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Your horoscope report is a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth and is the most accurate and comprehensive horoscope report you will ever receive.  This is truly the Holy Grail of horoscopes, so if you are serious about knowing the planetary alignment on the day you were born, this is the perfect report for you.

This is not a reading. Your horoscope, along with the various charts and calculations, are for your self-exploration.There is enough information in your horoscope to keep you busy for year to come.

You will receive a chart similar to Diana Princess of Wales Horoscope Report; however, your personalized chart will have your own unique calculations.

How The Process Works
Once you place your order, I will email your Horoscope Report within 48 hours
Your Horoscope Report will be personally reviewed to GUARANTEE accuracy.


How Your Horoscope Report Is Calculated?

The most advanced Vedic Astrology software on the planet will be used to generate your horoscope report to Guarantee Accurate Calculations. Your report will be calculated using the sidereal system, which is different from the western tropical system.

What’s Included in Your Horoscope Report?

You will receive over 50+ pages of charts and calculations in a PDF file. Your report will have accurate lifetime calculations. Here is a  brief list of the charts and calculations you will receive in your horoscope report.

Major Charts

  • Natal Birth Chart (most important)
  • Moon Chart
  • Sun Chart

Divisional Charts

  • Navamsha Chart (spouse)
  • Hora Chart (wealth)
  • Dreshkana Chart (happiness siblings)
  • Chaturthamsha Chart (destiny)
  • Saptamsha Chart (children)
  • Dashamsha Chart (great successes)
  • Dwadashamsha Chart (parents)
  • Shodashamsha Chart (conveyances)
  • Vimshamsha Chart (spiritual progress)
  • Chaturvimshamsha Chart (knowledge

Major Calculations

  • Yogas (planetary combinations)
  • Planetary Friendship
  • Planets in Nakshatras
  • Aspect on Planets and Houses (Bhavas)
  • Shad Bala (Strength of Planets)
  • Ashtakavarga (strength of houses)
  • Vimshottari Dasha (Lifetime Calculation)
  • Jaimini Chara Dasha (Lifetime Calculation)


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  1. Ana. K

    Thank you, i am very happy with my vedic astrology report, my Sun Dasha is coming up soon and according to my yogas, I should have a rise in my career.

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