Saturn in 4th House

Mother – If you have Saturn in the 4th house in Vedic astrology, the planet Saturn brings a karmic relationship with your mother. There can be an estranged or distant relationship with the mother, or you may feel a detachment from her. Saturn is a cold planet, the mother comes across as cold, stern, and strict. Growing up there may have been a lot of rules you have to follow that limited your freedom. You may have had a strict curfew or had to do an excessive number of chores around the house.

Leave Home – Due to strict rules or limitations in the home environment, the native can leave the home and family early in life (early teens). The planet Saturn makes the native feel uncomfortable and restless in the home. The strong feeling of uneasiness can influence the native to venture out on his or her own.

Acquire Property – You feel uncomfortable if you do not have your property. When you have Saturn in the 4th house, you must acquire land, property, or real estate, or some type of fixed asset; if not you will feel uneasy. You feel awkward renting property and you feel it necessary to own because you may feel that you could be homeless this is the karma of Saturn in this position.

Saturn wants stability when it comes to home (4th house), the native will do whatever is it take to get their own home because they feel insecure when this goal is not accomplished. A home can be promised if other planets are supporting this position. If Mars (the planets of energy) is conjunct Saturn (planets of manual work) both planets work together in the 4th house to help the native acquire his or her property.

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