Mars in the 3rd House

Exert Energy in Hands – Mars in the 3rd house in Vedic astrology is similar to Mars in Gemini. The energy and focus go into how to develop skills of hand (3rd House). This is for both 3rd House and Mars in Gemini. You are very technical (Mars) with your hands. You can be into sports, technology, or medicine with this position.

Injury to Hand, Shoulders – You can have injuries like cuts, bruises, burns, marks due to injury to the hands or shoulder.

Most Violent – Mars is the most violent planet. Wherever Mars is positioned in your chart is where you will feel the most violence. In the 3rd house, the most violence is coming to you through your younger sibling (3rd house). You can have a difficult and problematic relationship with the 1st youngest sibling.

Younger Sibling – Mars is the natural karaka of siblings and the 3rd house relates to the 1st youngest sibling. If you have a younger brother or sister, you can easily get into conflict with your youngest sibling. The youngest sibling is full of energy and strength. There can be an overpowering need to try to outdo each other. You can feel that you just do not get along with your youngest siblings. If Saturn is in the 3rd house fights can lead to separation. If Jupiter is the 3rd house or aspecting it, the relationship with the youngest sibling can be protected and you may only have a friendly competition with youngest siblings. With Jupiter positioned in the 3rd house you may have an argument but find a way to resolve conflict.

Neighbors –  The 3rd house is a significator of your neighbors. You can get into verbal arguments with neighbors. Neighbors are also competitive and use aggressive speech to communicate. Neighbors may yell or curse to make a point

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