Venus in the 3rd house
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Meaning of Venus in the 3rd House Vedic Astrology

Venus – When Venus is in your 3rd house in Vedic astrology your passion goes towards the 3rd house. You are passionate about your efforts, communication, younger siblings, technical skills, and movement.

Creative with Hands – Venus gives creativity to the native based on its position. In the 3rd house, you are creative with your hands. You may be a painter, artist, crafter, sewer, or knitting. You are very creative when you work with your hands. You like to embellish your craftwork with color and beauty.

Beautiful Hands – You are blessed with beautiful hands. If you are a woman, you love getting manicures. If the 10th lord influences the 3rd house (positioned, aspect, or conjunct). You use the beauty of your hands in your career. You could be a hand model or even a manicurist.

Learn about Love – You learn about love, romance, and relationships through your younger siblings, movies, Television Shows, neighbors, and social media (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram act.)

Communications/Writing – Your handwriting is very pretty. You may be a writer of poetry, love letter, romantic novels, or have a blog that focuses on love and prelateships. You love communication with loved ones, especially your spouse. You are constantly calling and communicating with your significant other.

Transformations – Venus is the planet of transformation. The planet Venus relates to the dead (Venus). This goes back to the ancient mythology of Venus. In mythology, Venus died and was brought back to life. Being brought back from the dead relates to being regenerated and renewed after feeling dead (depressed, sad, defeated).

You can be transformed (brought back from the dead) through your younger siblings (3rd House). When you are feeling dead, and your batteries need to be recharged your younger siblings can help you feel restored and renewed.

Wife – Venus is the wife in a man’s chart. Its position can indicate where a male will meet his wife or significant others. With this position, you may meet your wife through younger siblings, social media, or short journeys (trips to the store or anywhere close to the home), at the movies, or a sports game.


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