7th Lord In 3rd House

What Does It Mean To Have The 7th Lord In 3rd House For Your Ascendants?

In general, for all ascendants, the 7th lord in 3rd house means you are looking for a marriage partner who is business-oriented, your best friend, and someone you can have intellectual conversations with. The 3rd house is 9th places from the 7th house (bhavat bhavam) therefore after marriage your luck and fortune will increase, and you can very well travel long distance. On the other hand, when you’re looking to start a romantic relationship with someone, the first thing that you always look for is the similarity in communication. That is to say, you want someone who communicates very well and is on the same intellectual level as you. That is to say, you look for someone, a romantic partner, that will increase your knowledge and nourish your levels of intelligence. If not, then someone who can withstand highly intelligent conversations with you. Coming to the areas of business, this placement shows that there will be a high amount of verbal exchanges and communication between you and your business partner since, as mentioned before, it is something that you love to do.

7th Lord Venus In 3rd House for Aries Ascendant

The 7th lord Venus in the 3rd house for Aries Ascendant means that your spouse will belong to a local community and is someone who’s worked their way up to success. They’re someone who has an excellent fashion sense and will have business in the fields of marketing, wealth management, or fashion. Your spouse is someone who radiates happiness and has a hobby of making others smile and giving them small bits of happiness. You learn a lot from them, and after marriage, you’ll see that your happiness levels have increased exponentially. Coming towards you, people like you, with this placement, are often quite analytical and calculative when it comes to managing your wealth. You’re quite conscious about money, and that has made you very obsessive with it.

7th Lord Mars In 3rd House for Taurus Ascendant

The 7th lord Mars in the 3rd house for Taurus Ascendant means arguments and fights in your marriage. Things are different in this position as compared to other Mars positions, as the planet is sitting in the Cancer sign. Especially for Taurus Ascendant, this placement shows instinctively, that you always want to fight with the other person, but when it comes to knowing how to fight, you have no idea about that. This will be a source of a lot of frustration between the two of you, especially for your spouse. This also means that between the two of you, your spouse will be the one who will be more assertive, whether it’s your wife or husband. They’ll be the ones taking charge of things, initiating uncomfortable conversations, and doing all the masculine things in the house.

7th Lord Jupiter In 3rd House for Gemini Ascendant

The 7th lord Jupiter in the 3rd house for Gemini Ascendant means that your spouse will be highly good with finance and be a religious person at the same time. They’re someone who will uphold higher values, whether philosophical or religious, in the house. They will also be the ones deciding the budget of the family, how and where to spend the money, and managing the flow of income in the house. For Gemini Ascendant, the kind of people you attract, whether for romantic connections or business, are the ones that have a broad view of life. This is why your spouse is highly knowledgeable, intelligent, and a mentor for you. Leadership roles in spouses are often seen from this placement, so CEO or CFO positioned people to have a high chance of coming into your life.

7th Lord Saturn In 3rd House for Cancer Ascendant

The 7th lord Saturn in the 3rd house for Cancer Ascendant means that your spouse will come from a family that is very stable, yet has lived a hard life. Your spouse has innate values engraved deep inside them, which allows them to push themselves beyond their point. As their significant other, you will learn a lot from your spouse. For Cancer Ascendant, your spouse has a very mature and resilient nature when it comes to dealing with life, and that greatly inspires you to push your best out as well. Though their ideas can be quite unconventional, their foreign origin heavily weighs in on personality. Additionally, with Rahu being in this house as well, you’ll be able to have high business-oriented conversations with your spouse.

7th Lord Saturn In 3rd House for Leo Ascendant

The 7th lord Saturn in the 3rd house for Leo Ascendant means that your spouse will be senior to you in age. Saturn, as a planet, has a very long revolution path around the Sun. This is shown in the form of delay in marriage between you and your spouse, and the reason why your spouse will most likely be senior in age compared to you. However, this age gap will come with a lot of wisdom, as your spouse will be someone who instills a lot of higher knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and ideas in your mind. For Leo Ascendant, life after marriage will be quite stable, and that will all be due to your spouse, as they’ll be highly loyal and committed towards you, bring happiness to the table, and treat your bond as a responsibility.

7th Lord Jupiter In 3rd House for Virgo Ascendant

The 7th lord Jupiter in the 3rd house for Virgo Ascendant means you’ll find a spouse who is a philosopher, researcher and enjoys travels. Your partner will be someone who loves to delve into things and find out the secrets of those things. Occult lovers and dark art practitioners are often seen in this placement. Your spouse will have a high amount of knowledge in the occult business and the realm of spirituality. These are mainly the topics they’ll revolve around in their daily conversations with you. Additionally, a luck factor is something that your spouse will bring into your home and that will shine the most in your artistic career, whether it’s writing or painting.

7th Lord Mars In 3rd House for Libra Ascendant

The 7th lord Mars in the 3rd house for Libra Ascendant means that the connections you make with other people, whether romantic or platonic, heavily increase your willpower. These connections provide you with immense strength, and you feel like your efforts always bear fruit. Your spouse will be passionate, goal-oriented, and driven. Because of this, your spouse is a person that pushes you to be courageous. They’re your biggest source of motivation and willpower, and you feel like with your spouse at your side, you both can overcome any obstacle in your life, any hurdle in your way. In business terms, with this placement, the spouse will convince you to settle with your own business rather than having a job or managing someone else’s business. Additionally, Mars ruling the sign of Sagittarius also shows that, in this placement, the spouse can be a teacher of spiritual arts, which can be any form of yoga or meditation. However, you and your spouse will always have a strong attraction for each other, and rarely is there a chance that people with this placement go through a divorce.

7th Lord Venus In 3rd House for Scorpio Ascendant

The 7th lord Venus in the 3rd house for Scorpio Ascendant means that your artistic talents and passions will be influenced and developed by interaction with your spouse and other people. Venus, in this case, is also a friend sign. However, for Scorpio Ascendant, since this is a Saturn ruled sign, a delay in marriage is highly likely. On the other hand, this delay bears a lot of fruit. Venus, as we know, is the biggest significator of beauty, which means that your marriage will be done with someone who’s overly beautiful. Your spouse will be someone who gets praised for their looks a lot and will be quite career oriented. Most spouse careers from this placement include professions in the legal field, governmental positions, business owners, or a leadership role in a company.

7th Lord Mercury In 3rd House for Sagittarius Ascendant

The 7th lord Mercury in the 3rd house for Sagittarius Ascendant means that you’ll attract people that come from a very business and intellectual background. The spouse is someone who works in an interconnected and large corporate network of corporations and is an intellectual. Additionally, since this is a friendly placement, you’ll have quite friendly conversations and terms with your spouse, and the relationship will be highly filled with fun, other than just romance and problems. Furthermore, in this particular placement, the spouse is often someone who thinks very forwardly and brings a lot of unconventional yet smart ideas to the table. This is why people like you tend to learn a lot from their spouses. Moreover, your marketing skills are quite enhanced, both through your relationship with your spouse, as well as by increasing your partnerships in business.

7th Lord Moon In 3rd House for Capricorn Ascendant

The 7th lord Moon in the 3rd house for Capricorn Ascendant means that you’ll form a long-lasting relationship with someone that is highly spiritual. Someone who has a very imaginative mindset. For Capricorn Ascendant, this placement shows that you attract individuals that are highly motherly. You attract people who have a very nurturing quality inside them, and these are the people that you’re attracted to the most. You’ll get a partner that nourishes you and takes care of you like a mother does, and it’ll strengthen your emotional side of the mind. Furthermore, the third house is a big representation of friends and best friends, which means that with this placement, your spouse will develop her personality in such a way that they will be your best friend. You will share everything between yourselves and treat each other as best friends first and foremost.

7th Lord Sun In 3rd House for Aquarius Ascendant

The 7th lord Sun in the 3rd house for Aquarius Ascendant means that the spouse will play a big role when it comes to the development of your personality. After marriage, there will be major changes in your values, and your spouse will play a big role in bringing your best version out. For Aries Ascendant, the spouse will be someone who brings out all your authoritative abilities of you to the surface. Even though this might become a big source of ego battles between you and your spouse, in the long run, it is something that will allow you to make big changes in your life. Even in terms of your business life, your business partner will be someone that will serve as an elevator of your pride, ego, and confidence. Your self-esteem will be boosted in the upcoming relationships you make, whether in your personal life or a corporate one and things, especially your personality aspects, are up for a major change.

7th Lord Mercury In 3rd House for Pisces Ascendant

The 7th lord Mercury in the 3rd house for Pisces Ascendant means your spouse is intellectual, a good communicator, and your best friend. Your significant other is someone who is a critical thinker and highly analytical. Your spouse critiquing abilities and intellectual personality will increase your own intellectual mind. This placement often shows spouses careers in fields like finance, stocks, writing, communication, or social media. Taking another interpretation of this placement, Mercury in the 3rd house also shows that your writing skills are largely developed by the people you surround yourself with, and this includes people beyond your spouse.


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