Saturn in the 5th House:

Speculative Gains – The native is hesitant to invest in speculative gains like stocks, gambling, or business investments. If you have Saturn in the 5th house in Vedic astrology you should not be gambling or investing in stocks because karma is related to gambling. The native can lose money in speculative investments.

Children Karma – There is karma related to children, there may be a delay in having children. The planet Saturn suppresses the house it is positioned in. Children can come later in the native’s life. Saturn does not deny children it just delays children usually after Saturn matures at the age of 35, or when Saturn returns to its natal position in your birth chart. Saturn in this position can also limit the number of children. Natives with Saturn in the 5th house become better parents in time, even if children come late in life.

First Child – The 5th house represents your first child. When the planet Saturn is in the 5th house it influences the personality and physique of your 1st child.

First Child Mature – The 1st child will be mature and act older for his or her age. Even at a young age, your first child will seem like an old soul, very mature and responsible.

Parenting – When Saturn is your 5th house, the native will not be the best parent to their children until later in life, even if the native has children in their mid-30’s, they will be a better parent to their children later in life.

Stomach – The 5th house signified the stomach. Saturn brings health issues to your tummy area. You have stomach troubles or issues with that part of your body.


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