Saturn in 12th House

Sleep – If you have Saturn in the 12th house in Vedic astrology your sleep can be disturbed. It can be difficult for you to get a good night’s rest. You may toss and turn for hours trying to fall asleep or it may take a long time for you to fall asleep. You may also wakeup throughout the night sporadically. You never feel fully rested and you can still be tired in the morning. In extreme cases, you may take sleeping pills or any type of sedative to get to sleep.

Feet – Saturn is the indicator of chronic illnesses. The 12th house represents the feet. Saturn in the 12th house can cause problems with the feet. You can have problems with any part of the feet below the ankles. You can have problems with a particular foot or both feet. You can have an athlete’s foot, bunions, or blisters. If the planet Mars is in the 12th you can sustain an injury to your feet that can prolong (Saturn)

Isolation – Because of the karma accumulated from a past life. You can be placed in an isolated environment (hospitals, jails, asylums). If Saturn is afflicted, you will not like isolation and being in a confined space. Isolation can help you pay back and burn away your karmic debt. You may choose to be in seclusion to get in touch with your spirituality. Taking a pilgrimage to secluded places can help you developed spirituality.

Service/Job – Saturn in the 12th house can influence a native to give their service to places of isolation and confinement. You can do charity work or have a job working in a hospital, prison, or asylum. The 12th house is also an indicator of foreign lands. You may work for a foreign company.

Foreign Lands – You have karma in foreign lands that can frustrate you. You have karma debt to pay back in a foreign country or foreign travels may b delayed.

Paternal Grandmother – There can karma with the paternal grandmother. Your paternal grandmother may have died before you were born.

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