Atmakaraka Saturn: A Disciplined and Mature Soul

Atmakaraka Saturn means you are disciplined, responsible, patient, hardworking, serious, and mature. The planet Saturn is cold and dry; therefore, you can come off as having a cold personality. This is because you are very serious which makes you appear detached from emotions. To clarify, on the surface, you do not show your emotions, however, if watery a planet like Moon conjunct or aspect Saturn you put on a hard exterior, but you are very sensitive and emotional inside. You are mature and can act or appear older than your age. You can have a younger appearance especially if Mercury influences Saturn; however, when people talk with you, they think that you were older because you are mature far beyond your years.

Nevertheless, you are very hard-working and will not shy away from hard work; you put in the effort needed to succeed in your goals or objectives. You are patient enough to see your goals manifest even if it takes years. However, if Saturn is afflicted (combusted, debilitated, enemy sign) you are impatient and become pessimistic when you do not see the results from your efforts.

Saturn in Different houses suppresses the house Saturn is placed in. Consequently, wherever Saturn is placed in your natal birth chart is where you will experience a delay. Only through hard work, perseverance, discipline, and time will Saturn bring results. Therefore, with Atmakaraka Saturn your soul’s purpose is to work hard to achieve success in rearguing the house Saturn is positioned in.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 1st house

Atmakaraka Saturn in 1st house means you must learn to be patient with yourself and fulfilling your soul purpose, Saturn is debilitated in the 1st house which is the original house of Aries; Consequently, Aries is a leader and Saturn likes to serve. therefore, the planet Saturn feels uncomfortable in the first house. As a result, you do not like to take the leadership role in certain aspects of your life. You are also impatient and want things to happen quickly without waiting for results. Nevertheless, you can be pessimistic at times and see the glass half full. That is to say, you may feel a lack in your life. You are hard-working and love to give your service; you can have many menial jobs and in which your work your fingers to the bone for little pay.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 2nd house

Atmakaraka Saturn in 2nd house means your finances will be suppressed until Saturn matures or return to its natal position in your birth chart. therefore, early in life, you can have difficulties making ends meet. Because you experience so much suppression in personal resources you can come across as frugal because you want to hold onto the resources you have. Saturn represents old age and maturity in the second house is your face; Therefore you have an old-looking face or you often appear overly serious. there could be an estrangement with family or a particular family member. Your speech is wiser and older than your years; even at a young age, you may use a mature vocabulary. Overall, your purpose in life is to put hard work into the 2nd house such as resources, family, speech, etc.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 3rd House

Atmakaraka Saturn in 3rd House means your purpose in life is to put the effort into your communication skills and the things you desire in life. The third house suppresses your speaking ability; as a result, You often prefer not to talk or are hesitant about what to say. You have a hard time communicating freely with Saturn in the 3rd house you prefer to write down your thought and ideas instead of expressing yourself verbally. You find it difficult to communicate freely and put your ideas in words. The third house relates to success through your own efforts and Saturn his hard work; therefore you can succeed in your dreams and goals with a lot of hard work even though it may feel like an uphill battle.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 4th house

Atmakaraka Saturn in 4th house means in your early childhood there was a lot of restriction. Growing up in your childhood home there could have been many rules you had to follow which suppressed your freedom. The 4th house relates to your emotional wellbeing and Saturn is pessimistic; therefore, you can have a cynical way of looking at things. On the other hand, Saturn represents structure, stability, Security and the 4th house is the home. you need your own home to feel secure in life. If you do not have your own personal space this creates a mental and emotional unbalance. However, because Saturn suppresses the 4th house it could take time for you to purchase your own property. Therefore, your purpose in life is to create stability within your home.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 5th house

Atmakaraka Saturn in 5th house means you have to be patient when it comes to your learning, education, children, and learning ancient texts. When it comes to learning and education there can be a delay in which you have difficulty learning a subject; however, all obstacles can be overcome with hard work and patience. You have to be patient when dealing with your children and you experienced a delay in this area. You will feel like you are not the best parent to your children until later in life.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 6th House means

Atmakaraka Saturn in 6th House means you work hard on your job, working long and exhausting hours with little breaks. This is because Saturn represents hard work at the sixth house your daily work routine. You can often drown yourself in your work because Saturn in the 6th house makes you a workaholic. In addition, there are a lot of rules, regulations, and guidelines you have to follow on the job. Nevertheless, this is a very good placement for Saturn because the planet Saturn suppresses oppositions and competitors.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 7th House

Atmakaraka Saturn in 7th House means your soul purpose is to work with other people creating harmonic balances. You want to make sure everything is done equally when working with others; similar to the balanced scale which represents Libra. The planet Saturn is exalted in the 7th house which is the original house of Libra; therefore, Saturn does extremely well in the 7th house. Your marriage partner (husband or wife) can be older than you because Saturn represents old age and maturity. However: marriage comes with a lot of hard work, discipline, and responsibilities. However, you can make a marriage work because you put the work needed in your marriage.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 8th House means

Atmakaraka Saturn in 8th House means you have the potential to live a long life since Saturn suppresses the aging process. however: once married there can be an and strange relationship with in-laws (your husband’s relatives) especially the husband’s first youngest sibling. in addition, Saturn can suppress joint assets from the spouse; in which your husband or wife’s financial contribution can be starved.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 9th house

Atmakaraka Saturn in 9th house means your luck can be starved; that is to say, that you must put in hard work and achieve your goals instead of relying on luck to get you ahead in life. Your father is very strict, disciplined, responsible, and has a cold and serious nature: however, there can be an estranged relationship when it comes to the relationship with your father. you may feel a disconnect with the father or feel as if you cannot get close to him. On the other hand, when you pursue an advanced degree and higher education it requires a lot of hard work, discipline, and perseverance.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 10th house

Atmakaraka Saturn in 10th house means your purpose in life is to put in the hard work needed to succeed in your career. This is because you have karma to pay back in your career; however, you can have career success later in life when Saturn matures. With Atmakaraka Saturn in the 10th house, you have to work harder than others to succeed in your career. You must put in the time, patients, hard work, and discipline to be successful in your chosen career. With the right discipline, you can climb the corporate ladder or be self-made or a successful entrepreneur of your own business but again this takes work and patience.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 11th House

Atmakaraka Saturn in 11th House means your soul purpose is to give your service to humanitarian causes by working for an organization that supports underdogs, the underprivileged, and the disadvantaged. The focus is to give your service to large groups of people. This also can be achieved by working for charity organizations or doing charity work. You love serving the masses because this supports the growth of humanity.

Atmakaraka Saturn in 12th house

Atmakaraka Saturn in 12th house means you want to support and help the underprivileged in foreign lands. You give your service to places of isolation, confinement, and foreign entities. You may invest time in charity organizations or have a job working in an isolated area. The 12th house is a significator of foreign lands and overseas travels. You may work for a foreign company or with foreign people in your homeland. Nevertheless, you have trouble getting time to yourself and your sleep can be suppressed. It can be hard for you to fall asleep and get a good night’s rest because Saturn suppresses sleep which is a significator of the 12th house.


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