8th House Meaning

What Is The 8th House In Astrology?

The eighth house is the original house of Scorpio and is the most mystical house out of all the twelve houses. Despite its antagonist reputation, this house is important for the soul’s (atmakaraka) evolution because it’s responsible for rebirth (the cycle of reincarnation). The eighth house is ruled by the planet Mars and Ketu (south node of the moon). Wherever Mars and Ketu are placed in your vedic horoscope report will bring the energy of the 8th house. It is important to have a Vedic astrology horoscope report to know exactly where the grahas (planets) are placed in your chart. In this article, I discuss how the energy of the eighth house influences our lives through transformations, change, karmic debts, unearned wealth, metaphysical sciences, magnetism, and suppressed thoughts and emotions. This information will provide you with a more profound understanding of the eighth house.

The Transformative Energy of the 8th House

The 8th house ruled by the enigmatic sign of Scorpio is related to transformation and change. Because of this transformative energy, it is one of the most misunderstood houses in Vedic astrology. When one is running the Chara Dasha or Mahadasha of a planet placed in the 8th house, change can happen almost instantaneously. Because of this intense energy of change, it can feel as if the native life is spinning out of control’. For this reason, this is the house of surrender, in which you must let go of control and surrender to a higher power. Unexpected events can happen “like a sudden splash in a calm pond’ rippling your life into uncharted territory. Most people have to find themselves again after experiencing the effect of major changes; however, with change come new opportunities and a new perspective in life.

What Is The 8th House Of Karmic Debt?

The eighth house, Saturn, and the sixth house are responsible for our karma debt. Karma can be both good and bad; however, the 8th house is strongly related to unfavorable karma.

Nevertheless, The way you experience your karma varies depending on whether the karma originates from the eighth house, Saturn, or the 6th house.

Eighth House Karma: can cause sudden and unexpected changes in one’s life. Major changes take place and one feels like they are on an endless roller coaster ride; however, the ride ends when change is accepted. On the bright side, the eighth karma is lifted when experiencing unfavorable circumstances. Those phases in life, when you are uncertain or in a situation that is out of your hands, free your soul (atmakaraka) from karmic baggage.

Saturn Karma: can suppress objectives. For instance, Saturn in the 10th House of Career can suppress career objectives until later in life.

6th house Karma: (Prarabhdha karma) is unchangeable and often ‘Fixed, it is the type of Karma one may have to deal with for the duration of their life.

Eighth House: Unearned Wealth Inheritance: Spouses Money

The 8th house can more certainly bring prosperity into a person’s life through the spouse, inheritance, joined assets, wills, insurance policies, welfare benefits, lotteries, etc. This is the house of motherly gain through others, which contrasts with the 2nd house of personal resources (money you make yourself). All unearned wealth (money that is given to you without work on your part) is the 8th house.

spouses’ money: This house holds the key to unlocking the treasure chest of financial blessings your spouse can bring to your marriage. For instance, if Jupiter is in your 8th house and it’s not afflicted (combusted, debilitated, or enemy sign) this indicates you will marry someone rich or have financial security from the spouse. If you have planets in this house and they form a raja yoga or dhana yoga this means after marriage you will have financial gain and rise in status Nevertheless, Just as a lighthouse guides ships to safe harbor, the 8th house illuminates whether your spouse will steer your marriage towards financial prosperity.

The Eighth House: Gatekeepr to Metaphysical Sciences

When it comes to metaphysical sciences and new-age technology, the 8th house is the most illuminating house for understanding the hidden world of the occult. The eighth house can reveal if a person has talent and an interest in metaphysical studies. This house is the master key to determine if a person has the intellect to decipher and understand secret and hidden knowledge such as astrology, palmistry, tarot, life after death, reincarnation specialist, telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, kabbalah, I Ching, akashic records knowledge, extrasensory perceptions (ESP), crystal gazing, dowsing, divination, white magic, paganism, psychic abilities.

Magnetism The Power Of Attractions

The eighth house is the most magnetic house out of all the twelve houses. People with this house strong such as Scorpios are cable of luring people into their aura like a month to a flame. Because of its intense magnetic powers, this is a very sexual house. This determines the intimacy level of an individual and is strongly related to the Kundalini energy and the root chakra. Powerful plants in this house can show your own personal magnetism and ability to attract others. People with the 8th house strong in their aura eye radiate a beacon of light, and they can hypnotize people which just a single glance.

Kundalini Energy of the Eighth House: The Path of Enlightenment

The root chakra is related to the eighth house and the energy of Scorpio. This chakra is found at the base of your spine. The base of the spine is where the pure energy of Scorpio dwells and where the Kundalini energy begins. The Kundalini energy starts from the root chakra and rises to the crown chakra. When this happens, an individual becomes enlightened and operates on a higher consciousness. The power to awaken your Kundalini is the real power of the 8th house. People can open their Kundalini through occult practices. This is the main reason why the 8th house relates to the occult, sorcery, magic, tantra, metaphysics, and mysticism. Everything in the world starts from the darkness 8th house) and rises to the light. People with the eighth house strong in their horoscope are naturally programmed to think about things that no one else thinks about. They know they need to understand the secrets of the world to raise their Kundalini.

Eighth House: Dusthana and Moksha House

The eighth house is both a Moksha and Dusthana house. The Moksha houses are (the 4th, 8th, and 12th) and are related to liberation: However, the Dusthana houses are the (6th, 8th, and 12th) and signify obstacles. Therefore, the eighth houses bring the gift of liberation from obstacles. which can be obtained through releasing suppressed issues through psychology to heal oneself from limitations.

The Eighth House: The Power to Heal the Mind and Emotions

The eighth house relates to psychology which is piercing the veil of the unconscious and bringing to light your suppressed thoughts and feelings. In other words, buried memories and the feeling attached to them are seen through this house.

People with strong eighth houses have a natural talent for psychoanalysis. They often used this talent to tap into an individual’s unconscious and bring to the surface all that is buried to heal past imperfections.

In addition, the dream world is associated with the 8th house in which healing can take place by experiencing suppress feelings in the world of dreams. For instance, dreams of being chased, it the eighth-house way of communicating one needs to face their issues instead of avoiding them.

The world of the unconscious can be dark; however, the 8th house helps us peel away the layers of the mind like an onion. Once the root cause of an issue is resolved the soul advances higher on its karmic path. Planets placed in the 8th can reveal the source of suppressed emotions. For instance, if Moon is afflicted in the eighth house for the sign of Scorpio, this can indicate ‘Mother’ is the root of suppressed emotions and often. This house is the most powerful for healing the mind and emotions from baggage, although the process can be difficult, The rewards are a soaring eagle, granting us freedom.

The Eighth House Meanings

type of house: dusthana. moksha

House Ruler: Mars and Ketu

personal relationships: in-laws (family of your spouse)

karaka: Saturn is the signification of because it shares similar meanings with the eighth houses. for instance, both Saturn and the eighth house represent karma, the process of life, and reincarnation.

body part: internal reproduction organs.

esoteric knowledge: metaphysics, new age, occults, mysticism, sorcery, magic, astrology, numerology, etc.

secrets: things unknown or kept in the dark, the hidden side of life

magnetism: your own personal power to attract.

magnetism: your own magnetism,

research: scientific research, study, analysis

other people’s money: insurance policies, lottery winning, tax returns, hidden resources, inheritance, joined assets, spouse money, unearned wealth, lottery winnings, welfare benefit

kundalini: kundalini awakening

psychology: deep psychological issues, your own dark deep secrets

psychic abilities: the ability to perceive the unknown and knowing things that are hidden.

transformations: major changes or one thing turning into something else.

internal reproductive organs: the 8th house is the internal reproductive organs: however, the 7th house (libra) governs the external reproductive system of both males and females.

length of life: the 8th & 3rd house can determine longevity.

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