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Mars in the 12th House

Exert Energy – With Mars in the 12th house in Vedic astrology, you exert your energy in the 12th house indicators. Your energy and drive go towards the bedroom, subconsciousness, foreign travel, expenditures, meditation, isolation.

Loss of Energy – The 12th house related to losses and the planet is all about energy. You can easily lose energy if you exert yourself too much. Have you ever heard the saying “the quicker you burn the faster you burn out”, People with mars in the 12th house have to be very cautious about burning themselves out too fast by doing too much at once.

Passionate Lover – The 12th house represents bedroom pleasures and Mars is wild energy. If you have Mars in the 12th house, you are wild in bed. You have strong sexual desires. You are a passionate lover. Behind closed doors, you take your lover by surprise because you have so much stamina and energy in the bedroom.

Secret Enemies – Your secret enemies can be violent. You can have enemies you don’t even know about until they try and sabotage you.

Subconscious – You are driven to explore the hidden realms of your subconscious mind. You may meditate or explore into hypnosis to delve deep into the mind to discover moksha (Self-realization, enlightenment)

Injure Feet – The 12th house is the karaka of feet, when Mars is positioned in the 12th house, the native can have an injury to the feet or region of the feet (heels, ankles, bottom of foot) especially in the Dasha (Main Period) or Mahadasha (sub-period) of the planet Mars.

Quick Feet – You have energetic and quick feet. You love to run and use their feet to protect yourself.

Competitive/Most Violent – Foreigners, Paternal Grandmother can be the most competitive or hostile towards you.

Isolations – Mars feels lost in the 12th House (Pisces). Because of the feeling of being lost, you resort to isolation.


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