Mars in the 6th House

Exert Energy – When you have Mars in the 6th house in Vedic astrology, you exert energy towards the 6th house matters (health, illness, diseases, competition, suffering of the world) The planet Mars is a soldier and the instinctive impulsive within you. The planet Mars acts without thinking. The 6th house is where you will exert your instinctive nature.

Enemies Most Violent – Your enemies or rivals can be the most violent. If you have rivals or people who challenge you, they can be aggressive and violent. If the planet Mars or ruler of the 6th house is afflicted, you can easily get into physical fights with enemies. Your enemies are very competitive and will go to great lengths to try to conquer you.

Injury – The 6th house represents the digestive tract and small intestine. You can have injuries to this area of your physical body. Mars also can cause inflammation to the digestive tract and small intestine. They can become inflamed especially when you are going through the Dash Mars of a planet poisoned in the 1st house (physical body)

Pets – You may love your pet, but with this position, your pets or domestic animals may be aggressive towards you. If you have a dog, you may have tiny bite marks. If you have a cat you can have scratches on your body.

Litigations – Court cases or any litigation an-be a battlefield, but you have the energy and stamina to overcome litigation.

Strength – The 6th house relates to your health. The 6th house relates to the healing aspect of Virgo. Mars gives you the valor, determination, and strength to fight off diseases (6th house).

Work Environment – The 6th house represents the everyday work environment. The planet Mars brings competitive nature to the work environment. Coworkers are competitive and can be argumentative. You have to compete with your colleague in the day-to-day task. You can easily get into arguments and disagreements with colleagues. Your coworkers can be overly aggressive and assertive toward you. If Sun (Bosses) conjunct Mars, you easily get into arguments with bosses and authority figures. If you naturally have a hostile job (firefighter, police officer, military) this can neutralize the negative effect of Mars because hostility is a natural part of the day-to-day job.

Maternal Aunts and Uncles – The 6th house is an indicator of your mother’s first youngest sibling; this is your maternal aunt or uncle. You can have problematic relationships with maternal aunt and uncles. On the other hand, your maternal aunt and uncles can be extremely competitive, aggressive, and assertive.

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