The eighth house (sign of Scorpio) is one of the most mysterious and misunderstood houses in astrology. This is because it is often associated with unfortunate circumstances, especially in marriage. However, the eighth house is capable of giving positive results in love and marriage. In this article, I will discuss some positive aspects of the eighth house regarding marriage.

What Does 8th House Represent In Marriage?

In marriage, the eighth house represents your spouse’s money. Planets positioned in this house of your horoscope can indicate whether you will have financial security and additional resources coming from the spouse after marriage. For instance, if Jupiter is in your 8th house and it’s not afflicted (combusted, debilitated, or enemy sign) this indicates you will marry someone rich or have financial security from the spouse. If you have planets in this house and they form a raja yoga or dhana yoga this means after marriage you will have financial gain and rise in status Nevertheless, the 8th house can be a treasure chest that holds the keys to your spouse’s resources and money. On the other hand, this house can reveal information regarding your in-laws (spouse’s family), it can act as a window that provides you with a glimpse into the background, culture, and characteristics of your spouse’s family.

Does 8th House Rule Marriage?

The eighth house can certainly rule marriage if you have any marriage indicators placed in this house such as your Darakaraka, Venus, Vivah Saham Point, or 7th lord in the 8th house. If you run the Mahadasha of any of these marriage indicators you could very well get married. If you are already married, the relationship with your spouse will be prominent and can grow stronger. Your Vedic horoscope report can reveal if you have any planets in this house along with the Mahadasha of the planet(s) which can activate a marriage

Does The 8th House Predict The Chances Of A Love Marriage?

The eighth house can predict marriage, if you a running the Mahadasha of the 8th house lord or any planet placed in the 8th house can trigger a marriage. To know if you have any planets in your eighth house look at the eighth house in the Vedic astrology full horoscope report.

What Is The Connection Between The 8th House And The Sexual Life Of Married Couples?

One factor to determine the intimate life of a married couple is to see if the couple have either their ascendant, moon, atmakaraka, or mars in the eighth or Scorpio (which rules this house). If this is the case, the couple has sexual compatibility will it comes to bedroom pleasure. As a result, the couple will have a love life as fiery as a erupting volcano, the couple ignites sparks that never die out.

I am constantly updating this article with new information regarding the 8th house and marriage. If you have a question about the eighth house and marriage please post your question in the comment area, so I can include it in this article.

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