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Mars in the 5th House

Exert Energy – With Mars in the 5th house in Vedic astrology you exert your energy In the 5th house matters like speculation (stocks, gambling, lottery, investments) intelligence, Creativity, children).

Energy – Great energy and strength come through the birth of the child. A person always exerts energy towards the 5th House matter.

Injury – The 5th house is related to the stomach area. You can have cuts and bruises on your stomach. In extreme cases, you can have surgeries to the stomach regions of your body. For instance, if you are a woman and have Mars in your 5th house you can have a C-section with the birth of your first child. A C-section is more strongly indicate if Mars conjunct Ketu in the 5th house.

Education – You can have a technical education like engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, technology, or any technical education that requires analytical thinking. Mars in this position gives you the talent to exert your energy and build the concept of your intellectual mind. You can comprehend complex ideas and concepts.

Most Violent – The 5th house represents your 1st child. The planet Mars brings the energy of violence and hostility wherever it is positioned. You can easily get into verbal arguments with 1st child.

Children – Your children are extremely competitive. Children are aggressive, passionate, and are driven. You may love your children very much, but the planet Mars brings a hostile relationship wherever it is positioned. You find that you are constantly bickering and arguing with children, especially the 1st child. If the planet Jupiter is positioned or aspect the 5th house, conflict can be resolved, and the relationship can be salvage. However, if no benefic planets aspect the 5th house fights can be problematic with little to no resolution, and it can create a wedge in relationship with children (especially 1st child). Your 1st child is prone to cuts and bruises. You may find yourself using your first aid kit regularly when your child was growing up.

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