Chitra Nakshatra
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Chitra Nakshatra

Chitra Nakshatra is the fourteenth nakshatra and comes after Hasta Nakshatra. Chitra’s zodiac range is from 23° 20′ Virgo to 6° 40′ Libra; therefore, the perfectionist sign of Virgo and the creative sign of Libra influences the nature of this nakshatra. Nevertheless, the previous nakshatra Hasta is related to craftsmanship, artistry, and handcrafts. Therefore, Hasta is the unpolished form of handcrafts while Chitra takes the unpolished handcrafts and polishes them to perfection, so they are beautiful in form and appearance. This is why a ‘Beautiful Polished Jewel’ or Diamond is the main symbol of Chitra Nakshatra. It takes billions of years with tremendous heat and pressure for the earth to create a diamond. Therefore, A ‘diamond in the rough’ is Hasta at work; however, when the diamond is cut, shaped, and polished this is the nature of Chitra Nakshatra. Therefore, Chitra relates to hard work, beauty, formation, design, architecture, etc. Nevertheless, the name, Chitra means ‘Bright’ and is synonymous with the terms Beautiful, Multicolor, Glitter. All of these names represent the nature of Chitra nakshatra.

Chitra Nakshatra Star – Spica

Chitra Nakshatra is represented by a solitary star known as Spica. The star Spica is located in the lower part of the constellation of Virgo (hip region). Spica is a radiant star, shining bright in the heavens. Spica is associated with wealth, success, artistic endeavors, and architects. This star is Vishwakarma (Chitra deity) who is the creator/architect of Maya (physical world).

Chitra Symbol: Beautiful Jewel

A Beautiful Jewel is Chitra’s main symbol. This is the type of Jewel that has been cut and polished to perfection. Because it has been polished and shaped with care and attention to detail the jewel is ‘Beautiful’. This symbolism is the reason why this nakshatra is associated with appearance. The type of appearance that is so pleasant you cannot take your eyes off it. Chitra is associated with all gemstones that are naturally formed in the earth and not synthetic or artificially made.

Chitra Nakshatra Ruling Planet/Lord Mars

The energy of Chitra is active, energetic, dynamic, and ambitious similar to the ruling planet/lord Mars. Therefore, people with Chitra strong in their chart are unable to sit still for long. Individuals are ambitious and driven. They have to be constantly engaged in some type of activity or pursuing an initiative (dream, goal, objective, desire).

Deity Tvasta/Vishwakarma | Creator of the Universe

Tvastar is the ruling deity of Chitra nakshatra; Tvastar is the deity of creation, architect, design, lokas (tier systems), and offspring. Tvastar is also known as Vishwakarma which are different forms of the same energy. To clarify, Vishwakarma is the invisible energy of creation, while Tvastar is the visible form of manifestation; visible, meaning what you can see, touch, and feel. To prevent confusion, I will use the name Tvastar as the ruling deity. Therefore, Tvastar created the entire universe and is known as the artisan, creative worker, and architect of the Gods.

To create the universe, Tvastar created Maya which is the energy of the illusion that sustains the physical world. The term Maya means a physical manifestation that keeps us bound to performing karmas, creating karmas, and reliving karmas. This is the cycle of reincarnation (birth and rebirth) in which we live a physical life and reduce our karmas. It is important to mention that the name Vishwakarma has the word Karma in it. Nevertheless, Tvastar created lokas (tier systems) or levels of initiation. Tvastar is the father of the three-headed Asura (known as Trishira/Vishvarupa) who was defeated by Indra. In retaliation, Tvastar created a dragon named Vritra, Tvastar is the father of many daughters including Sanjana, who was married to Surya (Sun God).

Behavior and Characteristics of Chitra People

Chitra nakshatra energy is a combination of the ruling planet/lord Mars, the ruling deities Tvastar/ Vishwakarma (the creator), and the main symbol ‘Bright Jewel’. Therefore, people with Chitra nakshatra strong in their chart will express the qualities of this nakshatra powerfully. When Chitra is strong in your chart this means your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Atmakaraka is in Chitra nakshatra. The characteristics below correspond to both male and females.

Keywords: Architect, Designer, Builders, Puzzle Solver, Artistic, Creative, Visual, Vision, Photographic Memory, Active

Chitra Nakshatra people are natural architects: They are naturally talented when it comes to building, designing, and understanding the architecture of something. They may have built their own computer, home, or handcrafted items. They are the type of people who like to put things together themselves. Individuals love knowing how something works this is why ‘building projects’ intrigue their minds. Chitra Nakshatra people are fascinated with understanding how separate parts work together as a whole. This is especially true in the Virgo range. They enjoy investigation and taking things apart to see how the individual pieces work together. Because they enjoy understanding how separate parts work together as a whole, they enjoy solving puzzles. They have architectural and analytical minds. As a result, they enjoy logic and strategic games. For instance, city-building games like Civilization put to use their natural architectural talents and analytical minds.

Chitra people have creative intelligence, especially in the Libra range. The energy of Chitra inspires artistic abilities; this is because Tvastar (Chitra’s ruling deity) is the creator or celestial architect of the Gods. Nevertheless, an architect designs with his or her creativity; the manifestation of an architect’s creativity is manifested in solid forms (any object you can see or touch). Being an architect is incredibly detailed work and required attention to detail and creativity. The Virgo range of Chitra gives individuals the attention to detail it needs to produce creative masterpieces.

Chitra people are astonishingly beautiful and have a glamorous appearance. Therefore, focusing on their appearance is top priority. They choose clothing and accessories that are either colorful or have some type of bling to them. Chitra people love custom-made jewelry and may wear or be attracted to all types of jewelry that either glitter, shine, bling, or sparkle. They are extremely attractive, so attractive that both men and women complement their appearance. Celebrity Beyoncé has the planet Venus in Chitra nakshatra and she is well known as one of the most beautiful women in the music industry.

Chitra natives are very active and unable to sit still for long. This is because Mars is the ruling planet/lord of Chitra Nakshatra. The energy of Mars is active and dynamic and so too are Chitra people. Individuals have to always be engaged in some type of activity. If they are not moving physically their minds are active. For instance, their minds could be thinking, solving some type of puzzle, or engaged in their imagination.

Chitra people are Visual and can manifest with their imagination: That is to say, they can attract what they want by visualizing it. When they use creative visualization techniques and visions boards it helps them manifest their dreams and desires. Nevertheless, they learn better when they see a visual demonstration as opposed to reading instructions. For instance, YouTube or any type of video tutorial can speed up their learning curve. Because they are so visual they have a photographic memory. On the other hand, they enjoy taking pictures especially selfies, and are very photogenic.

Chitra people have an accelerated nature. They can be calm one minute then accelerate with energy the next. This trait is similar to a Tiger (the ruling animal of Chitra). When a tiger hunts, they are calm one moment then become charged with energy, running after their prey. Many athletes have a planet in Chitra nakshatra. When a Chitra athlete is playing sports he or she can accelerate with a boost of energy, and win a competition, taking home the trophy.

Sun in Chitra Nakshatra

Sun in Chitra influences the meaning of Sun (career, soul, ego, identity, characteristic, creativity, authority figures, bosses, father, etc.) with the energy of Chitra.

People with Sun in Chitra Nakshatra will pursue a career in architect, design, engineering, technology, computer programing, artistic pursuits, or any type of analytical and detailed work. Individuals are good at any career that requires them to polish an idea to perfection until it shines like a jewel. In the Virgo range, an individual can pursue a career in which they are critiquing, eliminating errors, or attention to detail is required such as proofreaders, editors, database analysis, accountants, programmers, and auditors. They have the gift to polish a document, data, and information so it is perfect. however, in the Libra Range, they can pursue careers in artistic, creative, and beauty endeavors such as painters, designers, creative writers, artists, models, bodybuilders, etc. On the other hand, when working on the Job they have trouble getting along with bosses or any authority figure. This is because, in ancient mythology, Tvasta (Chitra’s ruling deity) had trouble getting along with his superior Indra. On the other hand, Tvastar/Vishwakarma developed a tool of protection for the Gods. For instance, Tvastar created the Vajra for Indra. Therefore, a Sun in Chitra person will develop a reputation, ego, or identity as a tool for protection. That is to say, who they are will protect them from opponents. In addition, they can work for a company in which security is very important.

Sun is the karaka of career in Vedic Astrology. Chitra zodiac range is in the detail-oriented and perfectionist sign of Virgo and the creative sign of Libra: Therefore, people with Sun in Chitra Nakshatra can have a career in al Architect And Design Professions, Artisans, Craftsmen Architects, All Designers, Jewelry Designers, Interior Designers; Fashion Designers. Beauty And Image Careers: Photographers, Models, Makeup Artist, Cosmetic Manufacturers. Artificial Intelligence: Computer Programmers, All Computer Languages, Software Engineer, Database Architect, Computer Engineer, Computer Hardware Specialist, Robots (Computer Algorisms), IT Protection System: Building And Creating Structure: Building Architect, Landscapers; Creative And Performing Arts: Creative Writers, Screenplay Writers, Artist, Drawing, Painting, Decorating, Illustrator, Sketching, Graphic Artist, Tattoo Artist, Designer, Makeup Artist, Fashion Designer, Interior Decorator, Sculpting, Pottery, Jewelry Design, Performing Arts: Actor, Singer, Stage Performer, Choreographer, Dancer, Theatre‎, Broadway, Hollywood, Musicians.

Moon in Chitra Nakshatra

Moon in Chitra influences the meanings of Moon (mind, emotions, desire, home, comforts, mother) with the energy of Chitra.

People with Moon in Chitra Nakshatra have active and visual minds. They are constantly thinking or solving some type of puzzle in their head, or they are engaged in their imagination. On the other hand, they are visual and have photographic memories. They can recall and memorize information through visualization. Because they are so visual, they can manifest their desire with their imagination or through pictures. Therefore, vision boards can help them realize their dreams and goal. On the other hand, Moon in Chitra people are astonishingly beautiful, they shine like a diamond which attracts attention. Nevertheless, they enjoy the arts and creative pursuits. Their minds can tune into profound creativity; therefore, through the use of their imagination they come up with the best creative ideas.

Mercury in Chitra Nakshatra

The planet Mercury is exalted in the Virgo range and Mercury is in a friend sign in the Libra range. Because of this Mercury can give good results here. The planet Mercury represents business, communication, humor, logical intelligence, learning capacity, skills, mental curiosity, friends, and younger siblings.

People with Mercury in Chitra Nakshatra are highly intelligent especially in the Virgo range, where Mercury is exalted. They have the logical intelligence to understand hierarchical processes, tier systems, chains of commands, and layers. Because of this, they have the skills to work with an application that has layers like photoshop, illustrator, software architecture, and design. Their minds can segregate ideas into components (layers) then put these ideas together as a whole. Because of this, they are master builders, architects, and software engineers, etc. They make wonderful program administrators who design chain of command systems for business; for instance, tier system processes like employees (subordinates) report to superiors (supervisors). They can create long detailed documents of the functions of a business and organization which include levels of promotions and training tiers. On the other hand, In the Libra range, hobbies, skills, and communication can be pursued as a business. This is because Libra (original 7th house) is related to, contracts and business. On the other hand, they have a natural talent to perform magic tricks and card tricks with their hands. This is because Chitra Nakshatra is related to Maya (illusions) and Mercury is the ruler of the 3rd house with related to hands.

Venus in Chitra Nakshatra

Venus in Chitra influences the meanings of Venus (marriage, long-term relationships, passion, creativity, artistic talents) with the energy of Chitra. In the Libra range, Venus is in its own sign; in addition, Venus is in a friend sign in the Virgo range.

Venus in Chitra Nakshatra mean individuals have extraordinary creative gifts. They have a passion for design and building creative projects, especially in the Libra range. They are fascinated with the technicality and processes when it comes to creative projects. For instance, if they are making candles, scented oils, or aromatherapy, they will study the process of how to create their products and invest in the right tools to get the job done right. On the other hand, both Chitra and Venus indicate beauty; therefore, individuals are remarkably beautiful, especially if Venus is in your 1st house (Ascendant) or is your Ascendant Lord. Nevertheless, because Venus in Chitra people are so beautiful, they can be print models or social media models. Individuals enjoy wearing colorful clothing, jewelry, rhinestones, sparkles, or any type of bling that embellishes their beauty.

A Venus in Chitra Nakshatra person husband or wife will have the qualities of Chitra. Venus is the karaka marriage and long-term relationships for both men and women; Consequently, the spouse is attractive and turns many heads. The marriage partner is visual and enjoys taking photos especially selfies. The spouse learns best through video demonstrations. The spouse (husband or wife) enjoys wearing colorful and sparkling clothing and jewelry. Nevertheless, when the partner gives a Chitra native a gemstone, jewelry, or anything that sparks the object brings luck and fortune into a Chitra person’s life. If Venus is in the Libra range romantic relationships are passionate; however since Mars is the ruling deity of Chitra; natives can get into disagreements now and then with their companions.

Mars in Chitra Nakshatra

Mars in Chitra influences the meanings of Mars (analysis, engineering, passion, drive, exertion of energy, etc.) with the energy of Chitra The planet Mars is the ruling planet/lord of Chitra nakshatra; therefore, Mars can do well here.

People with Mars in Chitra Nakshatra have exceptional analysis abilities when it comes to design, building, and creating something. They have extraordinary abilities to synthesize (combine) data and information to create a manifestation of their conceptual ideas: That is to say, they know how to combine distinct parts and have them work together as a whole. This is the type of thinking (analysis) that is required for Architects, Designers, Builders, Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Construction. They can easily go into property investments and build their own home. This is because they are investors like the caste of Chitra which is a farmer. A farmer invests time, energy, and hard work into sowing (planting) crops and waits to reap (harvest) the benefits.

However, in the Virgo Range, which is ruled by Mercury, individuals have the habit of putting something together than taking it apart. For instance, if they are building their own computer, they may take the computer apart several times inspecting the components then put it back together again. This is because Mars is related to synthesis (combine parts), however, Mercury represents critiquing (separating parts). On the other hand, since Mars is the ruler of Aries (natural 1st house) which is related to the body and appearance and Chitra signifies beauty; Mars in Chitra Nakshatra people are very beautiful, they shine like a rare gem and turn many heads.

Jupiter in Chitra Nakshatra

.Jupiter in Chitra influences the meaning of Jupiter (money, wealth, children, higher education, advisors, expansion, husband for females) with the energy of Chitra. Jupiter is in an enemy sign in the Virgo range. However, Jupiter is in a neutral sign in the Libra range.

People with Jupiter in Chitra Nakshatra creative powers are expanded. Chitra is all about creativity, visualization, and images: Therefore, individuals can use their creative powers to attract abundance in their lives through visualization. Since Jupiter expands the qualities of Chitra, individuals can have visions and dreams of spiritual masters, Gurus, and divine beings. They often have pictures in their homes of Gurus and spiritual masters which help them connect to divinity. On the other hand, both Jupiter and Chitra are related to protection. The ruling deity of Tvastar is known to create tools for protection and Jupiter is Wisdom; therefore, natives use their wisdom, knowledge, spiritual practices as a tool for protecting When faced with an opponent they can use wise words, meditation, chants, prayers as means of protection.

Jupiter is the karaka of children, therefore a Jupiter in Chitra Nakshatra person will have children who are visual, creative, and analytical (love knowing how things work). Children are natural architects and like to build things. They like to play with building blocks, build sandcastles, and take their toys apart inspecting how the combined parts work. On the other hand, Jupiter in Chitra people are very protective about their children, similar to the Female Tiger (Chitra ruling animal). Individuals become ferocious like wild animals if someone is unkind to their children.

Saturn in Chitra Nakshatra

Saturn in Chitra influences the meaning of the planet Saturn (karma, working hard, service, antiques, responsibilities, discipline, servants, employees, delay, discipline, patients) with the energy of Chitra (photographic memory, visuals, vision, beauty, etc.)

Saturn in Chitra Nakshatra mean individuals’ visual and creative abilities can develop later in life. Because of this, there is a limit to their photographic memory abilities. They may have to write things down, as opposed to memorizing them visually. Nevertheless, Chitra blesses natives to attract what they want in their lives through creative visualization; however, Saturn suppresses this ability, so individuals have to work harder than other Chitra natives to obtain their goals and objective. On the other hand, when the natives wear gemstones; they prefer antiques. Nevertheless, Chitra’s secondary caste is a Servant. therefore, both Saturn and Chitra represent servants. Consequently, a Chitra native can have servants, employees, and subordinates who are architects, designers, creators, and have engineering abilities. Also, servants and employees are very beautiful; however, servants and employees have trouble getting along and taking orders from a Saturn in Chitra person.

Rahu in Chitra Nakshatra

Rahu in Chitra influences the meaning of Rahu (shortcuts, magic, illusions, extraterrestrials, foreign, etc.) with the energy of Chitra. The graha Rahu owns the sign of Virgo and is in a friend sign in Libra. therefore, Rahu can give good results here

Rahu in Chitra Nakshatra people are masters of Illusions, like shortcuts, and are fascinated with foreign architects. Individuals are the master of illusions. That is to say, things seem to appear out of thin air. For instance, if someone is looking for something, a Rahu in Chitra person can find it as if it magically came out of thin air. Because of this natives can be magicians, conjurers, and practice ritual ceremonies with this placement. On the other hand, Rahu in Chitra Nakshatra people want to take shortcuts when it comes to manifesting their dreams and desires. They want to save time and take alternative routes to get what they want in life. Nevertheless, individuals are fascinated with extraterrestrials and foreign architecture. They fascinate with out-of-the-ordinary structures and designs like Stonehenge, crop circles, pyramids, and alien technology. In addition, they are interested in architecture from foreign countries. On the other hand, their creative talents are unique and rare. They can create things that are out of this world. Because their creativity is so rare and distinct, it can amaze people and others can admire their abilities. On the other hand, they can have gemstones and jewelry of a foreign origin. For instance, if they are American, they can wear Indian Jewelry. Any foreign gift that sparkles and shines can bring luck in their lives. However, in the Libra range, the individual can marry someone from a foreign country or of foreign birth.

Ketu in Chitra Nakshatra

Ketu in Chitra influences the meaning of Ketu (psychic, electrical, engineering, detached, isolation, mysticism, past lives, etc.) with the energy of Chitra (visions, engineering, architect, etc.)

People with Ketu in Chitra Nakshatra have visions and clairvoyant dreams in which they developed in a past life. They can tune into their psychic powers through the use of their imagination. The dream world is also a form of imagination. Through dreams and visions, a Ketu in Chitra person has premonitions of the future; however, they often have to go in isolation to properly use their gifts. Nevertheless, individuals can use psychic energy and visions to protect themselves. For instance, when they are feeling uneasy, they can visualize white light around their body for protection. On the other hand, Chitra relates to engineering and Ketu is electricity; therefore, natives can have electrical engineering abilities.

Chitra Nakshatra Remedy

Luck: when individuals wear anything that sparkles, glitter, shines, it brings luck in a Chitra person’s life.

Chitra Nakshatra Summary

Ruling Planet: Mars

Zodiac Range: 23o 20’ Virgo- 6o 40’ Libra

Symbol Bright Beautiful Jewel

Deity: Vishwakarma (Tvastar)

Animal: Female Tiger

Bird: Heron

Sounds: Ra, Rae, Pay, Poe

Padas Pada: 1st Pada Leo, 2nd Pada Virgo, 3rd Pada Libra, 4th Pada Scorpio

Energy: Active

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