Venus in the 2nd house
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Meaning of Venus in the 2nd House Vedic Astrology

Venus – When you have Venus in the 2nd house in Vedic astrology your passion and desires are related to the 2nd house. You are passionate about your facial appearance, resources, family, money, finances, accumulating luxury items, and food. The 2nd house is the House of Taurus which is Venus’s home sign. Venus feels comfortable and at ease in the 2nd house and gives good results.

Face – You have a beautiful (Venus) face (2nd house) that attracts attention. If you are a woman, you love wearing makeup (lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, mascara) to enhance your facial beauty. Your face is one of the most attractive parts of your body.

Silver Spoon – There is a saying that if you have Venus in the 2nd house you are born with a silver spoon (wealth, luxury). This means, as a small child there were enough resources available to support your development. Even if your parents or guardians were struggling, it was a priority that you received everything you need and more.

Luxury Food – The 2nd house relates your taste buds and the type of food you like. You appreciate and love fine dining that appears to your luxury taste buds. You have expensive taste; you love specialized food. You can enjoy sour and acidulous foods.

Money – You have a passion for making money. Wealth can be promised in Venus is involved Lakshmi Yoga or Dhan yoga.

Love Family – If Venus is not afflicted (debilitated enemy sign, combusted) You love being around your family. You appreciate a loving and harmonious family environment. Happy family life brings contentment and happiness.

Sweet Voice – You have a pleasant tone to your voice. When you speak it’s very pleasant and sweet. Even if you are male with a deep voice, the tone of your voice will be strong but alluring. Conjunctions with other plants with Venus can change the tone of your voice. A sweet singing voice is indicated with this position.

Resources – The 2nd house represents your resources, and Venus is the karaka of luxuries. With Venus in the 2nd house, you love collecting luxuries items like gemstones, and jewelry. You may have a safety deposit box where you keep all your precious jewelry. You all are accumulating and collecting all types of luxury items. You value these items as your assets.

Learn about Love – You learned about relationships, love, and creativity through family (2nd house early in your childhood. Even if you are aware of it or not, your family influenced you on how to view love and relationships (for good or bad).

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