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Saturn in 8th House

Karaka – Saturn is the karaka (significator) of the 8th house. Many of the significators of the 8th house relate to the planet Saturn.

Suppress – If you have Saturn in the 8th house it will suppress the qualities of this house. Sudden events, death, long term illnesses are suppressed when Saturn is positioned in the 8th house:

Joint Assets – Saturn blocked joined assets from spouse. When married the native may have to bear the financial responsibility with no support from the spouse. The native may be the breadwinner. However, if money is contributed from the spouse it may not be enough to cover the bills. If the spouse is wealthy, he or she may be frugal with their money.

Long Life – Saturn slows down death in the 8th house. Native with this position will live a long time. Anytime Saturn is pointed or aspect the 8th house it prolongs life for the native. Because the planet Saturn is a slow-moving planet, it delays (slow down) death in the 8th house.

Private Parts – The native can have a problem or chronic issues with the external private parts; the vagina for women and the genitals for men. A chronic illness could be a urinary or yeast infection.

Cold In-laws – If married the in-laws (spouse family) may seem cold towards you. The energy of Saturn is cold, and it influences the spouse’s family to act cold towards you.

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