Bharani nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra is the second nakshatra and comes after Ashwini. Bharani zodiac range is from 00o 00’ Aries to 13o 20’ Aries. Therefore, the fiery Aries energy dominates this nakshatra. The ruling deity of Bharani Nakshatra is Yama (God of Death) and the ruling planet is Venus. Both Yama and Venus are related to transformation. Therefore, this is the nakshatra of transformation that usually comes after an ending (death) which brings a new perspective on life.

The ruling animal of Bharani Nakshatra is a Male Elephant. A male Elephant is powerful, large, and protective. These qualities of a male elephant are embodied in Bharani natives. Male Elephants are also known to go into musth in which their testosterone increase and they become dangerously aggressive. When a Bharani native is protecting someone especially their young, they can be overly aggressive and will fight or kill for their children.

Bharani Nakshatra Name

Bharani Nakshatra name means ‘Bearing’. The term Bearing is related to the obvious, a woman bearing a child. A child is a product of creation (male and female). Therefore, this term ‘Bearing’ shows the creative aspects of Bharani in the ability to produce or reproduce ideas, concepts, and projects.

Bharani Nakshatra Constellation

Bharani Nakshatra is ruled by three stars in the northern region of Aire’s constellation. These three stars are called 35 Arietis, 39 Arietis, and 41 Arietis which is the brightest one. These stars create a triangle shape; however, the ancients viewed the shape as a female reproductive organ which is this nakshatra main symbol.

Bharani Nakshatra Symbol

Bharani Nakshatra’s main symbol is a Womb, which is a Female Reproductive Organ. The womb relates to creativity, bearing, producing, impregnation, pain (pain of childbirth). Therefore, these meaning embodies the characteristics of Bharani Nakshatra

Deity Yama: Ruling Planet Venus

Bharani Nakshatra ruling deity is Yama, God of Death. Yama is the deity of birth, life, death, and helping souls cross over. In ancient mythology Yama was the first human to die; therefore, Yama is responsible for helping the soul cross over to the spirit world. Yama is known as the gatekeeper who is in charge of guarding eight doorways that lead to the spiritual world. The doorway the soul enters after death is a result of their karma that Yama knows very well. This is why Yama is also known as the deity of Dharma and righteousness and justice.

Bharani Nakshatra’s ruling planet is Venus (Shukra). The planet Venus is about love, beauty, creativity, passion, pleasure. However, most important Venus is related to transformation. Death is a transformation because the soul never dies it just transforms from the physical body into the spirit world.

Nature and Behavior of Bharani Nakshatra People

Bharani nakshatra energy is a combination of the ruling planet, Venus, the ruling deity Yama (God of Death), and the main symbol a ‘Womb (a female reproductive organ).’. Therefore, people with Bharani nakshatra strong in their chart will express the qualities of this nakshatra powerfully. When Bharani is strong in your chart this means your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Atmakaraka is in this nakshatra.

Bharani people are very creative and have artistic abilities. They can be sketch artists, painters, interior decorators, performers, actors, visual writers, fashion designers, or any profession or hobby that requires creative talent. Their natural creative is because the main symbol is a womb (creativity) and the ruling planet is Venus (creativity).

Bharani individuals have the power to impregnate their subconscious minds. That is to say, anything impressed on the subconscious mind can manifest. Their ideas grow and develop into something concrete and sustainable. However, their ideas take time to grow, similar to a baby growing in the womb. They have the creative and manifestation power to create innovative things that the world has never seen.

Bharani natives have a profound fascination with life after death. This is because Yama (God of Death) rules this nakshatra which inspires them to have an interest in life after death. Bharani people want to understand the process of life, birth, death, and reincarnation. They will read books and watch television shows on reincarnation, the afterlife, mysticism, near-death experiences, and astral travel. They want to understand and access the other side (spiritual world). This fascination with the underworld (netherworld) gives Bharani natives the courage to explore death-looking or dark places. They can walk in cemeteries, graveyards, haunted houses, or morgues, or dark basements and not be afraid.

Bharani people experience lots of pain and turmoil in their lives. Because they go through so much pain they are very strong people who can withstand storms. After going through a hardship, they often have a new perspective in life which opens up a new beginning. They experience so much pain because the womb is the main symbol of this nakshatra. The womb is where babies grow and develop however, once a baby outgrows the womb the baby must be born. Childbirth is a painful process. However, once the child is born there is joy after pain. After a storm, they go through a major transformation that opens new doors or a new perspective in life. This is the cycle of Bharani natives, a painful period followed by the joy of a new beginning (birth)

They are very sexual and enjoy exploring their sexuality. However, early in life, they are reserved and private about their sexuality; however, when they reach maturity (young adults) they become sexually explorative. A Bharani native must learn to keep their sex drive under control, or they can be promiscuous.

Sun in Bharani Nakshatra

Sun in Bharani influences personality, career, authority figures, and father with the energy of Bharani.

Sun in Bharani Nakshatra people careers can end suddenly, and they can experience turmoil and upheavals in their profession. They often have major transformations in their life and their careers. However, once they go through a storm in their career things magically brighten up for them. At some point in their career, they will feel like an outcast. For instance, they may work for a company and feel like they are not part of the organization (outcast). When working on a project on the job they can often run away from the task or problem. For instance, they can start a project then put someone else in charge to complete it. This is the same as abandoning the project. When they complete a task on the job, they often used the phrase “All Done”, “I’m Finished” “I’m Done with You”. or they can use these statements in everyday life. On the other hand, relationships with fathers and authority figures can go through major transformations.

Sun in Bharani people are highly creative and sexual. They love expressing their sexuality and may need to avoid being promiscuous. These natives are very creative and have extraordinary creative intelligence. They often work in a career where they use their creativity.

Sun in Bharani careers include Childbirth, Obstetrician, OBGYN, Gynecologist, Midwives, Children School Teacher, Babysitters Nursery, Nannies), Fertility Specialist). Life, Death Careers, Morticians, Funerals, Morgues, Coffin Manufacturers, Career-related to sex, Sex specialist, Occultist using sexual energy (Tantra). Mystical Careers: Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot Cards, Spiritual Advisors, Divination, etc.

Moon in Bharani Nakshatra

Moon in Bharani influences mind, emotions, desire, home, mother with the energy of Bharani.

A Moon in Bharani person’s mind is focused on the pain and traumatic life events. Because of this, these individuals go through emotional fluctuations due to the drama in their lives. However, their emotional disposition improves with time, and they become less susceptible to mood swings. On the other hand, when a Bharani individual is consciously aware of a toxic in their lives and ends it, new opportunities come to them. Natives have very creative minds and can manifest this in creative projects.

Mother dealt with a lot of sadness, upheaval, and traumatic life experiences. Because of this, the mother is a very strong woman. The mother may have problems with her womb or fertility issues. On the other hand, because of the mythology of Surya (Sun God) and Sanjana (Wife of Sun God), a Bhanu person’s mother will try to run away from the father at some point. The father will have lots of passion (fire) for the mother and will always go after her. Finally, a Bharani person will feel like there were adopted or they may have a stepmother in their lives. However, at some point in life, a Bharani person will feel outcasted by society. However, this may be all in the native mind (Moon).

Mercury in Bharani Nakshatra

Mercury in Bharani relates to communication, logical intelligence, learning capacity, mental curiosity, friends, and younger siblings. Therefore, these significations of Mercury go through transformation and pain (Bharani)

Mercury in Bharani Nakshatra people communicates the pain and trauma they have experienced in life. They are the ones who write social media posts on the suffering of the world and in their personal life. They are mentally curious about life-after-death and the occult world. They research and have books on the afterlife, death, rebirth reincarnation, occult, mysticism. Metaphysics, new age, astrology, and magic. A Bharani person can have an unexpected and sudden ending with friends, family members, and younger siblings which can scar the heart. They may have a tattoo or scar on their hand, shoulders, or neck that expresses their pain. They are very verbally expressive about sex. They do very well in professionals as a sex therapist or Tantra (sexual energy) expert. On the other hand, Mercury energy is fun and playful, so these people can be playful when they communicate about sex. They can make good comedians whose jokes are based on sexual humor. Younger siblings experience a lot of pain and upheaval in life.

Venus in Bharani Nakshatra

Venus in Bharani influences marriage, relationships, passion, creativity, artistic talents with the energy of Bharani.

Venus in Bharani Nakshatra people marriage and relationships can go through transformations. These individuals experience sudden endings in their marriage and personal relationships. This is especially true if they are running the Dasha of Venus. Transformation and changes are further intensified if Venus is your Darakaraka, 7H House Lord, or placed in the 7th house of Marriage. When a Bharani person comes to an end in a relationship this activates their Venus (money and resources) and finances seem to magically improve. Also, after a Bharani person is married wealth comes into their life.

Venus is the karaka for wife in a male’s chart: The Wife is sexual, and she enjoys expressing her sexuality especially later in life. The wife experiences many sudden changes and difficulties in life. Therefore, the wife can often feel heartbroken because of life traumas. Please also read Darakaraka Bharani in this article.

Venus also rules money and finances. These individuals can be financially unstable at some point in their life. On the other hand. They can often overindulge in sexual exploration. They must learn to control their sexual desires and channel all sexual energy into a creative project. Also, they can channel this sexual passionate into the occult and mysticism. On the other hand, Since Venus is also the ruling planet of Bharani this intensifies the native’s creative ability. As a result, these individuals are extraordinarily creative and often express their pain through creative pursuits. Whatever a Bharani person creates it becomes a masterpiece.

Mars in Bharani Nakshatra

Mars in Bharani influences passions, drive, exertion of energy, siblings, and property investment with the theme of Bharani.

Mars in Bharani Nakshatra people have the strength to fight life’s battles. Mars is in its own sign in Bharani; therefore, this gives individuals the power to fight battles. However, when they go through an obstacle in life it can be like a violent (Mars) storm. As a result, they can often become physically hurt when dealing with challenges. However, when confronted with obstacles, they exert their energy like a soldier at war and fight to defeat all obstacles in their life. They have the courage and strength to endure the hardest obstacles in life. When dealing with challenges it can lead to fights and arguments with other people. For instance, if you have Mars in your 3rd house in Bharani, an upheaval can cause a fight with younger siblings. Nevertheless, Bharani individuals exert energy in sexual pleasures and the esoteric. On another note, depending on what house Mars is placed in, A Bharani person can experience a painful cut to that area. For instance, if Mars is in the 2nd House the person can experience a cut on their face. Mars in the 10th house causes cuts to the knee area and the 12th house cuts to the feet especially in the Dasha of Mars. Cuts can also happen when Mars transit over your natal Mars in your birth chart. On the other hand, Mars signifies male friends and younger brothers. As a result, endings can happen suddenly with these relationships that leave pain in one’s heart.

Jupiter in Bharani Nakshatra

Jupiter in Bharani Nakshatra influences the signification of Jupiter with the energy of Bharani. The planet Jupiter is in a friend sign (Aries); however, it is enemies with the ruling planet Venus; therefore, it will give both auspicious and inauspicious results.

Jupiter in Bharani Nakshatra people are optimistic (Jupiter) after a disastrous ending in life. They have strong beliefs that things will get better. Also, faith becomes stronger after upheavals and transformations. Jupiter protects the natives when they go through turmoil in life. On the other hand, these people go through unexpected endings and transformations with Guru, Advisors, Mentor, Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Ministers, Priest, Priestess. Bharani individuals can have sexual relations or affairs with their mentors, advisors or teaches. This also indicates advisors are sexually explorative and have strong sexual urges. On the other hand, these people get their spiritual education in the mystic sciences.

Jupiter is the karaka for Husband in a women’s chart: A woman husband is sexually explorative especially when he matures. The husband also experiences obstacles in life and holds pain in his heart. Therefore, a woman’s husband can often feel heartbroken because of life traumas. There can be sudden endings and transformations with the husband. Please also read Darakaraka Bharani in this article.

Jupiter is the karaka of children in both men and women charts. With the birth of children comes blessings and positive changes. Children can go through transformation growing up. This is intensified if Jupiter is in the 5th house or is your Putrakaraka (PK). Children will develop their strength early in life.

Saturn in Bharani Nakshatra

Saturn is debilitated in Bharani Nakshatra. This is because Saturn is about service (following) and Aries (Bharani zodiac range) is about Leadership. Therefore, Saturn feels uncomfortable in this nakshatra.

Saturn in Bharani Nakshatra people are impatient when faced with transformation and upheavals. They want difficulties to be over quickly without learning from the process. This is because Saturn delays the transformation process. Because of this, these individuals become very impatient because obstacles seem to be never-ending. If they try to push results, it will be like an uphill battle. However, successful transformation comes through persistence, hard work, time, and patients. If they are persistent and put the work into their problems, they will eventually see results with time. Nevertheless, Saturn wants to put everyone first, so these people tend to put other people ahead of them instead of taking care of their own needs. These natives give their services as a counselor. On the other hand, a Bharani person can have difficult relationships with a stepbrother (if they have one). This is because in the mythology Saturn (Shani) is the stepbrother of Yama (ruling deity) and he (Saturn) had a difficult relationship with Yama. Lastly, Servant (employee) and the elderly in their lives have mystical healing powers and have natural healing abilities. They can heal the natives from health alignments. When a Bharani person is fair and treats their servant and the elderly well, the energy of Saturn is uplifted and gives positive results?

Rahu in Bharani Nakshatra

Rahu in Bharani relates to outcasts, the unexpected, explosion, and illusions with the energy of Bharani.

Rahu in Bharani people naturally feel like an outcast. They have the feeling as if they do not belong. The house the Rahu is positioned in is where they feel out of place. If Rahu is in the 10th house of career, they can feel like an outcast on the job. If in the 2nd house they feel like an outcast in their own family. On the other hand, changes in their lives come suddenly and, in an explosive (Rahu) way. Changes can come like a tornado often uprooting their lives. For instance, they can be settled in a career then out of nowhere their career can be uprooted from under their feet. The good news is that change comes the cleanse the way for a new beginning. If uprooted from a job, this opens the door for a new opportunity and an even better job.

Ketu In Bharani Nakshatra

Ketu in Bharani relates to the occult, moksha, seclusion, introverts, past lives, investigation, research, nonattachment to worldly desires with the energy of Bharani.

Ketu in Bharani Nakshatra people are unable to think their way out of upheaval and the chaos of life. When things go wrong, they run around like a headless chicken. That is to say, they can act without thinking. This is because Ketu is the head without the body. They have to put their thinking caps on to figure out how to overcome the struggles, which can be difficult for them. On the other hand, they experience separation (Ketu) in marriage and with family. This is because Ketu causes divisions, and the ruling planet of Bharani Venus is related to family (natural 2nd House) and the 7th house of one’s marriage partner.


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