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Saturn in 2nd House

Family Karma – You feel some karma and sorrow from family (2nd House). There can be a detachment from the family because the planet Saturn creates a separation. The 2nd house is an indicator of early childhood. Growing up in the home may have been difficult and there were a lot of struggles especially financially for your parents. When you were a small child you may have had many hand-me-downs. The family can come across as cold and distant. You can also leave the family early in life with this position. Yogananda has Saturn in 2nd house and he Left his Family Early to practice spirituality.

Early Childhood – Growing up there may not have been much money or funds available, even if you had rich parents, they could have been cheap frugal.

Family and Wealth – Family and wealth relationships form with time.

Voice – You have trouble being heard; Saturn suppresses your vocals you can have trouble with your vocal cords.

Throats – You have health issues with your throat. You can have thyroid issues, sore throat, Strep throat, or tonsillitis problems. Any issues with the throat are Karmic because Saturn is a heavy karmic planet. Having these problems help you burn away your karma and pay back your karmic debt from a past life.

Face – Saturn represents old age; with Saturn in the 2nd house, it gives the native an older appearance. You can wrinkle prematurely. There may be a part of your face that always had an older or mature appearance. You may and old eyes as a young child. Since Saturn is a dry planet you can also have dry skin on your face.

Stingy and Cheat – You can often come across as being a little stingy and cheap with your resources because you feel money can easily slip from you so you trying to hold on as much as your can. You feel the need to always want to save money because you feel the money can go from you at any time, this is the Karma of Saturn, It is hard for you to save money early in life, it may seem there is a hole in your pocket and you just can hold on to money. As you mature that hole in your pocket will seal up and you will be able to save money and hold on to it longer.

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