Venus in the 7th house

Venus in the 7th House

Venus in the 7th house in Vedic astrology gives you a deep passion for a romantic relationship. This is a very good position for Venus. The planet Venus feels at home in its house of Libra. If the planet is in good dignity, it brings good results to the marriage life.

Love Passion – You are passionate about love and enjoy being in a relationship. You feel as if you were born to be in a loving relationship with the right person. When you are involved in a marriage or relationship you love the person who you are will deeply. You love spending romantic moments with your spouse or lover. You are the happiest in a relationship and need that connection to feel alive.

Learn about Love – You learn about love and by being in romantic relationships or marriage. Also, dealing with other people helps you learn about love and relationships.

Spouse – Venus blesses you with a good-looking spouse. Your spouse or partner is very attractive. Your spouse will energize and start your creative and artistic abilities. Your spouse is romantic and magnetic. Spouse gets a lot of attention from other people. Other people are drawn to your spouse like a moth to a flame. A spouse can be creative and can express their love for you poetically and artistically.

Transformation – When you are feeling lonely, sad, defeated, at rock bottom, or dead inside. Your spouse can raise you from the dead (Venus).

Career Activation– The 7th house is the highest of your career (10th from the 10th). Once you get married, your career becomes activated. If you feel that things are not taking off for you career-wise, marriage will activate progress in your career. Once married you may get a promotion, a new job, or start your own business.

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