Venus in the 11th house
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Meaning of Venus in the 11th House Vedic Astrology

Venus – When Venus is in the 11th house in Vedic astrology you are passionate about your hope, wishes, desires, friendships, and extra income. This is one of the most favorable positions for the planet Venus. The planet of desire in the house of financial gains can give favorable results. The 11th house is the original house of Saturn. The planet Saturn is friends with Venus. So, Saturn will try to fulfill all of Venus’s hopes and wishes.

Hopes/Wishes – You are passionate about your hopes, wishes, dreams, and desires. Fulfilling your goals in life brings you joy and happiness.

Service – You have a humanitarian heart. It brings you great joy when you help less fortunate people. You may fight for women’s rights or work for a women’s organization.

Friends – Regardless if you are a male or female you have more female friends. Also, your social network circle consists of more females. Friends are very charming, creative, and compassionate.

Extra Income – Extra income can come from a business related to female products or products with feminine energy. Selling perfumes, hair products, make-up, lotions, cosmetics, can bring in extra income. Anything related to women (Venus) can bring financial gains in your life. Also, a creative endeavor can bring in wealth.

Eldest Child – The 11th house is your eldest child spouse (it is the 7th house from the 5th) Your eldest child will have a very attractive partner.

Where you meet her – If you are a male, you will meet your wife at social events. You could meet her at an organization, community event, business meeting, concert, fundraising or, charity event. You meet your wife anywhere there are crowds and a lot of people around. With this position men have good luck meeting a significant other in a social setting.

Wife – The wife brings to the marriage financial gains and fulfillment of wishes.

Eldest Siblings – If Venus is not afflicted, you have a beautiful relationship with your eldest sibling. Your eldest sibling is good looking and can be a creative inspiration to you.


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