Venus in the 4th house
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Venus in the 4th House

Venus – When you have Venus in the 4th house in Vedic astrology your passion goes toward the 4th house. You are passionate about beautifying the home, your homeland, mother, comforts, and having a peaceful mind and disposition.

Beautify the Home – Venus in the 4th house give you artistic talent with decorating your home and personal space. You love to beautify your home with color and flare. Decorating your home with colorful painting, home décor, craftwork, art, pictures, paintings is an enjoyment. When people come into your home it is beautiful and welcoming. You grew up in a loving and peaceful home. You love taking the time to make your home appealing and pleasant. At work, you love decorating your cubicle, office, locker, or any personal space you have at work.

Mother – Your mother is very creative and beautiful. Your mother inspired you with creativity. Growing up in the mother household, the Venusian energy colored every room in the house. The home was beautifully decorated and appealing to the eyes. Your mother could have been an artist, painter, interior decorator, musician, artist, or worked with women or women products (perfumes, scented oils, women’s clothing, or any women affairs).

Loving Heart – You have a loving heart. Your love radiates and shines drawing other people to you.

Wife – Venus indicates the wife in the male’s birth chart. Venus in the 4th house signifies that a male will meet their wife at home, through his mother, in their town or city.

Beautiful Chest – The 4th house relates to the chest and breast. If you are a woman, you have beautiful breasts. If you are a male, you have an attractive chest that catches the eye of women.

Marriage/Relationships – Venus is the karaka of marriage, for both men and women. If you have Venus in the 4th house your mother can get involved in your marriage or relationship. This can be for good or bad. On a positive note, the mother can be highly supportive of your marriage and may have been the one who introduced, you to your spouse. On a negative note, if Venus is damaged in the 4th house, your mother can interfere in your relationship.

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