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Saturn in 7th House

Directional Strength – Saturn has directions strength (Dig Bala) in the 7th because Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra. The 7th house signifies marriage and long-term partnership. Saturn represents duty, commitment, and service. Saturn in the 7th house signifies one must have these qualities in marriage.

Saturn loves to deal with and work with other people, and the zodiac sign Libra is all about others. This is why Saturn is strong in the 7th house. Saturn wants to make sure everything is done equally, and it’s all about equal balance; similar to the scale associated with the zodiac sign of Libra.

Karma – Saturn is strong in the 7th house but there is karma one must pay back with spouse (partner). Since Saturn also represents longevity one may have a difficult relationship with the partner, but the relationship is prolonged (Saturn) to pay back past life Karma (Saturn).

Older Spouse – The partner can be older and often seem cold and detached. The spouse has a serious personality and can be very responsible if Saturn is not afflicted.

Delay in Marriage – Marriage can be delayed until after the age of 35 or when Saturn returns to its natal position in your birth chart.

Responsibility – In marriage, Saturn brings responsibility and a serious attitude in the marriage Saturn looks at the glass half empty and may feel the responsibilities of marriage is too much of a burden. Saturn also represents work; this means one must put the work in the balance out the scale (to balance karma). Saturn in the 7th house can be a wonderful placement as long as you put the work, commitment into the marriage and do not let the struggles defeat you

Maternal Grandmother – There is karma with the maternal grandmother. The maternal grandmother may have passed away or you may have never known her. There can also be distant or detached relationships with the maternal grandmother.


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