Venus in the 10th house

Meaning of Venus in the 10th House Vedic Astrology

Venus – When Venus is in the 10th house in Vedic astrology your joy and pleasure is in the 10th house. You are passionate about your career, government, authority, the outside world, and your Dharma (performing actions).

Creative Career – The focus of your career is creativity. A career in the arts as an artist, actor, designer singer, interior decorator, musical bring happiness and joy. You have to express creativity in your career to have fulfillment. If you are working in a career that is not utilizing your marvelous creative talents. You will feel like you are not living up to your potential.

Authority – You are passionate about gaining authority and being in a leadership role. You may be a manager or supervisor in a Venusian career. A manager of a clothing store, cosmetics, beauty supply, women products, or perfumes. Any career that relates to femininity, art, and beauty is where you can have authority (10th house).

Society – You find joy, pleasure, and fulfillment being out and about in society. You love the outside world. You are happier when you are in society, instead of being confined at home. You desire a public status and find fulfillment when society recognizes yours for accomplishments.

Government – The 10th house represents the government. You are passionate about government and politics. This passion can lead you to have a career working for the government.

Women – Venus is the karaka of women, and the 10th house is your career. You work around or with a lot of women in your career. If you have an office job, your coworkers are mostly women. If your coworkers are men, they will have feminine personalities or be very artistic.

Wife – In a males chart, you could meet your wife or significant others at work. Since Venus brings women to your work environment, one of your coworkers or employees if you are a business owner could be that special someone. Your wife is career-oriented and authoritative.

Beautiful Knees – Venus is beauty, and the 10th relates to your knees. The planet Venus blesses you with attractive knees. Your knees can be very well-formed and prominent.


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