Saturn in the 1st House Vedic Astrology

Saturn Debilitated – Saturn is debilitated in Aries. The 1st house is the sign of Aries. The planet Saturn feels uncomfortable in this house. Saturn can give unfavorable results in this house especially to the native’s physical body.

Cold Personality – The individual comes across as cold (Saturn) to other people.

Poverty Brain/Mind – The 1st house represents the mind. Saturn brings a poverty thinking pattern. It does not matter how much money the person has the native will feel like they are in poverty. The native may choose to live in poverty and wear old and worn-out clothing when they have money in the bank.

Sorrow Mind – A person brings sorrow (Saturn) on themselves (to the mind). They become pessimistic about everything and have a glass and half-full outlook on life.

Karma of Physical Body – A person will have to deal with karma (Saturn) of the physical body. The person can have physical alignment like arthritis, joint issues, injuries.

Older Appearance – Your appearance will look older you may grey faster, get wrinkles faster. Even as a child or younger adult you will seem like your older. There is a maturity to you that is far beyond your years. You can naturally feel old (Saturn).

Delay in Marriage – Saturn in the 1st house can delay Marriage. Marriage can come later in life after the age of 36 when the planet Saturn is matured. If Saturn is in retrograde in your birth chart, it can remove restrictions and you can marriage at a reasonable age.

Manual Jobs – A person will do more manual jobs that require the physical body.

Walk Slow – Natives with Saturn in the 1st house tend to walk slow and move slow (Saturn). Saturn is a slow-moving planet, and it slows down the movement of the physical body.

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