Darakaraka: Who Is Your Spouse? Predict Your Marriage Age.

What is Your Darakaraka | Your Spouse Secrets

Your Darakaraka is your spouse (husband or wife). It is the signification of your 7th house of Marriage and is used to predict your Marriage age ( timing of marriage) and long- term relationships. You can know your spouse secrets (even before meeting him or her)  by studying the planet that is your Darakaraka and knowing what nakshatra your Darakaraka  is in.Also your Darakaraka in the 27 Nakshatra can uncover a wealth of information about your future spouse.

How to Find Your Darakaraka

Your Darakaraka is the planet with the lowest degree out of all the 7 Jaimini Chara Karakas. To calculate your Darakaraka find the planet with the lowest degree in your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Report. This is the planet that represents your spouse, husband for woman, and wife for a man. In the example below, Venus (Ven) is the planet with the lowest degree and therefore, is the Darakaraka (DK).

Your Darakaraka Planet

Your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Report can show you the characteristics of your spouse. You can know who your spouse is before meeting him or her. Once married the Darakaraka, can still be used to know the hidden nature of your husband or wife. Rahu and Ketu are excluded from the 7 Jaimini Chara Karakas.

Darakaraka Mercury

If your Darakaraka is Mercury, your spouse is communicative, skillful, flexible, humorous, youthful, and a traveler. Your spouse is very witty and enjoys laughing and joking.

The planet Mercury is the karaka of friendship. Your spouse can be your best friend. Your marriage partner is also mechanical or is skillful with their hands. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini (the original 3rd house). The 3rd house relates to the hands; therefore, your spouse can be a mechanic, craftworker, carpenter. On the other hand, Mercury represents youth. Your partner may be younger than you. If Saturn conjunct Mercury, the spouse may be older but look or act younger. Or spouse is younger (Mercury) but is mature (Saturn). You take many journeys and trips with your spouse. Even if it is a short trip to the grocery store, you seem to be always on the go with your spouse.

Darakaraka Moon

If your Darakaraka is Moon, your spouse is sensitive, emotional, nurturing, and lustful. With the moon as the Darakaraka, you desire a partnership. You are unhappy if you do not have a special someone in your life. Your husband or wife will be the nurturer in your relationship and is caring and compassionate. He or she will take care of you and tend to your emotional needs. Your spouse is also very sensitive and can tune into the emotional energy of an environment. If the energy is upbeat and positive, this can positively influence your husband or wife. However, if the environmental energy is heavy and negative, your spouse can become  moody. It is a good idea to always have a peaceful and serene environment for your spouse. You also need to be careful what you say to your spouse because he or she is so sensitive your spouse’s feelings can easily be hurt. On the other hand, the relations can have their ups and downs. This is because the moon is constantly changing waxing and waning. So, the relationship will go through cycles.

Darakaraka Sun

If your Darakaraka is Sun, you desire solar qualities in your spouse. Your marriage partner is powerful, authoritative, and has good leadership abilities. Your spouse will have all the qualities of the Sun and be a shining light in your life. The person can be into politics or work in the government and  is confident and has high self-esteem. If the planet Sun is positioned in your 7th house,  your spouse can be dominating and overpowering.  Your spouse is also controlling, and you may feel at times that you have to submit to your partner’s will. Your spouse is also intelligent, inspirational, and creative.

Darakaraka Venus

If your Darakaraka is Venus, you are looking for Venusian qualities in your spouse. Your spouse can be a painter, Interior designer, or love being involved in creative endeavors. Venus is the planet of beauty; your husband or wife can dress beautifully and stylishly in attractive clothing. If the planet Venus is not afflicted, your spouse prefers a harmonic and well-balanced relationship. Venus is also the planet of sexuality and pleasure. Your marriage partner can be very romantic, charming, and sexually magnetic. With Venus as your Darakaraka, you have a very sexual and romantic spouse. Your partner loves to socialize and go to parties and all types of social engagements. In some way, your spouse will transform you. Once you meet your significant other you may feel like you have risen from the dead or are dramatically changed in some way.

Darakaraka Jupiter

If your Darakaraka is Jupiter, you are looking for Jupiterian qualities in your husband or wife. Your marriage partner can be a philosopher, counselor, spiritualist, religious, and highly educated.  Your marriage partner can be your advisor. You look to your spouse for advice or counseling for any problem or issue you may have. Your spouse is also Highly educated and may have a master’s degree or Ph.D. Any type of advanced degree and higher education Sparks your spouse’s interest. Your spouse can also be very religious or spiritual. If religious, your spouse goes to churches or temples in prayer or worship. If your spouse is spiritual and taking interest in spiritual practice your spouse can be a practitioner of chants, mantras, and healing prayers.  Your spouse is also a philosopher, He or she make contemplate life in the true meaning behind all existence. Your marriage partner brings a lot of good luck and fortune into your life. If the planet Jupiter is in your 8th house, you can benefit financially from your husband or wife. Your spouse may be wealthy or support you financially. This is especially true if the planet Jupiter is involved in raj yoga or dhana yoga. If the planet Jupiter is not afflicted your spouse is very wise: however, if Jupiter is in bad dignity, wisdom comes to your spouse through life experiences.

Darakaraka Mars

If your Darakaraka Is Mars, you are looking for fire qualities in your spouse.   Your spouse is aggressive, assertive decisive, driven, motivated, and courageous. The planet bars element is fire, the personality of your marriage partner is very fiery and electric. Everything that he or she do is done with intensity and flair. Your spouse is a natural athlete. In addition, if other planets support this alignment your spouse can be a professional athlete. Your spouse is assertive and loves taking initiative.

Your husband or wife does not like to sit still for long. He or she has to be constantly engaged in some type of mental or physical activity. Action rules your spouse’s life and he or she always has to have something to do to feel alive. Your marriage partner is also protective especially of you and will defend you if your feeling threatened or in danger. Your spouse is very passionate and puts energy and drives into everything he or she does. Your spouse has a very analytical and technical mind. Your spouse can be an engineer, technician, or deal with electronics. Mars is the planet that rules real estate oh, your marriage partner they have a career buying and selling properties. Your husband or wife may have an interest in owning his or her own home.

Mars is the planet of arguments and dispute. You may find that you get into unnecessary arguments with your spouse that can simply be resolved through understanding both points of view.

Darakaraka Saturn

If you’re Darakaraka is Saturn, you are looking for Saturnian qualities in your husband or wife. Your marriage partner is discipline, hardworking, mature, serious, and maybe older than you. Saturn is a cold planet your marriage partner may come off as cold, serious, and distant to other people. On the surface, your partner may not show too many emotions, however, if watery planets like Moon conjunct Saturn your partner may put on a hard exterior but be very emotional inside. Your spouse is also very hard-working and have a blue-collar job or work menial jobs. Saturn is the planet that rules pessimism, your spouse may often see the glass half-full.

Since Saturn is the planet that rules old age, you may marry a spouse who is older than you. However, if Mercury is conjunct Saturn your marriage partner could be younger than you but very mature. On another note, with a Mercury and Saturn conjunction, your Spouse could be older than you but young at heart or look younger physically. Your spouse is very responsible and prefers a well-structured life and marriage.

Saturn is also the planet of delay, if you marry young there may be some type of delay in getting to the altar. On the other hand, if Saturn is positioned or aspect your 7th house marriage can be delayed until after 35 when Saturn returns to his native position in your birth chart. If Saturn is in retrograde in your charge restrictions are removed and you can marry at a normal age.

Darakaraka in The 27 Nakshatras

Your Darakaraka in the 27 Nakshatras can dig deeper into the qualities and personality of your husband or wife. You can know secrets or hidden qualities of your spouse; characteristics your spouse does not even know. Your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Report will reveal the Nakshatra your Darakaraka is positioned in.

Darakaraka and Marriage Timing

The Darakaraka is used for Marriage Timing and long-term relationships are also predicted using the Darakaraka. There are dozens of ways to predict marriage even when Darakaraka is not involved. Remember the Darakaraka is only one way to predict your marriage age. I have written an article on this blog The Timing of Marriage the Master Key to Unlocking Your Marriage Age illustrating the various way to predict your marriage age. However, for the Darakaraka to trigger a marriage you have to be running (or will run) through a particular Dasha (planetary time-period). The Dasha is also called the Mahadasha Lord (MDL). The MDL is the current Dasha you are running.

How to Find Your Marriage Age

There are dozens of ways your Darakaraka can bring marriage into your life. Below is a list of some of ways in which your Darakaraka can indicate a marriage. If you are single and looking for the perfect someone you can use the list below to predict your marriage age using your Darakaraka as your marriage indicator. You need to look for these combinations below in your D1 (Birth Chart) and D9 (Navamsa chart). To narrow down the timing one of the indicators below has to be occurring in addition to Jupiter and Saturn aspecting your Lagna, Lagna Lord, 7th House, or 7th House lord.

  1. Darakaraka in Lagna/Ascendant: The Darakaraka in the 1st house is a strong indicator of marriage because it aspect the 7th house of marriage and long-term relationships. Subsequently, when your Darakaraka is positioned in your Lagna (1st House) marriage is indicated when you run the Dasha of the Darakaraka (the planet that signifies your Darakaraka).
  2. The MDL Conjunct Darakaraka: Marriage can take place when the Mahadasha Lord (MDL) is conjunct your Darakaraka. Meghan Markle married Prince Harry when her Darakaraka was in conjunction with her MDL (Jupiter)
  3. Darakaraka aspect MDL: If your Darakaraka aspect your MDL a marriage can take place. The marriage will be trigger when you run the Dasha of the planet is being aspected by your Darakaraka.
  4. Darakaraka in 7th House: If your Darakaraka is positioned in your 7th house marriage is indicated when you run the MDL of the Darakaraka.
  5. Darakaraka positioned in Chara Dasha: Marriage can take place if you are going through the Chara Dasha (zodiac sign) your Darakaraka is positioned in. For instance, if you are going through the Chara Dasha Aries and your Darakaraka is sitting in that particular zodiac sign. As a result, you can get married in an Aries Chara Dasha.
  6. Darakaraka Aspect Chara Dasha: If you Darakaraka aspect your Chara Dasha (zodiac sign). Therefore, marriage can take place if you are running or will run the Chara Dasha the Darakaraka is aspecting.
  7. Darakaraka Mahadasha Running: A marriage will take place when you run the Dasha of the planet that signified your Darakaraka. For instance, if your Darakaraka is Mars and you are going through your Mars Dasha you can get married. However, other marriage indicators can strengthen your chances of getting married. For example, if your Darakaraka is conjunct with other marriage indicators like Venus, 7HL (7th House Lord), Upapada Lord (UP) this can strengthen the chances of getting married when the Darakaraka is connected.


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