7th Lord In 5th House

What Do It Means To Have The 7th Lord In 5th House For Your Ascendant?

In general, for all ascendants, the 7th lord in 5th house means that you strive to find a spouse who will creatively express themselves along with helping you to achieve the same. As the 5th house represents entertainment and kids, you want your second half to be fun and be like a child, too. Also, they would need to love children. Since the 5th house is also a house of romance, you will only marry someone with whom you will share a tremendous amount of amorous and idyllic moments. This position where the lord of the 7th goes into the 5th house completely denies an arranged marriage because it needs to be out of love. As the 5th house also represents education and ancient texts, it shows that you want a spouse who will educate you, who will enhance your knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and apprehension of ancient texts, but in a fun manner. Additionally, whatever stranger you meet, it is in a rather creative area where you can dance, listen to music, or something like cinema and theater. You want to interact with these people who can help you express yourself and enhance the creative side of yours.

7th Lord Venus In 5th House for Aries Ascendant

The 7th lord Venus in 5th house for Aries Ascendant means that the only way you can experience love is if it is full of creativity. You want your spouse to enhance the creativity and entertainment in your marriage life. Also, you need someone who can push you towards and through life, and just keep you going. Therefore, when Venus (Shukra) is in Leo, for Aries Ascendant, the spouse will be very creative, talented, artistic, attractive, and a person of royal tastes. As they are probably famous and successful, they like to visit the best places in town and wear expensive clothes. Nevertheless, marriage would be the most important thing for both of you. In the end, since you are a Mars person, you are always going to be attracted to your Venus partner, and vice versa.

7th Lord Mars In 5th House for Taurus Ascendant

The 7th lord Mars in 5th house for Taurus Ascendant means that you want your spouse to be the dominant figure for your children that will also represent someone who is always there for them, as a protector and as a disciplinarian. There is an omnipresent passion between you too, along with the everyday power struggle. Nevertheless, your life is full of sparks. Also, your partner is very much into sports, or he, or she, is someone who will help your children be in sports and be competitive. As Mars is in Virgo, for Taurus Ascendant, the spouse is hyperactive, impulsive, nitpicking when it comes to love, and a perfectionist. Also, they might be very direct and harsh when it comes to communication. As for the business, your partner would be good at a job that requires accuracy and precision. In that case, some of the work positions suited for your partner are a medical specialist in surgery, a pitman, a mechanical engineer or a bookkeeper. Mainly, Mars is all about physical activities, and as such, the romance can be initiated by traveling with your spouse, hiking, playing sports, or anything else that keeps you moving together.

7th Lord Jupiter In 5th House for Gemini Ascendant

The 7th lord Jupiter in the 5th house for Gemini Ascendant means that you want your spouse to be absolutely gifted and involved with your kids when it comes to enhancing your and their creativity. Also, you want your partner to emphasize the importance of classic arts to your children, along with spirituality and religious life. Since Jupiter broadens the horizon, and the 5th house represents education, your spouse will help your children discover new things when it comes to cultivating. Accordingly, your partner will be well educated and informed. As such, he could be a mentor, a guide, and a teacher, not only to your kids but to many children. As Jupiter is in Libra, for Gemini Ascendant, your spouse might also be a lawyer, a social worker, a teacher of arts, a relationship counselor, or even a business negotiator, who specialized in finance. On the whole, you will attract the perfect spouse who brings knowledge and optimism to your marriage.

7th Lord Saturn In 5th House for Cancer Ascendant

The 7th lord Saturn in 5th house for Cancer Ascendant means that your spouse will have a serious outlook on life. Also, your partner will be mature in age, traditional and conservative. You two would lack romance because marriage is like a responsibility to them. That will bring stability to your marriage, but not the sparks. The peak of romance would be doing errands together, doing children’s homework, or finishing up some work for the office. However, if Venus is also there, in the 5th house, then your every day will be filled with an artistic and creative environment. As Saturn is in Scorpio, for Cancer Ascendant, your spouse will be a calculative thinker, a good strategist who can work in an analysis and ground working business establishment. Your marriage partner will transform your life in a significant way, so it is rather important to make sure you are really attracted and you really like the person you are getting married to. Also, love affairs in your 20s are going to be lengthy and difficult. The marriage should come later on, in the 30s, or late 20s.

7th Lord Saturn In 5th House for Leo Ascendant

The 7th lord Saturn in 5th house for Leo Ascendant means that your spouse will be someone who is a disciplinarian and a teacher to your children. It will be someone who is mature in age and have a serious outlook on life. As Saturn is in Sagittarius, for Leo Ascendant, the spouse will be from a different ethnic background. Also, it will show for someone who is well educated and would take some time to believe in something. Hence, your partner’s trust is earned with time. As for the business, your second half would work in the field of law, or academics. Since Saturn is a slow-moving planet, you are going to be married in your late twenties or thirties.

7th Lord Jupiter In 5th House for Virgo Ascendant

The 7th lord Jupiter in 5th house for Virgo Ascendant means that your spouse might be misguided in life, so you need to be careful not to blindly follow your partner’s path. How Jupiter is in Capricorn, for Virgo Ascendant, it means that Jupiter might be close to its debilitation degree, 5 of Capricorn. Therefore, you might fall in love, marry another one, and after some time, you may feel like you haven’t married the right person, or you are just not feeling fulfilled in a relationship. Also, your spouse might not be able to give the right guidance to you or your children. In general, your partner will be traditional, conservative, and would follow the rules and regulations. The spouse can work as a teacher, an administrator, a lawyer, or a public servant.

7th Lord Mars In 5th House for Libra Ascendant

The 7th lord Mars in 5th house for Libra Ascendant means that you attract a lot of competition from others. Your spouse is most likely self-driven, goal-oriented, and passionate. Also, they would take up the responsibilities of children and always defend them but would be a bit strict in raising them. As Mars is in Aquarius, for Libra Ascendant, the partner is innovative, scientific, and probably working for a large company, or a social cause. Also, it shows a type of relationship where partners quarrel all the time, but they stay together. Love is more about dominating each other. How you are represented with Mars, and your spouse with Venus, shows a big attraction and passion between you two that may last.

7th Lord Venus In 5th House for Scorpio Ascendant

The 7th lord Venus in 5th house for Scorpio Ascendant means that you will attract love and affection from others, especially from your spouse. It is possible for you to feel love only if the relationship with your partner is full of romance, creativity, and beauty. The attraction between you and your spouse is magnetic. How Venus is in the sign of Pisces, for Scorpio Ascendant, the spouse would have unconditional love for you and your children. Additionally, your second half would be very talented and creative, highly imaginative and spiritual, and would instill all these qualities in children. Since you are a Mars person, for Scorpio Ascendant, and your marriage patner is a Venus type person, you are always going to be attracted to each other. Overall, this is an outstanding position for being in a marriage. Planet of love, Venus, ruling the house of marriage, the 7th, and sitting exalted, in Pisces, in the house of love, the 5th. You cannot ask for a better placement than this for a marriage filled with love to happen.

7th Lord Mercury In 5th House for Sagittarius Ascendant

The 7th lord Mercury in 5th house for Sagittarius Ascendant means that your spouse is a good conversationalist, hence the relationship is built on communication and shared ideas. However, since Mercury is in the sign of Aries, for Sagittarius Ascendant, your partner is straightforward, and hyperactive with lots of ideas. There is a lot of confrontational communication between you two, along with sensual interactions. Both you and your spouse will have a lot of common hobbies, including an interest in speculative businesses, and sports. Additionally, your marriage partner is quite competitive and business-like with a strong and commanding voice. Also, since Mercury is a counselor in a way, your spouse acts as a teacher to your children, but in a fun and loving way.

7th Lord Moon In 5th House for Capricorn Ascendant

The 7th lord Moon in 5th house for Capricorn Ascendant means that your spouse will come from a quite wealthy family. Your second half will be very balanced-minded. Their creative self-expression will help you to get emotionally attached to them. Your spouse will be so fun, creative, and stable, hence, your attraction to them will be rather sudden and honest. You will both enjoy this great togetherness full of friendly an honest intentions. In addition, your mother might have been very ingenious and she showed you how to self-express yourself and how to behave in front of other people. Therefore, you also search for that in your spouse. You want your marriage partner to have this great balance between nourishing you and helping you be creative. Additionally, whether your spouse is a man or a woman, you will want them to be nourishing and caring to your children.

7th Lord Sun In 5th House for Aquarius Ascendant

The 7th lord Sun in 5th house for Aquarius Ascendant means that you want your partner to make you a better person while enhancing your communication skills. You want your spouse to be an authoritative figure who will take care of children and be in charge of your creative self-expression while helping you become more innovative. Additionally, your father might have also been in the creative business. He was an artist while also executing business ventures. As for your business partners, along with people who you interact with, they will have a lot of inclination toward politics, and all their connections will go through that position.

7th Lord Mercury In 5th House For Pisces Ascendant

The 7th lord Mercury in 5th house for Pisces Ascendant means that your spouse is a good conversationalist. Both you and your partner share common ideas and interests. Hence, your spouse is also your friend, not just a lover. As Mercury is in Cancer, for Pisces Ascendant, the marriage partner will rely on their emotions in every aspect of their life and would set the course of actions based on them. That can make them not so realistic and practical in love matters. However, they will be really good with children. On the other side, this position of Mercury, as lord of the 7th in the 5th house, and in the sign of Cancer for Sagittarius Ascendant, will keep things moving and will give chance for everyone to improve. As for the business, the spouse might work as a counselor of some kind, since they would be good at motivating others. Also, your partner might work in the field of healthcare, human resources, or anywhere with required similar skills.


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