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Mars in the 8th House

Exert Energy – With Mars in the 8th house in Vedic astrology, you exert your energy in 8th house indicators. Your passion goes toward esoteric knowledge (metaphysics, new age, occults, mysticism, sorcery, magic, astrology, numerology). You exert your energy in other people’s money, join assets, spouse family (in-laws), spouse money, unearned wealth, secrets, and all that is hidden and unknown.

Spouse Money – Your focus is on gaining through spouse’s money. You take actions to benefit financially from your spouse or to manage spouse money.

In law Violent – Your in-laws epically spouse 1st youngest sibling can be the most violent towards you. This violent nature can manifest as physical or verbal arguments. Your in-laws can be aggrieved and competitive towards you.

Magnetism – You have a powerful magnetic aura. Mars in this position gives sexual appeal that draws others to you. Marilyn Monroe has Mars in the 8th house. She was well known for her magnetism and sex appeal. Marilyn Monroe also has the plant Jupiter conjunction Mars in her 8th house. A Mars and Jupiter conjunct in the 8th house of sex appear can expand your magnetic abilities.

Unsuccessful Attempts – The 8th house is a significator of unsuccessful attempts or failure. With Mars in this position, you don’t let defeat get you down. You will keep trying at something to succeed.

Reproductive Parts – The 8th house pertains to surgery and Mars is the most vicious planet. With Mars in the 8th house, you can have surgeries. You can sustain injures or have inflation in the reproductive parts or anus area of your body. You can have scars, cuts, bruises on the internal reproduction organs. If other planetary alignment supports it, you can have surgeries on reproduction organs. Again, other placements must support this.

Psychological – The 8th house represents the psyche. The 8th house is related to deep psychological issues that take strength to overcome. Mars in the 8th house gives you psychological strength. You have the fighting power to overcome deep psychological issues.

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