Hasta Nakshatra
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Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra is the thirteenth nakshatra and it comes after Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra. Hasta zodiac range is from 10o 00’ Virgo to 23o 20 Virgo. The entire nakshatra is in the detailed oriented sign Virgo; therefore the energy of Virgo is strong in this nakshatra. Hasta is known as the handyman of the nakshatra this is because people with planets in Hasta are skilled with the use of their hands.

Hasta’s name translates into ‘Hand’ which is the main symbol of this nakshatra. However, the root word Has (in Hasta) means to laugh in Sanskrit; therefore, Hasta also translates into laughter. Therefore, Hasta people are known to have a comical sense of humor.

Hasta Nakshatra Constellation

The constellation Corvus rules Hasta Nakshatra. Corvus’s name translates into Crown, and it lies below the constellation Virgo. This constellation consists of five stars. Each of the five stars represents the five fingers which are Hasta’s main symbol.

Hasta Nakshatra Symbol: A Hand

The main symbol of Hasta Nakshatra is an open hand in which all five fingers are spread apart. A secondary symbol of this nakshatra is a tightly clenched fist. The third symbol is a pottery wheel. All three symbols are used to translate the qualities of this nakshatra.

An open hand relates to one being crafty and skilled with the use of their hands. It also relates to one fate being in their hand which is associated with palmistry (palm reading). A hand can also hold and grasp an object. The hand is also a symbolism of grasping ideas and concepts.

On the other hand, a clenched fist relates to secrecy and being able to defend oneself.

Finally, a pottery wheel relates to the use of one hand in a creative way such as creating handicrafts.

Ruling Planet Moon: Deity Savitar

The ruling deity of Hasta nakshatra is Savitar. The deity Savitar is a Solar God and is known as a life-giving God. Savitar is the God of childbirth, life, vitality, light, and our divine inspiration.

Savitar is the first ray of light we see in the morning which is responsible for nurturing the plant life on earth. Without sunlight, plants cannot flourish and grow. Also, the first ray of light wakens us from sleep to begin our mundane routines which sustains our existence. If we did not awake from sleep, we would all die.

On the other hand, Moon is the ruling planet/lord of Hasta nakshatra. The moon relates to sensitivity, intuition, home, domestic life, emotions, mother, and nurturing.

Behavior and Characteristics of Hasta People

Hasta nakshatra energy is a combination of the ruling planet (Moon), the ruling deities Savitar (Sun God), and the main symbol ‘A Hand’. Therefore, people with Hasta nakshatra strong in their chart will express the qualities of this nakshatra powerfully. When Hasta is strong in your chart this means your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Atmakaraka is in this Hasta nakshatra.

Hasta nakshatra people are crafty with their hands. They are natural handymen and craftsmen. Hasta people are talented when it comes to any task involving their hands. Therefore, they make excellent laying hands healers, reiki healers, painters, hairdressers, massage therapists, writers, sculptures, carpenters. If you have a planet is Hasta nakshatra and it is connected with the 10th Lord of Career you can very well have a career in one of these professions. They have the keen ability to fix things, especially around the home.

They are excellent at grasping ideas and concepts. This is the Virgo aspect of this nakshatra which give them the intelligence to analyze and discern idea and concepts. This makes them very analytical and intelligent. This is especially true if the planet Mercury is in Hasta nakshatra because Mercury is exalted in the sign of Virgo.

Hasta people are good at manifesting desires, hopes, and wishes. This is because they have the power to control their fate and direct their lives where they want them to go. They can also have luck with games of chance. Lady luck seems to be on their side when they are investing or gambling.

They have a wonderful sense of humor and can be very comical. They can laugh at themselves in a light-hearted way. When life gets hard, they overcome it by laughing at their situation or looking at life from a comical point of view. Often their sense of humor can come off as sarcastic and blunt.

Sun in Hasta Nakshatra

Sun in Hasta influences the meaning of Sun (soul, ego, character, creativity, career, identity, authority figures, father, etc.) with the energy of Hasta

Sun in Hasta Nakshatra people are talented and crafty with their hands. They are skillful with hand-related tasks. They are well suited for any career in which they fix or create with their hands. Natives have restless hands and have to be always moving and using their hands in a project, hobby, skill, or in their careers. Consequently, they do good in professions as massage therapists, painters, sculptures, palm readers, handymen/handywomen, carpenter and creative writers, etc. When it comes to creative writing their words are powerful, like a clenched fist, and they can bring strength to others through the power of words. People with Sun in Hasta Nakshatra have very sharps and quick minds. These people are very intelligent and insightful. They can process and analyze large amounts of information. They can retain and memorize what they have learned which makes them excellent students and scholars. They have practical minds and like to look at life from a realistic point of view instead of a fantasy perspective.

Sun in Hasta people are alchemists, especially in their careers. That is to say, they can turn metal into gold, or dirt into something of value. For instance, if a business is failing a Sun in Hasta person has the power to pick up the dead pieces and revive a failing business into a thriving company. This is because a vulture is the ruling bird of Hasta; vultures are known as scavengers in which they find value in the unwanted carcass. This is the nature of Hasta people they can find value in things that other people see as useless. They have the golden touch, and whatever they lay their hands on can turn into gold (something of value). In addition, Hasta Nakshatra’s caste is the merchant. This is why they are remarkable business people. They love making money in their careers and can steer the hand of fate and take their careers to the top.

Sun is the significator of career in Vedic Astrology. Hasta zodiac range is completely in the detail-oriented and perfectionist sign of Virgo. This is a special nakshatra will it comes to career, because a Sun in Hasta Nakshatra person is the Jack of All Trade. They can do almost any type of job that required the use of hands. Some professions were listed at the beginning of this paragraph. Nevertheless, they can have professions in All Career Involving Skillful Use Of Hands; Handyman, Maintenance Man, Stylist, Barbers, Hairdressers, Massage Therapists, Sculptures, Painters, Typists, Writer, Jewelry Makers, Makeup Artist, Martial Artists, Tai Chi, Carpenters. Business Tycoons, Merchants. Small Business Owners. Palmistry, Palm Reader.

Moon in Hasta Nakshatra

Moon in Hasta Nakshatra influences mind, imagination, emotions, desire, etc.) with the energy of Hasta. Moon is the ruling planet of Hasta; therefore, Moon is powerful here.

Moon in Hasta Nakshatra people’s ideas are gold. That is to say, they have golden ideas on how to make money and flourish in life. Hasta Nakshatra is the strongest nakshatra when it comes to making money. This is because the ruling deity, Savitur is known to have a golden hand. Also, the deity Savitur uses this hand for prosperity and healing. Moon in Hasta Nakshatra people can multitask ideas and concepts to produce a golden nugget idea. Since the main symbol of this nakshatra is a hand, they can control their fate to manifest their ideas. In addition, like a hand (will all fingers spread) they can easily grasp ideas and concepts. Their minds move fast from one idea to the next. This is why they can come up with multiple golden ideas. When obstacles get in the way of success, they can think of a way to clear away all obstructions, similar to the ruling animal Female Buffalo, this animal has the power to remove all obstructions from its path.

Mercury in Hasta Nakshatra

Mercury is Exalted in Virgo (zodiac range of Hasta), so Mercury does very well here. Mercury is related to business, communication, humor logical intelligence, learning capacity, skills, mental curiosity, friends, and younger siblings.

Mercury in Hasta Nakshatra people are intelligent merchants and business people. They have a natural gift for business, trade, and marketing. They have remarkable high IQs when it comes to grasping business concepts. Individuals have the golden touch and the intelligence, to transform a business into a success, even if it is failing. A Mercury in Hasta person is truly the jack of all trades and has many skills and talents. Both Mercury and Hasta relate to humor; therefore, natives can have a witty sense of humor and enjoy joking and laughing. They are profoundly talented when it comes to organizing, the details, and perfecting documents and ideas. Their ideas are bright like a full Moon (ruling planet). They are very clever and can think of things no other else has thought of. Their words are inspiring which can wake up a sleeping mind, Similar to the ruling deity Savitar who is known as the first ray of light we see in the morning, which wakes us up.

Venus in Hasta Nakshatra

Venus in Hasta influences the karakas of Venus transformation, marriage, relationships, passion, creativity, artistic talents with the energy of Hasta.

Venus in Hasta Nakshatra people is blessed with creative talents with the use of their hands. They can be Pottery, Sculpting, Art, Drawing, Painting, Illustrator, Interior Decorator, Sketching, Graphic Artist, Tattoo Artist, Stone Sculpture, Designer, Makeup Artist, Fashion Designer, Pottery, Jewelry Design, Shona Stone Sculpture, They can multicast their creative project and turn whatever they create into gold (something of value). For instance, they can sculpture a piece of stone and turn it into a beautiful and valuable piece of art. Hasta is a fast-moving nakshatra; as a result, individuals can work fast when it comes to creative tasks. If they are jewelry makers they will enjoy making a bracelet or any type of jewelry they can wear on their fingers or hands. Healing comes through these natives through creative projects.

Venus in Hasta Nakshatra person can move fast in a relationship. They also enjoy touching and caressing their partner. Venus represents love and marriage in both male and female charts. Therefore, a Venus in Hasta Nakshatra person will marry someone with Hasta qualities. The husband or wife will be skilled with hands, business-minded, humorous, lucky, and a healer. The marriage partner will be a gift with steering the hand of fate and directing their lives where they want them to go. That is to say, they will be able to manifest their goals and objective.

Mars in Hasta Nakshatra

Mars in Hasta influences the meanings of Mars (passion, drive, exertion of energy, etc.) with the energy of Hasta

Mars in Hasta Nakshatra people have the willpower and focus to direct their lives where they want it to go. They focus and exert their energy on being the masters of their fate. Because of this, they can manifest their hopes and desire through their actions. However, they can scatter their energy trying to do everything at once. They are very impulsive and want to get everything done at once. They like to move fast and because of their enthusiasm, they can skip or miss important steps in a process. When they use fire or heal when healing with their hands, a miracle can occur. They have very technical minds and can synthesis information into something useful. They can be aggressive business people and salesmen; they know how to push for the results they desire.

Jupiter in Hasta Nakshatra

.Jupiter in Hasta influences the meaning of Jupiter (money, wealth, children, higher education, advisors, expansion, husband for females) with the energy of Hasta. Jupiter is friends with Moon, Hasta lord/ruling planet, so Jupiter can inspire the mind (Moon) with wisdom and knowledge.

Jupiter in Hasta Nakshatra people have luck with money and wealth. This is because both Jupiter and Hasta are related to luck and money. Jupiter expands the good qualities of Hasta Nakshatra. Therefore, individuals, have the wisdom to know how to alter their fate to prosper in life. The zodiac sign Virgo is the natural 6th house which is related to health and Jupiter signifies counselors and expertise; also, Hasta nakshatra is related to healing. Therefore, a Jupiter in Hasta person can be a health expert or alternative healer. On the other hand, Savitur (Hasta ruling deity) is responsible for the birth of children and blesses childbirth. Hence, the birth of children can bring good luck and blessing in a person’s life. Also, working for or caring for children activate the positive aspect of this nakshatra. Nevertheless, Jupiter is the significator for husband in a female’s chart; therefore, a Jupiter in Hasta Nakshatra female husband has the characteristics of Hasta. Therefore, the husband is comical, mechanical, skilled with his hands, lucky, and has a golden touch (healing and prosperity. A female husband is also a morning person and enjoys being around water.

Saturn in Hasta Nakshatra

Saturn in Hasta influences the significance of the planet Saturn (karma, hard work, delay, discipline, patient with the energy of Hasta.

Saturn in Hasta Nakshatra people experience a delay in their luck, fortune, and skills with their hands. Individual may not even know they have a gift with the use of their hand until later in life when Saturn matures or return to its natal position in their birth chart. Nevertheless, Hasta is related to luck and money; therefore, natives will experience better luck and fortune later in their lives. However, early in life, they are in a position in which they have a karmic duty to service or work. Early in life, the native may work menial jobs or long hours with little or no rewards. This is because both Saturn and Virgo (hasta zodiac range related to service. However, after lots of hard work, their overdue rewards will come. The service they will perform is related to the house Saturn is placed in. For instance, if Saturn is in Hasta Nakshatra and place in the 5th house, individuals will have a karmic duty to serve their children.

Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra

Rahu in Hasta influences the meaning of Rahu (shortcuts, overdo, obsession, unexpected, explosion, foreign, illusions, etc.) with the energy of Hasta. The graha Rahu owns the sign of Virgo and is exalted in the sign of Taurus; Therefore, Rahu can give good results here.

Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra people can be overzealous with hand tasks. Hasta is a fast nakshatra and Rahu explodes the qualities; Therefore, natives can overdo any hand-related task. For instance, if individuals are fixing something around the house, they may have to keep doing the task over and over again until it feels right. They can also overdo serving others or working on the jobs. This placement also shows they the native can work for a foreign country in which Rahu will activate and bring luck and fortune in a person’s life. Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra people are blessed with the ability to clear out obstacles in their path and turn a bleak situation into a golden opportunity.

Ketu In Hasta Nakshatra

Ketu in Hasta influences the meaning of Ketu (detached, isolation, mysticism, nonattachment to the mundane world, research, etc.) with the energy of Hasta.

Ketu in Hasta Nakshatra people can experience a detachment when it comes to working on the job and serving others. Individuals may not want to work a regular mundane job; however, they prefer to give their service and put efforts into a spiritual purpose. When working on the job, they may prefer to be in isolation instead of working in a group environment. On the other hand, in a past life, individuals developed the ability to heal with their hands; therefore, individuals had mystical powers when it come to the use of their hands. A Ketu in Hasta nakshatra person enjoys researching on a variety of subjects especially spiritual and alternative healing. This is because Hasta people are known as the Jack of all trade (variety of skills) and Ketu related to research; therefore, they are inclined to research a variety of subjects.

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