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7 Jaimini Chara Karakas

The chara karakas are part of the Jaimini system. The Jaimini system Is signed based which differs from the Parashara System, which is planetary. The 7 Karakas are formed based on planetary degrees. The planet with the highest degree is your Atmakaraka (Self) and the planet with the lowest degree is your Darakaraka (Spouse). All the other Karakas fall in between. The north and south nodes of the moon (Rahu & Ketu) are excluded from the 7 Karakas. The 7 chara karakas are used to make predictions relating to their signification (meaning) and their positioned in your birth chart. Here is a chart that show each karaka and their signification and the house they are related to.

7 Chara Karakas Degree Significator House
Atma-karaka (Ak) 1st highest degree Self (Soul) 1st house
Amatya-karaka (AmK) 2nd highest degree Career 2nd House
Bhratri-karaka (BK) 3rd highest degree Sibling 3rd house
Matri-karaka (MK) 4th highest degree Mother 4th house
Putra-karaka (PK) 5th highest degree Children 5th House
Gnati-karaka (GK) 6th highest degree Obstacle 6th house
Darakaraka (DK) 7th highest degree Spouse 7th House.

7 Karakas Degrees

Here is an example of each of the 7 Karakas and their degrees.


Sun is the Atmakaraka (AK) at degree at 16:20
Jupiter is the Amatyakaraka (AmK) 11:46 degrees
Mercury is the Bhratrikaraka (BK) 09:53 degrees
Mars is the Matrikaraka (MK) at 08:19
Saturn is the Putrakaraka (PK) at 04:29 degrees
Moon is the Gnati-karaka (GK) at 01:43 degrees
Venus is the Darakaraka (DK) at 01:04 degrees


Making Predictions

There are various ways to make prediction using the 7 Karakas. In order for the 7 karaka to give the results of their significations, the karaka has to be activated. however, the easiest way to make a prediction and to know if a karaka is activated you need to know what chara dasha you are running? what house it the chara dasha is positioned? and if there are any of the 7 karakas in that chara dasha? For instance, if you are running the zodiac sign Libra position in the 2nd house and the Darakarak is position in the 2nd house, you could marry at this time since the Darakaraka is a significator of spouse. Since the chara dasha is in the 2nd house you could also acquire money and deal with family (since family and money are related to the 2nd house).

Meaning of the Seven Karakas

Here are all the 7 karaka and their signification.

Atmakaraka (Ak)

Your Atmakaraka is the planet with the highest degree. The Atmakaraka relates to ‘You’ and is a significator of your Soul. The Atmakaraka relates your ascendant (1st house) and the lord of your ascendant. The Atmakaraka is the most important out of all the 7 karakas. When you are running a zodiac sign that has the Atmakaraka placed in you will experience circumstance related to the 1st house. You may rise in status, manifest your soul purpose,  or be more focused on your physical body. You may experience health issues or be more health conscious (exercising, eating healthy)

Amatyakaraka (AmK)

Your Amatyakaraka is the planet with the 2nd highest degree. The Amatyakaraka is significator of the 10th house. All the signification of the 10th house is embodied in Amatyakaraka. The Amatyakaraka It is used to predict your career. When the Amatyakaraka is activated you can have career rise, recognition, and elevation in status especially if the Amatyakaraka is part of a powerful raj yoga.

Bhratri-karaka (BK)

Your Bhratrikaraka is the planet with the 3rd highest degree. The Bhratrikaraka is significator of the 3rd house. Bhratrikaraka is also an indicator of Father and Guru (Mentor, Advisors, Counselors, Life Coach). In the western society a Guru would be anyone who give you wise counsel or life guidance. The Bhratrikaraka is used to predict matters related to the 3rd house. It can be used to time events relates to Sibling, Short Distance Travel, Movement (relocation, or being active) Communication (letters, writing, journals, social media). When you are running a chara dasha that has the Bhratrikaraka you can be more involved with siblings, more active on social media or you may even relocate to another home.

Matrikaraka (MK)

Your Matrikaraka is the planet with the 4th highest degree. The Matrikaraka is the signification of the 4th house. All the signification of the 4th house is embodied in Amatyakaraka. The Amatyakaraka relates to Mother, Home, Vehicles, Property which all signification of the 4th house. When you are running a chara dasha with the Amatyakaraka you may be more involved with your mother, remodel your home, or even purchase a new home.

Putrakaraka (PK)

Your Putrakaraka is the planet with the 5th highest degree. The Putrakaraka is the signification of the 5th house. All the signification of the 5th house is embodied in Putrakaraka. The 5th house relates to Children, Education, Fun (Entertain) Romance, speculations. The Putrakaraka can be used to predict the timing of children. Especially, when you are running a chara dasha that contain the Putrakaraka.

Gnatikaraka (GK)

Your Gnatikaraka is the planet with the 6th highest degree. The Gnatikaraka is the signification of the 6th house. All the signification of the 6th house is embodied in Gnatikaraka. The 6th house related to Service (Work), Daily Jobs, Obstacle, Illnesses (Short Term), Health. The 6th house deal with harshness of mundane life, it is not a fun house. On a positive note, when you are running a chara dasha that has the Gnatikaraka you may be more health conscious, find a new job, or work more house on your current job.

Darakaraka (DK)

Your Darakaraka is the planet with the lowest degree out all the 7 karakas. The Darakaraka is the signification of the 7th house and an indicator of ‘Your Spouse’. The darakaraka is used to predict the timing of marriage and all matter related to the 7th house. I have seen marriage take place when the Mahadasha Lord (MDL) is conjunct the Darakarak or when the Darakaraka is in the 7th house from the MDL. There is dozens of way to predict marriage even when the Darakaraka is not involved. I have written an article on this blog ‘The Timing of Marriage the Master Key to Unlocking Your Marriage Age’ illustrating the various way to predict your marriage age.


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