Vishakha Nakshatra

Vishakha Nakshatra

Vishakha Nakshatra is the sixteenth nakshatra and follows Swati Nakshatra. Vishakha zodiac range is from 20o 00’ Libra to 3o 20’ Scorpio. The Scorpio and Libra energy are strong in this nakshatra. In addition, two Gods Indra & Agni (Indragni) rule Vishakha Nakshatra; therefore, the qualities of both deities influence the nature of Vishakha.

Vishakha Symbols: Triumphal Arch

Vishakha Nakshatra main symbol is a “Triumphal Arch” a secondary symbol is a “Fork”. A Triumphal Arch represents victory, success, and accomplishment. This means Vishakha people can obtain their desires and goals because they never give up. When Vishakha people Triumph or obtain a goal, they usually start the journey to obtain new goals. This is a never-ending cycle of accomplishing goals and starting new ones.

On the other hand, the secondary symbol is a “Fork” which symbolizes a twin personality. Often a Vishakha person can be an actual twin if this nakshatra is in their ascendant or Atmakaraka.

Vishakha Nakshatra Name

Vishakha Nakshatra name means “Two branches“, “Forked“, and “Split”. This is because the root word śākha of Vishakha translates into “fork”, “branch’, or anything that is divided or has a division. These meanings are linked to the qualities of this nakshatra.

Vishakha Nakshatra Animal: Male Tiger

The ruling animal of Vishakha Nakshatra is a male tiger. A male tiger is assertive, aggressive, and goal-oriented when they have their eye on their prey. Tigers are a hunter and does not stop until they have obtained their desire which is their prey. This is a similar nature of Vishakha people in which their prey is a goal or desire. They will stop at nothing to accomplish what they want, similar to a tiger.

Deity Indra & Agni (Indragni): Ruling/Lord Planet Jupiter

Vishakha Nakshatra’s ruled by two deities who are known as Indra & Agni (Indragni). Since Vishakha is ruled by two deities it creates a “Split” in Vishakha. This is why people with this nakshatra strong can have twin personalities.

Agni the Fire God, is known to have an unquenched appetite this is because fire is never satisfied. Fire can burn an entire forest and its flames continue to consume more. Fire is also energy; therefore, Agni represents the desire and action-oriented traits within us. Consequently, to manifest your objective and goals, you need fire (desire and action) to obtain your desires.

The God Indra is known as the chief of the Gods. Indra is known to be driven, zealous, goal-oriented, and is fixated on desires. Which are qualities of this nakshatra. The God Indra will do whatever is required to obtain his objective and desire even if it is offensive or unorthodox to others. These are not bad qualities it’s the characteristic required to manifest one desire.

Jupiter is the lord of Vishakha Nakshatra and is the most beneficial planet in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter represents expansion, growth, faith, belief system, protection, money, wealth, wisdom, knowledge, spiritual education, higher education, law (lawyers, judges), spiritual law, Managers, Children, Husband (in a female’s chart), Guru, Advisors, Mentor, Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Priest, Priestess. Therefore, the karakas of Jupiter shape the theme of Vishakha Nakshatra.

Characteristics of Vishakha People

Vishakha nakshatra energy is a combination of the ruling planet, Jupiter, the ruling deities Indra & Agni (Indragni), and the main symbols Triumphal Arch and Potter’s wheel. Therefore, people with Vishakha nakshatra strong in the chart will express the qualities of this nakshatra powerfully. When Vishakha Nakshatra is strong in your chart this means your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Atmakaraka is in Vishakha Nakshatra.

Vishakha people  Triumph in life. That is to say, they succeed at their goals. However, after their goal is accomplished, they usually feel an emptiness inside and chase after another goal. This emptiness is due to Agni (fire God) being the ruling deity of this nakshatra. Agni’s thirst is never quenched this is because fire is never done consuming. Therefore, a Vishakha native is never satisfied after accomplishing their goals. They are also very passionate and have a fire in them that propels them to keep setting goals and obtaining them. When they have their minds fixated on a goal, they will not give up until that goal is accomplished.

Vishakha Nakshatra people have twin personalities. This twin personality is because both Indra and Agni rule this nakshatra. These deities have distinct characteristics and traits. Because of this, Vishakha people have two sides to their personalities. Therefore, others may view it as a split personality. If this nakshatra is damaged can come off as mood swings or a bipolar nature.

These people have big appetites for food, drink, sex, luxuries, and their goals are big. They love to live a heavenly life on earth and have all the sensual and material pleasure they desire. This is because Indra (King of the God) rules this nakshatra and he lives a life of luxury because he is a King. So, these natives want the best clothes, jewelry, luxury cars, expensive homes. To them, it feels right to live the life of a King or Queen. However, because they love things Big, they succumb to excess. In extreme cases, they can abuse sex, alcohol, and sensual pleasure.

Planets in Vishakha Nakshatra

Planets in Vishakha Nakshatra inherit the qualities of this nakshatra. Vishakha Nakshatra gives the energy of Triumph, Success, Prosperity, and Excess to each planet.

Sun in Vishakha Nakshatra

Sun in Vishakha influences the meanings of Sun (soul, ego, character, personality, creativity, career, identity, government, authority, father, etc.) with the energy of Vishakha. However, Sun is debilitated beginning at 10 degrees of Libra; therefore, the karakas of the Sun can deviate. However, Sun is in a friend sign in the Scorpio range; therefore, light (Sun) can be shed on the hidden or secrets (Scorpio).

Sun in Vishakha Nakshatra means individuals will stop at nothing to triumph in life. Natives are competitive, goal-oriented, and the last man or woman standing. When they set a goal, they will never give up until it is accomplished. Individuals will not let anyone or anything get in the way of their success. Because of this, they can come off as egoistic and harsh to others. Nevertheless, their thirst for victories is unquenchable; however, when they do accomplish an objective or goal, they feel an emptiness inside and set new goals. This thirst for success and power is because Indra (king of the god) and Agni (fire god) co-rule Vishakha nakshatra. Consequently, the deity Indra desires power and high status in life, and Agni (fire god) can consume an entire forest and still be unsatisfied. Therefore, the desire for power can be an unquenchable thirst. because two Gods rule Vishakha individuals come off to others as having twin personalities. From moment to moment their personalities change; It’s like two people (Indra and Agni) living in one body. Therefore, because Sun represents identity, natives are aware of this split. They use their split personality to their benefit as a tool to get ahead in life; they do this by changing/adapting their characteristics as needed to accomplish their goals.

In the Libra Range, Sun is debilitated starting at 10° Libra; therefore, at some point, a Sun in Vishakha person can feel their efforts are not paying off. They can become frustrated because they are not seeing results despite their efforts. However, natives must learn they have to ‘Rule their Kingdom’ from a compromised perspective. That is to say, they have to service from an authority position. For instance, if they are the owner of their own business, they must learn to please/service their customers to have success in their career.

in the Scorpio Range, Sun in Vishakha people can have victory when it comes to shedding light on darkness. Therefore, they have success in mysticism, secrecy, knowing other secrets, finding hidden knowledge. Consequently, they make talented researchers, data miners, and mystics. They can also work for the government (Sun) in a secret or private sector.

However, in career natives are successful Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, and Businesswomen. They will gain a victory in their career at any cost. Because of this perception, natives come off as harsh to others. Because they are so focused on career accomplishments, they can ignore other things in their lives. On the other hand, they will experience a career split at one point in their career. That is to say, they can change their careers. They can go from working for a company to owning a business or working in the corporate world to living a spiritual life.

Moon in Vishakha Nakshatra

Moon in Vishakha Nakshatra influences the meanings of Moon (mind, emotions, desire, home, comforts, mother, royalty, etc.) with the energy of Vishakha. The graha Moon is debilitated starting at 3 degrees Scorpio; as a result, the mind can go deep into the unknown and emotions can fluctuate.

Both Ranges (Libra and Scorpio); People with Moon in Vishakha nakshatra have a victorious mental disposition. To clarify, the mind is focused on accomplishments, victories, and triumphs. Nevertheless, since Vishakha represents a split-branch individuals can often be indecisive when making decisions. When making a decision their minds can be torn in two directions, jumping between two distinct thoughts or ideas. As a result, they have difficulties choosing the correct path. When coming up with a solution to accomplish a goal, they will be split between two decisions or paths. On the other hand, individuals desire comfort (Moon) and a luxurious lifestyle. They love to drink, party, and luxurious environments. They prefer to fly first class and stay in 5-star hotels where they are treated like royalty.

In the Scorpio range, the mind can go so deep into thinking about accomplishments, individuals can get lost in their own thoughts. In addition, natives’ emotions can fluctuate from highs to lows. On the other hand, they can have a secretive nature and a deep interest in the occult and mysticism.

In the Libra range, individuals’ minds are focused on relationships, love, marriage, and business agreements. They are excellent negotiators and mediators. They enjoy working with others and socializing. Individuals make an effort to balance their personal affairs which bring them peace of mind.

Mercury in Vishakha Nakshatra

The meanings of Mercury (communication, logical intelligence, learning capacity, skills, mental curiosity, friends, and younger siblings, etc.) are influenced by the theme of Vishakha.

People with Mercury in Vishakha nakshatra are very independent thinkers and have strong minds. they have a mind of their own, so They are not influenced by other people’s opinions. Because of this, they are intellectual leaders and can teach a subject based on their own observation and expertise. They love being victorious in conversation and intellectual discussions. Because of this, they make excellent debaters, lawyers, and politicians. They love giving people a piece of their minds. For instance, if two people are debating a Mercury in Vishakha person has their own opinion and will not agree with one person over the other. On the other hand, the ruling planet Jupiter is related to masters and knowledge. In addition, the planet Mercury relates to learning and mental curiosity, and Vishakha energy is Unstoppable. Therefore, when a Mercury in Vishakha person is learning a subject, they what to master what they have learned. They can often go in isolation learning a subject until they have felt as if they have conqueror it. As a result, they are studious students in which they absorb information like a sponge. However, In the Libra Range, natives are good at communication when it comes to business and negotiation. With their words, they know how to tip the scale in their favor, to get what they want in business dealings. In the Scorpio range, individuals enjoy reading occult and mystic subjects. They have a deep mental curiosity to investigate the hidden and unknown, this is why they gravitate toward metaphysical subjects.

Venus in Vishakha Nakshatra

Venus in Vishakha influences the karakas of Venus creativity, artistic endeavors, passion, devotion, marriage, relationships with the energy of Vishakha.

People with Venus in Vishakha nakshatra are alchemists when it comes to creative endeavors. This is because, a ‘Potter’s Wheel’ is an alternative symbol for Vishakha; therefore, a potter can shape clay into the form of their imagination. That is to say, Venus in Vishakha people can turn nothing into something, straw into gold. To clarify, they have the magical ability to transform something useless into a valuable piece of art. On the other hand, individuals love working with bright colors when it comes to creative projects. If they were a painter, they would use every color in their pallet.

Venus represents marriage in both male’s and females’ charts: Therefore, a Venus in Vishakha Nakshatra person will marry someone who has the characteristic of Vishakha. In Both Range (Scorpio and Libra), the spouse (husband or wife) is unstoppable, resourceful, and loves winning victories. The spouse will do whatever is necessary to conquer opponents and stay ahead of the game. Because of this a Venus in Vishakha marriage partner is ambitious, competitive, goal-oriented, and a true leader. In relationships there can be a split, a decision will have to be made regarding the future of the relationship in which two paths will be presented. For instance, a decision of whether the relationship should transition to a marriage, or both people go their separate ways. Regardless, of what the Fork is, two decisions will be presented. However, In the Scorpio range, the spouse (husband or wife) has a secretive personality, they can have secret insecurities that someone will try to take a position in life they have secured for themselves. For instance, they can be protective about a position in their career. Nerveless, In the Libra range, the spouse (husband or wife) is social, creative, enjoys wearing colorful clothing, loves relationships, and is a natural mediator.

Mars in Vishakha Nakshatra

Mars in Vishakha influences the meanings of Mars (passion, drive, willpower, exertion of energy, athletic, etc.) with the energy of Vishakha.

People with Mars in Vishakha Nakshatra are unstoppable. They have the spirit of a warrior and exert their energy to accomplish their goals, no matter what. Because of this individuals are overly competitive, ambitious, strong-willed, and driven. They have the instinctive nature to keep going despite failed attempts, they try and try again until they have reached victory; because of this, they are unstoppable and unconquerable. Often, they can push so hard, that they can become frustrated when things are not moving fast enough. However, since a ‘spit branch’ represents Vishakha individual can scatter their energy in many directions (Fork) without tying up loose ends from the previous endeavor. However, because of their determination, they win many victories even when they scatter their energy. On the other hand, people with Mars in Vishakha are the most competitive athletes who will stop at nothing to take home the trophy. They always have reserved energy when they are exhausted. This is because a Potter’s wheel (Vishakha symbol) can transform clay into jars and contained that hold things that can be used as a resource. A Mar in Vishakha person can have store energy as a resource. That is to say, when they are tired, they find the energy to keep going.

Jupiter in Vishakha Nakshatra

Jupiter in Vishakha influences higher education, advisors, expansion, money, and husband or females) with the energy of Vishakha. The planet Jupiter is in its own Makhtar in Vishakha; therefore, Jupiter can give good results here to some degree. However, in the Libra range, Jupiter is in an unfavorable sign; but it’s in a friend sign in the Scorpio range,

People with Jupiter in Vishakha Nakshatra desire to be victorious when it comes to spiritual practices and religion. They are the last people standing regarding their faith and belief. They can be the champion when it comes to prayer, chant, and meditation. For instance, if they have a goal to chant a hundred thousand repetitions of a mantra within a month, they will achieve this goal with flying colors. In addition, they are the last people praying until their hears are content, in a church or temple. In addition, they love mastering a spiritual subject. However, they can be torn between two religions or spiritual paths in which a life-altering decision will have to be made. The decision can put individuals in two directions, which can lead to uncertainty. On the other hand, since Jupiter represents the law and Libra relates to contracts and agreement; natives can do good in legal professions such as being a lawyer or legal mediators.

Jupiter in Vishakha people have the power to open their third eye chakra. When the third eye chakra opens individuals have perception, intuition, and psychic power; it’s like they have thousands of eyes. Individuals can channel great knowledge and wisdom when the third eye is open. This is because, in the mythology, Indra (one of the ruling deities of Vishakha) thousand yonis were transformed into thousand eyes. Therefore, natives are either born with this chakra open or will develop to spiritual practice in which it will open. However, natives who have Jupiter in the Scorpio range can be born with high intuition. This is because Scorpio is related to psychic abilities. On the other hand, at one point in their lives, natives can go into isolation developing their spiritual gifts and awakening their consciousness. This is because Indra went into Isolation because of his thousand yonis which were later transformed into a thousand eyes.

Saturn in Vishakha Nakshatra

The meanings of Saturn (responsibilities, disciplined, hard work, karma, servants, employees, delay, patients) are influenced by the energy of Vishakha. Saturn is Exalted in Libra, so Saturn can give good results to some degree in the Libra range. However, Saturn is malefic; therefore, it can suppress the house it is placed in and the themes of Vishakha.

People with Saturn in Vishakha Nakshatra are disciplined, patient, and hardworking. Saturn is exalted beginning at 20° Libra, so natives with Saturn in this range are patient and willing to work hard and wait for results. In the Libra range, the natives love working with other people and organizing harmonic balances between two parties. Therefore, they are good with business agreements and mediation. Nevertheless, Saturn is a malefic cold and dry planet, therefore it can suppress the theme of Vishakha. Consequently, winning victories in life can be suppressed until later in life. However, the good news with Saturn is that it gives results later in life. When Saturn matures (mid 30’s) or returns to the natal position in the birth chart, it can give victory in life after hard work, discipline, perseverance, and patients. For instance, if Saturn is placed in your 10th house of career, big accomplishments related to your profession come later in life. On the other hand, servants, employees, and subordinates have the pure energy of Vishakha; they are victorious and triumph in life. Subordinates are unstoppable and will do everything in their power to obtain an objective. Because of this servants and employees are accomplished workers who will do anything to get a job completed.

Rahu in Vishakha Nakshatra

Rahu in Vishakha influences the meaning of Rahu (shortcuts, magic, illusions, extraterrestrials, foreign, electricity, etc.) with the energy of Vishakha. The graha Rahu owns the sign of Virgo and is in a friend sign in Libra. therefore, Rahu can give good results here

People with Rahu in Vishakha nakshatra have an unquenchable thirst for success, accomplishments, and victories. Both Rahu and Vishakha represent unquenchable desires. In other words, individuals are never satisfied when they accomplished a goal; they are on a continuous cycle of setting goals and accomplishing them. Therefore, natives can be very accomplished in life because they will never give up and never stop accomplishing goals. On the other hand, both Rahu and Vishakha relate to electricity; Vishakha represents electricity because Indra (ruling deity) is the God of Thunder. Consequently, Rahu in Vishakha people have electrical energy; that is to say, they can have static cling or pursue an education in the electrical field like being an electrician or electrical engineer, especially if the 5th, 3rd, and 9th lord of learning and education are connected with Rahu in Vishakha.

Ketu In Vishakha Nakshatra

Ketu in Vishakha influences the meaning of Ketu (past lives, spirituality, electrical, engineering, detachment, isolation, mysticism, research, etc.) with the energy of Vishakha.

People with Ketu in Vishakha Nakshatra experienced victories, accomplishments, and triumphs in a past lifetime. Therefore, individuals can be detached when they experience a Triumph, this is because they experience so many accomplishments in a past life that winning is nothing new to them. For instance, an individual could win an award for their accomplishments and give a nonchalant disposition. On the other hand, similar to Rahu individuals have electrical energy, they have static cling or often experience electric shock when they touch certain items. Since Ketu represents research, natives may research topics related to electrical field such as electrical engineer, computer, electrician professions. On the other hand, Ketu in Vishakha people can live very spiritual lives. This is because Jupiter is a Spiritual Guru, Ketu represents Spirituality, and Indra (Vishakha ruling deity) in the mythology devoted his life to spirituality. Therefore, natives will be pulled in two directions in which they will have to decide to live a mundane life or devote their lives to spirituality.

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