Atmakaraka Mars: The Fire of the Soul

Atmakaraka Mars means the nature of your soul is aggressive, assertive, driven, motivated, courageous, athletic, and technical. Since Mars element is fire, you have a very fiery nature. You take action with intensity and are goal-oriented. You are a natural athlete and have an assertive nature. You may as well be a professional athlete or engaged many hours working out in the gym. You enjoy taking initiative and getting things done. You can’t sit still for a long period because you must be constantly moving or taking some type of action. You must be constantly engaged in some type of mental or physical activity. Actions dominate your life, when you are engaged in an activity, you feel alive, inspired, and motivated. On the other hand, Mars is a soldier who protects the land: therefore, you are protective of the people you love and will defend them if they are feeling uneasy. You are very passionate and put intense energy into everything you do. However, when challenged you are a force not to be messed with. Nevertheless, you have technical and analytical abilities, therefore, you can be an architect, engineer, technician, computer programmer, electrical engineer, or real estate agent.

Atmakaraka Mars in 1st house

Atmakaraka Mars in 1st house means your purpose in life is to focus on your energy and take action toward personal development. With Mars in the 1st house, you are good when it comes to taking actions that contribute to your wellbeing, personal fulfillment, and accomplishments. You are all about results, and making things happen in addition, you put energy into things to create a manifestation. You are physically active and enjoy sports, working out, and moving your body. it is your purpose in life to exert energy in your physical body. As a result, you can be an athlete, bodybuilder, physical therapist, police officer, or perform any type of physically intensive job. Your purpose in life is to use your strength and physical body in the world.

Atmakaraka Mars in 2nd house

Atmakaraka Mars in 2nd house means it is your destiny and soul purpose to exert energy in the 2nd house. Therefore, your purpose is to be actively involved with family, growing your resources, and practicing your values in life. Your energy goes into the strength of your speech. Your speech is strong in tone and sound. You may often sound aggressive to others when you speak. however, your voice is your strength, and this is how you exert your power.

Atmakaraka Mars in 3rd house

Atmakaraka Mars in 3rd house means your Dharma in life is to put the energy, effort, and strength into communication, writing, and speech. You must put your energy into developing technical and mechanical skills; even being a professional writer and communicator requires a technical approach. You are technical with the use of your hands and could be into martial arts, Tai chi, a mechanic, writer, or any sports which require your hands.

Atmakaraka Mars in 4th House

Atmakaraka Mars in 4th House means you feel you are not living up to your soul’s purpose and potential in life. This is because Mars is debilitated in the 4th house, which is the original House of Cancer. The planet Mars in the 4th house is like putting a soldier in the kitchen; consequently, when a soldier is in the kitchen he cannot fully live up to his potential. As a result, you feel that your goals in life are not being realized or something is holding you back. On the other hand, growing up in your childhood home there were many unbalances that disrupted your mental peace. You may feel uncomfortable in your home or homeland; therefore, you can leave your birthplace to find your purpose in life.

Atmakaraka Mars in 5th house

Atmakaraka Mars in 5th house means you are born to take action by learning ancient texts, investing in your education, being in politics, and speculations. You exert energy and take the action needed to learn ancient texts, scriptures, verses, tantra, mantra, and spiritual interests. Your strength comes from spiritual practices. Since Mars is a technical planet and the 5th house relates to education you can have a technical education like technology, engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, computer programming, etc.


Atmakaraka Mars in 6th house

Atmakaraka Mars in 6th house means you’re very active in your work and your day-to-day routine. You put energy and strength to remove any obstacle in your life. Your purpose in life is to bulldozer through any challenge that stands in your way. You have a competitive spirit and the valor, willpower, and strength to when challenged. therefore, you are a natural athlete or are the most competitive person in your work environment.

Atmakaraka Mars in 7th house

Atmakaraka Mars in 7th house means it is your destiny in life to balance out your relationships and neutralize any unbalanced energy. The planet Mars in the 7th house relates to Kuja Dosha, this means you can have trouble in marriage and contractual agreements. To balance this energy, you must learn to control your over-aggression when it comes to your spouse (husband or wife) and business relationships. You are very competitive when dealing with other people; therefore, Atmakaraka Mars in the 7th house can make you a lawyer in which you battle out legal agreements.

Atmakaraka Mars in 8th house

Atmakaraka Mars in 8th house means the reason for your birth is to take action researching, delving into the occult and mysticism. You like to dig for information that is secret and hidden. Your spirit comes alive when you are actively involved in the hidden aspects of the eight house. You can be very mysterious and may not reveal your true thoughts and feelings. Nevertheless, you can go through many ups and downs in life; however, you can balance this energy by practicing Yoga or tantra, or occult science. any type of practice that brings balance to your mental and emotional disposition will help keep your life in order. you are a very magnetic person and people are attracted to your energetic aura.

Atmakaraka Mars in 9th house

Atmakaraka Mars in 9th house means you have a purpose in life to take action when it comes to religion, spirituality, laws, higher education, performing good deeds, and your belief system. therefore, you stand your ground when you believe in something; you will not let others sway you from your beliefs. You put the energy into pursuing higher education. in addition, you are a spiritual soldier and deeply passionate regarding your religion and spirituality. You could receive strength from your father, mentor, counselors, and advisors. You take the initiative when it comes to war and travel, and love visiting places of different cultures.

Atmakaraka Mars in 10th house

Atmakaraka Mars in 10th house means that your purpose in life is to take action realizing your career goals. The planet Mars is exalted in the 10th house which is the original House of Capricorn. Mars is about action and Capricorn is about performing actions in society (the outside world). Therefore, with Mars in the 10th house, you take any action that is needed when it comes to advancing your career. this also shows that you may be involved in a career in which there is lots of competition you have to compete for your success. If you are not challenged in your work environment, you become restless and bored with the work.

Atmakaraka Mars in 11th house

Atmakaraka Mars in 11th house means your purpose in life is to take action to achieve your goals. You put energy, determination, motivation, and ambition when it comes to realizing your wildest hopes and dreams. You are strong-willed and take whatever action is needed to see your goals manifest. when you serve society and groups of people this empowers you with strength. However, you can have competitive relationships with elder siblings and friends; now and then you can get into it with these people.

Atmakaraka Mars in 12th house

Atmakaraka Mars in 12th house means your purpose in life is to take action to spend quality time by yourself and get away from your daily routine. therefore, you can be a lover of solitude. Because of this, you may seem like a loner to others. However, you need solitude to balance your fiery energy. You enjoy foreign travel especially overseas. Since the 12th house is the furthest from the 1st house you can have a permanent residence in a foreign country. However, Mars is active energy; therefore, you want to do many things; however, with Atmakaraka Mars in the 12th house, you can easily exhaust yourself by doing too much. You have a very active and wild imagination; you channel stories from the subconscious mind and are an extraordinary writer. This is because of Mars aspects the 3rd house of writing and communication.

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