Krittika Nakshatra
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Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika is the third nakshatra and comes after Bharani Nakshatra. Krittika zodiac range is from 26o 40’ Aries to 10o 00’ Taurus; Therefore, the fiery energy of Aries and the earth sign Taurus rules this nakshatra. The elements earth and Fire are the energy of Krittika. The energy of fire is wild however, the earth element is stable and grounded. As a result, fire is more sustainable on earth. In summary, the fire in Krittika native burns constantly (stable). This is why many Krittika natives have a fast metabolism, their fire (digestion) can burn earth (food) rapidly.

The name Krittika means to ‘Cut’ or ‘Pierce’. The meaning of the name is related to the functioning of this nakshatra as we shall explore in this article.

Krittika Nakshatra Constellation

Krittika nakshatra is ruled by seven stars in the Pleiades which is in the Taurus constellation. These seven are called the 27 Tauri (Atlas), Eta Tauri (Alcyone), 17 Tauri (Electra), 23 Tauri (Merope), 28 19 Tauri (Laygetii) , 20 Tauri (Maia) and 28 Tauri (Pleione). These seven stars are known to form the shape of a necklace. They are very bright and easy to see with the naked eye.

Krittika Nakshatra Symbol

Krittika nakshatra symbols are a ‘Pair of Scissors’, ‘Razor Blade’, or ‘Knife’. Any sharp object that is used for cutting is associated with Krittika. Sharp objects can be used to destroy, cut a person, or as a resource to cut food. Also, the mind can cut (separate ideas) constructively. Therefore, Krittika people have sharp minds that can penetrate ideas. Consequently, the sharp object symbolism is associated with piercing, cutting, penetration, dividing, separating, and splitting apart which is related to the meaning of Krittika nakshatra.

Deity Agni, God of Fire: Ruling Planet Sun

Krittika nakshatra deity is Agni, God of Fire. The deity Agni is one of the most famous gods in the Rig Vedas. Agni is illustrated with two heads in which one head faces the earth and the other head faces the heavens. Agni is known to have an unquenchable thirst for Soma (drink of the gods). Agni is the deity of the fire element which can digest food and turn it into energy. In addition, the fire element is also related to our exertion of energy. People with nakshatras strong are physically active (fire) and have a fast metabolism (fire). Also, the spiritual fire of Agni can burn karma. The ruling planet Sun is also associated with burning our Karma.

Krittika Nakshatras secondary ruling deity is Karttikeya. Karttikeya is one of Shiva’s sons and was raised by Krittikas (seven wives). The Krittikas are the seven wives who married seven sages. Both the words Krittikas and Karttikeya are spelled very similarly. This similarity is related to the fact that the deity Karttikeya was highly influenced by the seven wives (Krittikas)

However, in mythology, the demons had dominated the heavens. Shiva created Karttikeya to destroy the demons. Therefore, Krittikas (seven wives) had to hide Karttikeya from the demon. So, his birth and upbringing were a secret. Karttikeya fulfilled his property when he reach maturity and destroy the demons and the God reclaimed the heavens. Therefore, from the mythology the deity Karttikeya is associate with adoption, foster care, stepmothers, and secret nurturing.

Nature and Behavior of Krittika People

Krittika nakshatra energy is a combination of the ruling planet Sun, the ruling deities Agni (Fire God), and Karttikeya. Also, the main symbol a sharp ‘Pair of Scissors’ has an influence. Therefore, people with Krittika strong in their chart will express the qualities of this nakshatra powerfully. When Krittika is strong in your chart this means your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Atmakaraka is in Krittika Nakshatra.

Krittika people have critical personalities and razor-sharp minds. Their critical nature is similar to Virgo Rising/Ascendant people. Like a Virgo, Krittika people can be fault-finding and nitpicking. Because of this, Krittika natives have razor-sharp minds. They can pierce information into components and perfect ideas and concepts. Because of their razor-sharp minds, they have natural proofreading and editing abilities. Therefore, Krittika people are suitable for careers that require being able to critically look at things.

Because sharp objects (Knife and Blades) are the main symbol of this nakshatra, Krittika people love to cook. The Fire God Agni inspires them to want to be around the hot stove. Krittika people are masters with knives, blaze, and sharp cooking utensils. When chopping their food they are like Samurai warriors. This is why they make wonderful chefs and cooks. . They also enjoy eating and have healthy appetites.

Krittika natives are fascinated with fire. They enjoy fire rituals, bond fires, barbecue, firecrackers, fireworks, lighting candles, or even playing with lighters. Fire-inspired Krittika people, feel alive and connected with the Fire God, Agni.

Krittika people are fiery which can cause them to be temperamental. Their tempers can flare out of control like wildfire. They can get so angry that they may feel like they can burn down an entire forest. However, behind the fire, they often conceal their nurturing and caring side. Because of the fire that burns inside of them they can have energy bursts that cause them to take action impulsively.

Sun in Krittika Nakshatra

Sun in Krittika influences the signification of Sun (career, ego, father, vitality authority figures) with the energy Krittika. The zodiac range of Krittika is 26:40 Aries to 10:00 Taurus. The planet Sun is exalted in Aries; however, it’s in an enemy sign in Taurus.

Both Aries and Taurus Range: Sun in Krittika Nakshatra people takes the authoritative role when it comes to criticizing and critiquing others. These individuals are highly intelligent with sharp minds that can penetrate ideas and concepts. Sun represents vitality and the energy of Krittika relates to the ability to digest food. These natives have fast metabolisms. They easily burn food and turn it into physical energy (vitality). Sun here gives fiery bursts of energy to the natives

Sun relates to career; therefore, Sun in Krittika Nakshatra professions include Critics, Proof Readers, Editors, Film Editors: Knives, Swords, Blazes Manufacturers, Glassmakers, Tailors, Haircutter; Barbers, Swordfighter, Chef, Cooks, Blacksmiths. Orphanages And Foster Careers Adoption Agencies, Social Service Child Welfare (This Is Because Kartikeya was Raised by the (Seven Wives) His Adopted Mothers.

Moon in Krittika Nakshatra

Moon in Krittika influences mind, emotions, desire, home, mother with the energy of Krittika. Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus and is in a friend sign in the Aries range. Therefore, Moon gives auspicious results in this nakshatra.

Both zodiac range, (Aries and Taurus):   Moon in Krittika Nakshatra people are perfectly aligned with their personalities (Sun) and Mind (Moon) This is because Moon rules the Mind, and the ruling planet Sun represents our Soul; Therefore mind and soul are one. As a result,  these people know who they are and what they want to accomplish in life.  When they want to accomplish a goal, desire, or dream it feels right in their soul, and they go after what they want without procrastination.

Taurus Zodiac Range:  Moon is exalted in the Taurus zodiac range. This position is very positive and gives good results.  Moon relates to sensuality and comfort; therefore, comforts and emotional happiness can come from places that Krittika represents which are volcanic regions, the desert, hot climates, tropical forests, government housing, and buildings. Also, someone can purchase a home or live in one of these areas.  On the other hand, Mother could have been adopted or raised by someone who was not her paternal or maternal parents. Mother also could have worked for Orphanages, Foster homes, Adoption Agencies. Also, the mother may have nurtured (Moon) and cared for children who were not her own. She could have raised nieces, nephews, cousins, neighborhood children, or adopted a child.

Aries Zodiac Range:  Moon in the Aries zodiac range gives a Krittika person a highly active and sharp mind.  Their minds are sharp and can penetrate information which makes them highly intelligent. Their mind takes initiative (Aries) and cuts out unnecessary information and improve ideas.  The individuals are wonderful cooks and are naturally skillful with sharp cooking utensils. They like to cook and spend a major of their time in the kitchen. If not in the kitchen like to go to restaurants; any place where a kitchen is located is an ideal place for them.  This is also true, in the Taurus zodiac range.

Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra

Mercury in Krittika relates to communication, logical intelligence, learning capacity, skills, mental curiosity, friends, and younger siblings.

Both zodiac range, (Aries and Taurus): Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra people are very intelligent and calculative. This is because Mercury here creates a Budha Aditya Yoga, which is a yoga of high intelligence.  In the birth chart, this is created when Sun and Moon are connected. However, in Krittika the ruling planet Sun and Mercury create this yoga on the nakshatra level, giving the natives high intelligence. They are very smart and able to retain and process information and calculation like mathematics. They are good with editing and proofreading documents, anything related to the written word they can perfect it to the finest detail and polish the information, so it is neat, clean, and tidy.  The intelligence of these people is strengthened when Mercury is in the 5th house of education, and it is associated with the lagan lord.  On the other hand, these individuals have a critical sense of humor. This is because Mercury relates to humor and comedians; Krittika here gives the natives a critical sarcastic sense of humor. They can humorously criticize others. If Saturn is conjunct or aspect Mercury, their critical sense of humor comes off cold and detached which can offend other people. Nevertheless. They love to travel and take short trips to hot places. Their mental curiosity leads them to research information on adoption, child care, and child welfare.

Taurus Zodiac Range:  A Mercury in Krittika person in the Taurus range, is calculative with managing money and resources.  Mercury rules our logical intelligence and the ability to retain and memorize information; therefore, Mercury here gives these individuals the ability to cut out false information and memorize only the valuable details with managing money. Because of this, they make wonderful bankers and managers of money and finances.  On the other hand, A younger sibling or a family member is very critical and hides his or her nurturing and caring side through a hard exterior.

Venus in Krittika Nakshatra

Venus in Krittika influences marriage, relationships, creativity, and artistic talents with the energy of Krittika (cutting, critical, fire, nurturing, etc.…)

Venus is the karaka for marriage in both men and women charts. Therefore, Venus in Krittika Nakshatra indicates there can be criticism and critiquing in a marriage or long-term relationship. In the Taurus rage, after marriage finances could be divided into two separate bank accounts instead of one joint account. Or the spouse could budget money and resources.  Nevertheless, since Krittika relates to war, these individuals can go to war (arguments and disputes) with marriage partners.

Venus is the karaka for wife in a male’s chart. A man’s wife can be nitpicking and fault-finding. The wife has a sharp mind and can perfect information by cutting out the unnecessary. The wife can also be very fiery and enjoy cooking especially grilling and barbecues.  Please also read Darakaraka Krittika in this article.

Venus relates to creativity and art. A Krittika person creative project involves cutting or using sharp objects or fire. These projects include tailor, sewing, hair cutter, jewelry making (using the sharp object). Artistic ability is perfected, when it comes to craft and arctic projects a Krittika person will perfect their craft and cut out anything that doesn’t look decent.  They are true perfection when it comes to their creative side. Also, creative projects can involve fire.

Mars in Krittika Nakshatra

Mars in Krittika influences passions, drive, exertion of energy, siblings, property investment with the energy of Krittika.

Both Aries and Taurus Range:  Mars in Krittika Nakshatra people have strong leadership abilities and drive and motivation. They are ready to act and take the initiatives to realize their dreams and goals. If Mars is connected with the 10th house lord of career, they can have technical and aggressive professions. Careers can include, Athletes, Mechanics, Engineers, Military, and all Defensive Fields.  On the other hand, Mars is the karaka of male friends and siblings (brothers and sites); therefore, male friends and siblings can be critical, nitpicking, and have sharp minds.  Also, the native can go to war with younger siblings and male friends. Especially, if Mars is placed in the 11th house of elder siblings and friends.

Aries Range: A Krittika person is powerfully aggressive, assertive, and takes initiative with authority and power. A native can have a wild temper with a warrior’s outlook on life. Similar to the God, Karttikeya they are ready to fight to win any battle. However, their fiery energy can cause divisions (cuts) with people in their lives.

Taurus Range: A Krittika person is protective regarding money and finances. On the other hand, since the 2nd house relates to the food we eat, they enjoy spicy and hot food. They also tend to curse words when speaking. The 2nd house also represents the family we grew up with. Fight and dispute with family causes division (cuts) with family relationships.

Jupiter in Krittika Nakshatra

Jupiter in Krittika influences children, higher education, advisors, expansion, money, and husband (for a woman) with the energy of Krittika (critical, cut, divide, fire).

Both Aries and Taurus Range:  Jupiter in Krittika Nakshatra people are naturally knowledgeable and wise on how to nurture and care for children.  This makes the natives suitable for daycare, foster care, and being a social service specialist dealing with child welfare.

Jupiter is the significator for Children in both men and women chart: A person children or a particular child enjoy cutting or breaking things apart. They also have a deep fascination with fire so it’s best to keep matches and lighters out of their reach.

Teachers, Instructors, and Professors can be critical. Teachers give a critical evaluation to a  Krittika person. In school, a Krittika person teacher is constantly critiquing and criticizing their homework. Because of this, the native feels their assignment is never correct (the way the teacher wants).  Also read, Darakaraka Krittika in this article for more information.

Jupiter is the Karaka for Husband is a women’s Chart.  A woman husband has the energy of Krittika. Therefore, the husband enjoys fire, barbecue, sharp objects, and may have been raised by someone who was not his biological parents.  Since Sun (leaders) rules Krittika, the husband takes the leadership role in the relationship.

Saturn in Krittika Nakshatra

Saturn is debilitated in the Aries range of Krittika and is friends in the Taurus range. In addition, Saturn is a great enemy with the ruling planet Sun.  So, this can be a difficult position for the natives. In Lajjitaadi Avasthas, the dry and cold energy of Saturn starve the hot and fire energy of the Sun. Therefore, Sun’s signification (father, power, authority, self-esteem) is starved. That is to say, Sun significators function at a weak state. However, the good news is Saturn gives results after hard work, delay, and effort.

Both Aries and Taurus Range: Saturn in Krittika Nakshatra people in the Aries range find themselves in positions where they are following instead of leading. This is because the individuals feel uncomfortable in leadership roles. They can also be impatient and have delays in life; however, with time they can accomplish their goals. They can have low self-esteem and feel as if they do not have the power to take charge of a situation. On the other hand, they can have an estranged relationship with their father and can be protective toward the elderly who often need their help.

Taurus Range (Saturn in Friend Sign):  This placement can bless natives with financial stability; however, they may find it hard to save money early in life. Because of this money can be suppressed until the age of 36, or when Saturn returns to its natal position. However, when money and resources pour into their life it is usually long-term (Saturn) and last.

Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra

Rahu in Krittika influences the signification of Ketu with the energy of this nakshatra. Also, Rahu is exalted in the Taurus range; therefore, it will explode some of the goods qualifies of Taurus, the natural 2nd House.

Aries Range: Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra makes a person explosive, assertive, fiery, and aggressive. They can either explode with a burst of energy or their anger can get the best of them. They have to learn to challenge all this energy into a project or physical outlet like playing sports. If they do not properly channel this energy it can build up and explode in a rage of anger.

Taurus Range (Rahu Exalted): Finances money and resources can explode (Rahu). That is to say, a Krittika person can be blessed with financial abundance and wealth. However, the family can blow the smallest thing out of portion cause and separation and divide with family or a particular family member.

Ketu In Krittika Nakshatra

Ketu in Krittika Nakshatra influences the signification of Ketu with the energy of Krittika. Ketu is debilitated in the Taurus range; therefore, it will create separation and divisions in Taura which is the natural 2nd house.

Both Ranges (Aries and Taurus): Ketu in Krittika Nakshatra people have razor-sharp minds and can cut and penetrate information to gain deep insight. Ketu is related to research and both Krittika and Keu relate to cutting. Therefore, when researching, their minds can pierce the information sword and they can understand the find details. Because of this, they make excellent researchers and proofreaders. They can find the slightest error and fault in themselves and other people. Also, they can be very critical of themselves and others especially in the Aries range which relates to individuality.

Taurus Range (Ketu Debilitated)  When Ketu fall in the zodiac range of Taurus which relates to family and resource (money). Therefore, it can be a separation in the family in general or with a particular family member. Also, resources and money have to be split or divided.

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