choice.

When Venus is in the Revati Nakshatra, the spouse is always taller than you, explicitly in the case of men. Men with this Nakshatra will find women taller than them, and they’re the kind of people who don’t mind these kinds of things. Additionally, for the men in this Nakshatra, the father is a very strict figure. He’s very hard to please, and the native has to do a lot just to grasp a portion of this attention.

In terms of a spouse, the native will be with someone who’s very connected with animals. Almost as if they can talk to them, and feel what they feel. They love saving animals from harm and might be running campaigns to prevent animal cruelty in their town. Interestingly enough, the spouse is also someone that will bring an uncountable amount of wealth to the native’s life, and the financial life will start to change drastically after marriage.

Mars in Revati Nakshatra

Mars in Revati Nakshatra people put all of their energy into spiritual endeavors. Ever since the beginning of time, Mars has been a fiercely energetic planet, and this energy is passed on to the people this planet influences. This energy needs to be constantly directed somewhere, giving self-satisfaction and security to these people.

That’s why, in Revati Nakshatra, the Nakshatra of spirituality, these people tend to spend this robust energy on getting spiritual values in their life. They’ll go out, meet other spiritual enthusiasts, practice the values of spirituality, and everything in between. Heavy yoga and fully focused meditation is also seen in the people that possess this Nakshatra.

This Nakshatra, being related to liberation and the end of life, also depicts that these people have a future in healthcare, as it’s the one place where most life and death dealings are happening, all at the same time. However, these people have to be taken extra care of, as it’s very easy for them to adopt a fundamentalistic approach to life. When that happens, their spiritual journey takes a wild turn, and so does their life.

Lastly, music fields are something these people will often be seen in. However, where most other placements are more singing-directed, Mars is more of an instrument lover, as it loves physical exertion. This means that the people with this Nakshatra have a natural aptitude to play instruments, both casually and professionally.

Jupiter in Revati Nakshatra

Jupiter in Revati Nakshatra people can be reclusive in their early years. Even though Jupiter, in this position, sits in its own sign, the planet is in an enemy Nakshatra. Hence, the average dignity of Jupiter creates problems in the native’s personal life. However, the career arena of their life isn’t too negatively affected.

Both Jupiter and Revati Nakshatra are significators of spirituality, and the same can be seen in the natives’ personalities here as well. People that possess this Nakshatra are highly spiritual and philosophical and regularly practice the various forms of spirituality through meditation and yoga. If these people weren’t too spiritual in the early years of their life, this Nakshatra increased their inclination and focus toward spirituality, bringing sudden changes in the life of the native.

Jupiter’s debilitation works in such a way that the native needs to follow a career path they can fully invest their mind in. If that doesn’t happen, there’s a high chance they won’t find much success in that arena. Although, what these people possess is a highly creative mind that they use to give people specifically tailored advice, which is why they’re often seen as guides, teachers, and counselors.

In terms of relationships, their creative minds can cause problems to some extent. Since they like living in a world of their own, the reality is often disappointing and bitter for them, and they refuse to accept it. This unaccepting behavior causes relationship problems in the long run.

Saturn in Revati Nakshatra

Saturn in Revati Nakshatra people are always on the lookout for a match. Someone, they can spend their life with and be happy with, and while it’s quite a sad reality, they have no luck finding such a person. In fact, with Saturn’s long revolutionary period around the Sun, the native won’t find a suitable partner until they mature in life.

What this Nakshatra does with Saturn in it is add a never-ending amount of love for fishing in the native’s heart. These people spend an unbelievably long duration of time just going out and fishing. Additionally, the karma that Saturn represents in this Nakshatra, the one that we have to exhaust in this life completely, is directed towards finding the truth. It’s all about self-enlightenment, whether it’s through religion, spirituality, philosophy, or any other mystic side of life.

These people embark on a quest to find themselves using spiritual means early on in their life, but it’s not until the age of 36, or above, till they find the truth about themselves. Find out where their true sense of self lies. It happens quite late in life, but with patience comes the fruit.

Yet, no matter how many delays things get for these people, one thing is set. These people make great healers and helpers. Saturn’s influence may elongate their path of spiritual truthfulness, but along the way, these people heal and help the masses as much as they can, even professionally.

Rahu in Revati Nakshatra

Rahu in Revati Nakshatra people finds trouble seeing the world through a spiritual eye. These people have very materialistic views, and it’s quite hard for them to adopt a spiritual view of the life they’re living. Rahu is a planet that finds it hard to accept the spiritual things in life, so what does he do? He indulges the native in materialistic yet creative things in life. These people are quite systematic and analytical with the aspects of their life, and through their experience in these things, they creatively express themselves to the world.

These people are very independent and let nothing get in their way of personal and financial independence. They absolutely cannot be held back, as freedom of mind is what gives these people sanity. In worse cases, these people can become very clever and emotionally manipulative, as they always require their freedom.

As for career options, Rahu gives them a ton of technical fields to thrive in. People that possess will often be seen as pilots, engineers, physicists, and many others. These people also love to explore, which is why they’re seen to travel a lot as well. It’s a pretty good placement for someone that wants to go into technical yet freeing careers.

Ketu In Revati Nakshatra

Ketu in Revati Nakshatra people has very alternate views on spirituality. This is because of a very interesting phenomenon. Let’s look at the basics. Ketu is a planet that stands for segregation. The feeling of being separated from the rest of the entities. Revati Nakshatra is the final Nakshatra, and it’s the Nakshatra of endings. Ketu, after discovering everything in both their past and current life, feels at home now, but as a result, realizes the vastness of spirituality. These people view spirituality as a futile attempt to find peace and, as a result, stop pursuing it in life.

For them, having spirituality as an endgame doesn’t work out anymore, so they dive back into the materialistic things in life, this time with a more positive outlook. Creative passions like music and art are things that these people enjoy. However, a lurking feeling of not belonging anywhere persists throughout their lifetime, wherever they go or whatever they do.

To add to their problems, even more, these people are never satisfied in a relationship, and we can partly blame that on the Ketu itself. The word “Ketu” translates to split and break, so there’s that. Whenever in a relationship, these people feel disconnected from their partner, and things never seem to calm down as they’re always fighting. This Nakshatra makes the natives’ approach to love life quite irrational and unrealistic, and when the native realizes no such life exists, the relationship gets hard to maintain.

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