Saturn in 11th House

Moolatrikona – The 11th house is a natural Moolatrikona placement for Saturn. The 11th house is the original sign of Aquarius. The planet Saturn feels comfortable in this house. Saturn can give good results in this house if it is in good dignity.

Elder Sibling – If you have Saturn in the 11th house eldest sibling is an older mature figure. The eldest sibling can be a mother or even a father figure. When you have the planet Saturn in the 11th house in Vedic astrology there is karma with an elder sibling. There can be an estranged or distant relationship with your eldest sibling. Saturn is a cold planet, and it can influence your eldest sibling to act cold and detached toward you. The eldest sibling is also serious-minded and responsible.

Friends – Your friends have the qualities of Saturn; they are disciplined, practical, and hardworking. However, it may be difficult to connect emotionally with friends. Because of this, friendship will often seem distant and disenchanted. Due to the distance, Saturn creates and the feeling of not being able to connect. You may have very few friends but you cherish the ones you have.

Service – Saturn in the 11th house can indicate that you give your service to humanitarian causes. The native may work for an organization, company, or enterprise that fights for the underdogs or help small communities or a particular group of people. Regardless, the focus of your service is to give your time to organizations and large groups of people.

Health – Saturn is the karaka of diseases and health issues and the 11th house is the significator of the calves and shins (front of the bottom leg). The native can have problems with the bottom of the leg, and a section of the leg that is below the knees.


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