Saturn in 3rd House

Hand, Shoulder, Ears, Neck – The 3rd house in Vedic astrology represents the hands, shoulders, ears, and neck. Saturn represents chronic diseases. Saturn in 3rd house brings karma to the health of this house. You have health issues with these regions of your body. You may have problems with hearing and suffer from ear infections, especially in early life. You can also have pain in the shoulder and hands. Your neck can bother you; regular massage and physical therapy can be needed to loosen up the tensions in your neck and shoulders.

Communication – You have a hard time communicating freely with Saturn in the 3rd house. You may prefer to write down your thought and ideas instead of expressing yourself verbally. You find it difficult to communicate and put your ideas in words. You can often hesitate to speak since Saturn suppresses verbal communication. However, once you find the right words your message can come across as cold (Saturn) and blunt and may offend others even though you do not mean to do so.

Skills – Although it can be hard for you to put words in a verbal form your communication skills are developed in time, later on in life when Saturn matures. The 3rd house is an indicator of your skills which are also developed in time.

Early Education – The 3rd house is an indicator of your early education (grade school). School and education in your early year were challenging. Saturn in 3rd house brings sadness to the educational experience. The school environment was a tough time. You may have trouble with classmates, peers, or even your teacher. Leaning was hard, and you often had trouble absorbing the information and you may have to repeat lessons or a grade. The planet Saturn forces you to preserve and have discipline in education. When you are disciplined you can master the academic subjects.

Sibling – You have karma with a sibling. There can be separation from siblings, especially the youngest sibling. You have an estranged or distant relationship with siblings. There is a disconnect with siblings. However, with time a connection can be established.


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