Venus in the 1st house

Venus in the 1st House Vedic Astrology

Venus: With Venus in the 1st house in Vedic astrology you have a passion for 1st house significations. Your passion is your body, physical appearance, love, relationships, creativity, and social involvement.

Meaning of Venus: The planet Venus represents Love, Romance, Marriage, Passion, Desire, Beauty, Transformations, Pleasures, Luxuries, Comforts, Socializing, Women. When Venus comes into your 1st house all the qualities of Venus express themselves strongly. The Venus energy will influence your personality, physical body, path in life, and thoughts.

Personality:You are very charming and have a magnetism about you that draws other people to you. You are socially adept and love the company of others. You feel a sense of connection when you are around other people. You need people in your life to feel balanced. Building relationships with others is a huge part of your life.

Body: When you have Venus in the 1st house, you like to dress beautifully. If you are a woman, you will love dressing in colorful clothing, accessories, perfumes, and jewelry. If you are a male, you will love appealing clothing, cologne, men’s jewelry (chains, watches, etc). Both women and men care deeply about their appearance and how they look physically. You love showing off your fashion and sense of style.

Love on the Brain: The 1st house represents your brain/mind. Venus in this position incline you to have love on the brain (mind). If you are in a relationship or marriage, you are always thinking about your significant other. If you are not in a relationship you fantasize about meeting that perfect someone. You are built for relationships and you love being involved with a special someone.

Beautiful Surroundings: You love beautiful surroundings. Decorating your environment with art, painting, home decors, and pictures comes naturally to you.

Learn About Love: Venus is also an indicator of how you learn about love. With Venus in the 1st house, you learn about love, romance, and relationships through yourself (1st House).

Wife In Males Chart: Venus represents a wife in a man’s chart. If you are a man and you have Venus in the 1st house, you may meet your wife or significant other early in life (1st House) as a child or in your teens). Planets in the 1st house indicate things that will come to you. With Venus in this position, your wife can come out of the blue and walk into your life.

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