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Mars in the 7th House

Exert Energy – When Mars is in the 7th house in Vedic astrology you exert your energy in the 7th house indicators (marriage, business partner, long term relationships).

Kuja Dosha – Kuja Dosha indicates trouble in relationships. Kuja Dosha relates to the position of Mars. When Mars is positioned in your marriage house (7th house) you have trouble in marriage and long-term relationships. Mars is the planet of war, its position in the 7th house indicates you will go to war with your spouse. Disagreements and fights can be so severe that it breaks the marriage or relationships. You feel as if you are a magnet for hostile relationships. Your spouse can be inclined toward anger issues.

If Mars is in the 7th house your spouse brings hostility in the relationship. If Mars is in the 1st house, you would bring the arguments into the relationship. Energy can be depleted (drained) or you may be tired after arguing or fighting with your spouse. Dispute with a spouse can affect your health especially if the 7th ruler is in the 12th house. After fights with your spouse, you can feel exhausted.

Competition – Business relationships can be extremely competitive and often problematic. Disagreements in a business relationship can lead to arguments. You have to compete with those with who you sign contracts with. You may feel like your own business partners are the competition.

Maternal Grandmother – You can have a disruptive relationship with your maternal grandmother.

Injury – The 7th house represents your navel area and external sexual organs(reproductive organs). You are prone to injuries in this region of your physical body. This area can also become inflamed or irritated.

Your Second Child – The 7th house is your 2nd born child (because it is the 3rd for the 5th house). The second-born can be aggressive and have an athletic physique.

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