Saturn in the 6th House

Suppress – Saturn in the 6th house in Vedic astrology is one of the best positioned for Saturn. Saturn is a malefic planet. Malefic planets in dusthana houses (6th, 8th, and 12th) give good results. The planet Saturn suppresses the significance of the 6th house. Saturn suppresses your enemies, debts, short-term illness, litigation, rivals, and prarabdha karma.

Mundane Life – The 6th house represents everyday work life. If Saturn is in Aries or afflicted the native will be frustrated with dealing with the everyday mundane routines.

Service – With Saturn in the 6th house, you will serve other people by dealing with the sorrow and struggles of others. You feel you need to work and provide some type of service to everyday people or the underdog.

Everyday Work Life – The individual works hard on their job. The native can work long and exhausting hours with little or no breaks. The native can be a workaholic because one feels overly responsible when it comes to their job. The native must remember there is more to life than the everyday work routine. However, the influence of Saturn is so strong on the 6th house when it comes to working; the natives can easily and unintentionally bury themselves in work. This is magnified if the native is going through their Saturn Dasha.

Karma Chronic illness – You will have some prarabdha karma (unchanged karma) related to a chronic illness. Because the 6th house a friendly house of Saturn (original house of Virgo) you will have the power to overcome chronic illness and disease because Saturn destroys the significations of the 6th house (health issues) of the 6th house.

Health – The 6th house represents the digestive tract and small intestine. The planet Saturn can bring chronic illness and health problems to your digestive tract and small intestine.


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