Venus in the 9th house

Venus in the 9th House

Venus – When Venus is in the 9th house in Vedic astrology you are passionate about the 9th house significators. Your passion goes towards higher education, long-distance travel, religion, spirituality, and your belief system.

Father – Your father is very creative. Father may have been an artist, painter, musician. Father is very attractive and draws others to him.

Higher Education – You find pleasure, happiness, fulfillment in higher learning. Perusing your master’s degree, Ph.D., or taking a Doctoral program can bring happiness to your life.

Long-Distance Travel – You are passionate about long distant travel. You may rent an RV and go on a road trip traveling around the country. Or you take time off and travel around the world visiting a foreign country. Long-distance and foreign travel spark your creativity and inspires you with hope and possibilities. You are well-traveled because you get so much pleasure from seeing the world. If you have not traveled but have a strong desire. Traveling opportunities come during your Venus Dasha.

Marriage – Venus is the karaka of marriage for both men and women. If Venus is in your 9th house, the marriage life is fortunate.

Wife – In male charts, you will meet your wife on a long distant or foreign trip. The wife is spiritual, compassionate, and educated. If you are a male, you may have a long-distance relationship with your wife before being married.

Buttocks, Thighs – The 9th house represent your buttocks, thighs, and Venus is beauty. Natives with this position have beautiful buttocks and attractive thighs.

Sister-in-Law – The 9th house is our spouse’s youngest siblings and Venus relates to women. So, when Venus is in your 9th house it represents your spouse’s younger sisters (your sister-in-law). Your sister-in-law is very attractive, social, and fun. She also has creative talents.

Grandchildren – The 9th house relates to your grandchildren. Venus blesses you with beautiful grandchildren who bring joy and love to your life.


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