Venus in the 8th house

Meaning of Venus in the 8th House Vedic Astrology

Venus in the 8th house gives you a passion and desire for sexual relationships, hidden information, esoteric knowledge, research. Your passions are related to 8th house significations.

Secret Love – The 8th house is related to secrets and Venus indicates love relationships. When the planet of love comes into the house of secrete, you may have secrete love affairs. If married, you may have a lover that you keep hidden from your partner. If you are single, you like to keep your love life hidden away (private)

Sexual Passion – You have a profound passion for sex. You are a passionate lover. You love sexual explorations. If the 12th lord (bedroom pleasure) aspects, conjunct, or is positioned with Venus. Your sexual passion is intensified. Also, the planet Mars in this house can heighten your sexual desires. You can be wild in bed and take your lover by surprise.

Esoteric Knowledge – You love exploring the hidden side of life. Subjects like metaphysics, new age, occult, mysticism, sorcery, magic, astrology, numerology are of interest to you. Any hidden or secret information sparks your interest.

Wife – A man will meet his wife in a secret location. You can also keep your wife secret and may not reveal too much information about her to others. Your wife can be very secretive and may not want you to reveal too much information about her.

In-Laws – If Venus is not afflicted you have a loving relationship with your in-laws. Your in-laws are loving and social. Your in-laws invite you to cookouts, parties, weddings, and all social events and gatherings.

Marriage – Marriage can go through many sudden ups and downs. The 8th house is the house of sudden things. There can be a lot of surprises and unseen events that take the marriage by storm. Marriage life can be difficult with this position because so many hidden and unseen thing disrupts the marriage.


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