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Mars in the 2nd House

Exert Energy – When you have Mars in the 2nd house in Vedic astrology your energy goes into 2nd house indicator (speech, making money, and family)

Speech – Your energy goes into strength (Mars) of speech (2nd house ). Your speech is strong in tone and sound. You may often sound aggressive to others when you speak. Mars is a malefic and Tamas (destructive ) planet. You use profanity words when your speak. Profanity and four letters words are a natural part of your vocabulary.

Taste – Spicy foods appeal to your unique fiery taste buds. You are constantly adding hot spices or herbs to your meals and dishes (red pepper, tabasco sauce, jalapeños, hot sauce black pepper) or any spicy seasoning.

Family – The person is energized in having a family and dealing with the family. However, this energy can quickly lead to arguments since mars bring verbal violent energy to the 2nd house.

Most Violent – Family: The person feels the most violence in the family. Growing up in early childhood a family member could have been the most violent.

Injury to Face – You are inclined to have injuries to the face. You could have cuts, burns, bruises, and marks due to falls or accidents. Since the 2nd house represents early childhood. As a child, you have often had some type of injury or cut to the face areas.

Competition – Your family is extremely competitive. You play physical sport with family or you may feel like you are in competition with family in general or a particular family member. You may feel that your family is always trying to conquer you, or you may feel that you have to outperform your family in general or a particular member of your family.

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