Venus in the 12th house

Meaning of Venus in the 12th House

With Venus in the 12th house in Vedic astrology your passion and desires is towards the 12th house. You are passionate about foreign travel, bedroom pleasures, isolated places, sleep, your creative imagination, and a fantasy lover.

Love:The 12th house relates to losses and escapism. With Venus in the 12th house, you could lose your lover, or you may escape the relationship. You could decide that you no longer want to be in a relationship and break up with your significant other.

Meet Wife: If you are a man, your will meet your wife in a place of isolation or on a foreign vacation. Men have good luck meeting women while foreign traveling or in private locations.

Spirituality: You love spirituality and can be a devoted spiritualist.

Beautiful Feet: Venus is a planet of beauty. Natives with this position have beautiful feet. A regular pedicure can enhance the beauty of your feet.

Spend on Luxury and Pleasures: You love to spend money on pleasures and luxuries. Anything that brings you pleasure, joy, and comfort is a necessary expense.

Private About Love: You are very private about your love life. The 12th house is very private. You keep your romantic life private. Your first date can be in a private place. The park or even the comfort of home is where often have dates. You do not like to publicize details about your relationships and sex life.

Foreign Love: You may marry or be in a relationship with someone from a foreign country or foreign birth. You can marry someone who is of a different race or culture.

Marriage: Bedroom pleasures are an important part of the marriage.

Love Bedroom Pleasures: You are passionate about bedroom pleasures. Having an active sex life brings you much joy and happiness.

Private Social life: Venus is a very social planet, and the 12th house is isolated. You love social gatherings in private places (in the home or remote location). You also prefer very few people at social gatherings.

Passion for Isolation: You love being in places of isolation. You can get In-tune with your creative imagination when you are alone.

Fantasy Lover: If your Venus is in the 12th house, you have a fantasy lover. In the imaginary world of your conscious mind, you love spending time with your lover. You may have a crush on a celebrity, who you fantasize about frequently.

Love Foreign Travel: You have passionate about foreign travel. Taking a trip around the world inspires you with creativity. If the 7th House Lord is in the 12th house your husband or wife can be of foreign birth.

Unsatisfied with Lover: You seem to always be unsatisfied with your lover. Your lover could be the ideal partner, but you always seem to want more or someone different.

Creative Fantasy Writer: You have a creative imagination. If you are a writer, you can be an amazing fiction or fantasy writer. Many creative fantasy writers have Venus in the 12th house


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