Mars in the 1st House

Mars – Mars represents energy, strength, valor (courage), siblings, weapons, cuts, business, physical fights, arguments. These are the main significator related to the planet mars that can be applied to each house.

Energy – There is a say that goes “Whenever your energy (focus) goes the results (manifestation) are sure to flow”. The planet Mars is all about results, putting energy into things to create a manifestation. Where Mars is in your birth chart is where you will exert your energy and see a manifestation (results of your efforts).

Exert Energy in Body – If Mars is in 1st house or the sign of Aries. The person must exert their energy in the body. All the energy goes into the physical body. Their strength is in the body. They love to build and strengthen the body.

They use their physical body in everyday life for their career (if the 10th lord or Sun conjunct mars). The native could be an athlete, physical therapist, police officer, the person has to use their physical body in the world.

Most Violent – Mars is the most violet planet, wherever Mars goes it will bring its karaka or violence. Regarding the 1st house, Mars energy will be violent to your physical body.

When Mars is in the 1st house in Vedic astrology the person will be injury prone. Injuries will happen to the physical body (1st house) and especially the head which is a signification of the 1st house.

Passion – A person is passionate about themselves and what they can accomplish.

Competition – You are an extremely competitive person.

Disputes – Since Mars aspects, the 7th house the native will have fights, arguments, and disputes with one’s spouse or significant other. The native may be the one who initiates the fights with the spouse.

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