11th Lord In 1st House

Meaning of the 11th Lord in 1st House for All Ascendants

In general, the 11th lord in 1st house for all ascendants means you will experience major achievements in the social and financial aspects of your life. This is because it is the house of advancement. Therefore, you see the fruit of all your labor; where your risks and hard work pay off.

The 11th house is also the house of your elder siblings as well as the house of contentment. Simply put, it is where your dreams come true. Further, your social network is significant in helping you fulfill your dreams. Therefore, your friends and family will be important in opening doors for you to make money and be successful in life. For example, you may decide to open a bar or restaurant together with a friend and from there it grows to be popular and becomes a big asset for you.

In addition, the 1st house represents you as a person. This means that every aspect of your being, your psyche, is touched by your friends and your elder brothers and sisters. So, you will find your personality is highly influenced by the social group you hang out with. Or you may find your perspective on life has been shaped by your older sibling. Further, your brother or sister may have helped you find the confidence to create your social circle. So, they likely guided you from an early age on how to manage relationships and maintain loyal connections. Therefore, your self-esteem has been shaped by your elder sibling or siblings.

Also, you will find that your ability to make a profit or gain riches in life will depend on how well you work with your circle of friends. So, you will be the center of your success but surrounded by friends and family that help you. Therefore, you are the catalyst of your achievements.

11th Lord In 1st House Sun for Libra Ascendant

The 11th lord Sun in 1st house for Libra Ascendant means you are drawn to creative people. This is because you are highly influenced by others. Therefore, you take a passive role sometimes in relationships. So, you may be involved in groups where your creativity is encouraged. Further, those creative pursuits will help you build wealth. This could mean that you will find success in a business partnership in an artistic field or you could play a primary role in the entertainment industry.

However, Sun embodies debilitation in this house. So, the influence of your elder brother or sister may be somewhat negative. Therefore, they may have hurt your self-esteem as you were growing up. Perhaps they teased you or treated you harder than other siblings and this shaped your personality. Further, this treatment may have led you to worry and doubt yourself. Thus, you may have looked outside of your family for support, but found it with the wrong crowd. This is because you are drawn to people who do not have your best interests at heart.

Consequently, you may be someone who has trouble in your job or you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

In addition, a debilitated Sun reflects the actions of your father. This could mean that he affected your growth and created discontent. Perhaps he made you feel you could not fulfill your dreams and therefore, dampened your spirits.

However, without your father’s hand in your affairs, you can see brighter days. This could mean that you will have to maintain a distance from your father to realize your full potential and contentment.

11th Lord In 1st House Moon for Virgo Ascendant

The 11th lord Moon in 1st house for Virgo Ascendant means your mother plays a significant role in your social success. This is because your mother is a major element of Moon. And so, she is heavily involved in who you bring into your social networks and your dynamic within the group. Perhaps she is the one who pushed you to make certain friends. Or she demonstrated how to be social and form close bonds.

But your elder sibling may have taken on that motherly role for you. It may be that your elder brother or sister was the one to raise you and taught you how to be more social. With their influence, you learned confidence and how to believe in yourself. So, this carried into how you made friends and allowed you to achieve your pursuits.

Moon allows you to emotionally connect with people, so you are someone who has developed empathy and healing. Therefore, you reach out to others with a caring attitude and have a desire to help them. This could mean that you are a nurse or doctor. Or you may work in some other healthcare position, but you gain through healing people. In addition, you often offer your advice and emotional support to others. So you may choose to invest your time and money in a large community of people such as a medical clinic, nursing home, or charitable organization.

11th Lord In 1st House Mercury for Leo and Scorpio Ascendant

The 11th lord Mercury in 1st house for Leo and Scorpio Ascendant means you have a knack for creating relationships that work in business. This is because you find happiness and have a unique talent to communicate with large groups of people.

In addition, your elder brother or sister likely helped create a fondness for speaking or writing. Consequently, you tend to make friends easily. Thus, you use your skill of communicating to gain benefits in business. You may be someone who makes investments in the stock market, such as a stockbroker because it allows you to use your skills of speaking, analytical thinking, and ability to form lucrative friendships. Thus, you will be able to achieve success in your occupation. You may be an award-winning actor, director, or public speaker because you will reap the recognition from those roles. You may also do well as a salesman or a manager of a large department. This is because when you speak, you triumph.

11th Lord In 1st House Venus for Cancer and Sagittarius Ascendant

The 11th lord Venus in 1st house for Cancer and Sagittarius Ascendant means your accomplishments will be realized through the guidance of women. This means you will have many women in your social network who will help influence your career and personal growth. In addition, they may be drawn to you and you will achieve wealth from them. Perhaps, they will help you invest in the stock market. Or, maybe this circle of women will be the foundation for your business, like on the board of a cosmetics company or a clothing line. Maybe you have a lot of female clients in your business and they buy clothes or cosmetics from you. You might even run a hair salon with a lot of female customers.

Further, you are likely to be in a creative field like entertainment. This is because you will achieve your aspirations by fulfilling your artistic pursuits. So, you enjoy expressing yourself through art or entertainment. Thus, the music industry may appeal to you. But you are still achieving your dreams through your connections with women. Therefore, you may be someone who helps a lot of women in the legal or medical field such as a lawyer or therapist. You may be someone who is a doctor with a lot of female patients. Or perhaps, you are a psychiatrist helping women ease their fears and concerns.

However, if you are a man, this may mean that you gain benefits through your wife. Thus, marriage for you is a means to success. You may be someone who wins the lottery right after your wedding because money comes to you through your association with your spouse.

11th Lord In 1st House Mars for Gemini and Capricorn Ascendant

The 11th lord Mars in 1st house for Gemini and Capricorn Ascendant means you will reach great heights through male influence. This could mean that your success is dependent on your older brother or your male friends or colleagues. Therefore, they will help push you forward, building your willpower and confidence to realize your dreams. Further, your male influences will assist you in business, but likely combine it with physical fitness. This means you will create a network of physically active people. Consequently, you may be in charge or the manager of a sports team. So, you enjoy expressing yourself through sports and physical activity. And you reap benefits from being involved with sports or a sports team. So, you could be an athlete or a coach.

However, you may face power struggles within these masculine circles. This is because Mars represents aggression, so there may be disagreements within the group. Further, displacement in this house could lead to verbal arguments and struggles within your sports team. This is because the dominance in your personality may push you to try to control others.

But if you are in a corporate setting, this can be a good characteristic. In a supervisory role, you may be able to utilize your confidence and dominance, especially in sectors of government or military.

11th Lord In 1st House Jupiter for Taurus and Aquarius Ascendant

The 11th lord Jupiter in 1st house for Taurus and Aquarius Ascendant means you will be highly influenced by your companions or elder siblings. This is because you tend to be attracted to more mature, wise people. Consequently, they boost your intellect and you end up investing more time into those friendships. In addition, you find that your friends or your older brothers and sisters increase your moral value because you are always looking for ways to enhance your knowledge. As a result, you may be someone who opens a temple or you may fund a religious excursion or event.

Further, this is the house of investment and your elder siblings are major inspirations for you. This means that when you need advice, you seek them out. And so, you will find that when you invest your time in these siblings, you profit from it. Thus, you also invest in other people, businesses, and organizations that help you gain moral value.

Jupiter is also about expansion, so by investing, you are growing and reaching new heights. You are someone who likes to gain as much spiritual knowledge as you can and then spread it as far as you can. Therefore, you may find yourself in a guru position, helping guide groups of people. Since you care about social welfare, you will likely play a central role in organizations that matter and make positive moves in the world.

11th Lord In 1st House Saturn for Aries and Pisces Ascendant

The 11th lord Saturn in 1st house for Aries and Pisces Ascendant means you may find peace and comfort in creating distance from personal relationships. This stems from the separation and coldness symbolized in this planet. As a result, you will likely maintain space between yourself and large groups or social networks. So, before you reach your thirties, you may find you don’t have the social confidence to deal with lots of friends or colleagues. Therefore, you may be awkward in social situations.

And, you may be detached from your siblings. That may be the result of you being separated from them at an early age or perhaps you never developed that close bond. Further, you may not have older siblings at all or you yourself might be the older sibling. Because of this, your ego is best without outside influence. You are someone who can do valuable work alone – then you will attain the riches from your own hard work. This means you understand the value of achieving goals as an individual and don’t need others to provide the support or motivation.

However, by your mid-thirties, you are slowly moving into a different space. This means that you are starting to learn the advantages of friendships. Thus, you are gaining maturity and knowledge later in life and your outlook will start to change. As a result, you will likely start creating a circle of friends because it’s something you see as an asset in your life. So, you may be somebody who joins a local charity later in life or assists the underprivileged.

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