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Atmakaraka Venus: The Love, Creativity, and Passion of Your Soul

Atmakaraka Venus means you are creative, artistic, poetic, social, and passionate. You enjoy socializing, entertainment, and parties. You have artistic and creative talents and can be an artist, painter, Interior designer, or love being involved in creative endeavors. Venus is the planet of beauty; therefore, you can dress beautifully, attractive, colorful, and in fashionable clothing. You prefer a harmonic and well-balanced relationship and will work to maintain balance in your life. Venus is also the planet of romance and pleasure; therefore, you are romantic and sensually expressive. You are relationship-oriented and enjoy personal connections and romantic relationships.

Atmakaraka Venus in 1st house

Atmakaraka Venus in 1st house means you are charming, artistic, creative, social, and enjoy being in relationships. You are very beautiful and have a magnetism that draws other people to you. You are socially adept and love the company of others. With Atmakaraka Venus in the 1st house, you feel a sense of connection when you are around other people. You need people in your life to feel balanced; therefore, building relationships it’s part of who you are.

Atmakaraka Venus in 2nd house

Atmakaraka Venus in 2nd house means you are passionate about your facial appearance, food, family, personal resource, and collecting luxury items. You have a very beautiful face that gets lots of attention. If you are a woman, you’ll enjoy decorating your face with makeup. Since you have such a sweet voice you may have vocal talents which give you a sweet singing voice. When you speak you have a very pleasant and sweet tone to your voice. On the other hand, the second house relates to the type of foods you like to eat: since Venus is the planet of luxury you enjoy fine dining and love to delight your taste buds with hot quality foods: therefore you have expensive taste buds.

Atmakaraka Venus in 3rd house

Atmakaraka Venus in 3rd house means you are creative with your hands; you are naturally talented when it comes to handcrafts or creating anything with your hands. Therefore, you can be a talented painter, artist, Skecher, poetry writer. Since the 3rd house is related to hobbies investing your time in these creative hobbies brings joy to your heart. You have very pretty handwriting, and you are very poetic with your words therefore you have a natural talent for calligraphy, romantic writing, or you could be a blog writer in which you write about love and romance. On the other hand, if Venus is not afflicted, you have a very loving harmonic relationship with your younger sibling.

Atmakaraka Venus in 4th house

Atmakaraka Venus in 4th house means you are passionate about building a beautiful home, enjoying comforts, and having peace and balance within the home. You enjoy beautifying your home with home décor, artwork, beautiful colors, craftwork, sculpture, and colorful paintings. When your home is beautiful and in order, you feel balanced and happy. You have a very natural loving heart that radiates like the sun. Your mother or a motherly figure inspires you with creativity. Growing up your home environment was a pleasant place to live full of comforts, joy, balance, and social. there could have been many parties in social gatherings in your childhood home.

Atmakaraka Venus in 5th house

Atmakaraka Venus in 5th house means you are passionate about romance, entertainment, children, ancient texts, creativity, speculation, education, and politics. Your Dharma (Karma) in life is to express yourself through the 5th house. You have creative talents and a talent for the visual arts (pictures, drawing, painting, artwork). You have a natural gift for stage performance and can be an actor, in theater, cinema, musician, singer, etc. You have very beautiful children, and your first child can be a daughter since Venus it’s a feminine planet. However, if other planetary alignments indicate a boy your n is very handsome and gifted in creative pursuits. To predict when you will have children, please read Timing of The Children Article.

Atmakaraka Venus in 6th house

Atmakaraka Venus in 6th house means after dealing with everyday life routines you often need to balance your energies. This is because Venus is debilitated in the 6th house which causes an imbalance to the harmonic energy of Venus. On the other hand, the 6th house is related to the mundane world and the work environment, and Venus is the significator of women; therefore there’s a lot of feminine energies in your work environment; that is to say, you could work with a lot of females. In addition, you could work with a company that is associated with women or Venetian products such as cosmetics, perfumes, beauty, models, or even products related to pleasure. In addition, you have a passion for taking the less fortunate under your wings and showing them kindness and support.

Atmakaraka Venus in 7th house

Atmakaraka Venus in 7th house means you have a passion for romantic relationships, marriage, personal relationships, and business contractual agreements. You enjoy socializing and being around people and you love harmonic personal relationships. When your relationships are going good you feel that sense of balance; however, if your relationships are out of order you put the effort into your relationships so balance can be restored. On the other hand, your marriage partner (husband or wife) is very beautiful, creative, loving, and charming. You are happy when you’re in a relationship or marriage as opposed to being alone. Please also, read Darakaraka article to know your spouse characteristics.

Atmakaraka Venus in 8th house

Atmakaraka Venus in 8th house means you are passionate and love the occult, mysticism, metaphysics, and secret sciences. You are passionate about understanding the operations of the hidden world; therefore, you enjoy researching any mystical subject you can get your hands on. On the other hand, in-laws (your husband’s family) are very social and enjoy parties. therefore, in-laws have many social events and parties. However, since the eighth house relates to secrets, when you’re in a relationship there are some things that you may keep secret or hidden from others. Nevertheless, since Venus is the karaka of marriage you can have many ups and downs in your marriage life.

Atmakaraka Venus in 9th house

Atmakaraka Venus in 9th house means you are passionate and devoted to higher education, long-distance travel, spirituality, culture, religion, philosophy, and your belief system. Your purpose in life is to express yourself through the 9th house. You’re passionate about culture, therefore, you may travel a long distance to beautiful countries and lands learning the culture of the people. You have a charitable heart for helping people and you believe in performing good deeds for others because of this you are lucky in life and good fortune comes to you.

Atmakaraka Venus in 10th house

Atmakaraka Venus in 10th house means you are passionate about your career, authority, government, achievements, and interacting socially with society. Through the 10th house is how you perform your Dharma (metaphyseal purpose in life). Atmakaraka Venus in the 10th house shows that you can have a career in artistic and creative pursuits such as drawing, painting, decorating, artist, designer, makeup artist, fashion designer, interior decorator, jewelry design, event planner, party planner, etc. It is your purpose in life to express your creativity in a career.

Atmakaraka Venus in 11th house

Atmakaraka Venus in 11th house means your support system (friends, elder siblings, social network, and organizations) helps you fulfill your purpose in life. People in your social network are loving, supportive, and inspire you with creativity. Nevertheless, you are passionate about society and help in creating balance in the world. On the other hand, the 11th house is a significator of gains and extra resources and Venus is feminine energy. therefore, extra resources can come from Venusian investments, such as women’s products, beauty, gems, precious stones, relationships, clothing, beauty, accessories, etc.

Atmakaraka Venus in 12th house

Atmakaraka Venus in the 12th house means you are passionate about isolation, seclusion, spirituality, and enlightenment. The planet Venus is exalted in the 12th house, which is the original house of Pisces; however, the 12th house is a Dusthana house. Therefore, you are passionate about self-imposed confinement; you’re the type of person who balances your energies and restores peace of mind when you are in a serene and peaceful environment. Venus is the planet of marriage, and the 12th house relates to foreigners; therefore, you can marry someone who is a foreigner or of foreign birth. In addition, you are passionate about overseas travel, and you can have a permanent residence in another country. On the other hand, you have unrealistic expectations when it comes to your spouse. Since the 12th house relates to imagination, you have a fantasy lover, and you expect to meet someone of similar characteristics; however, the person you marry will be the complete opposite of what you hope and wish for.

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