Meaning of Atmakaraka Mercury

Atmakaraka Mercury means you are intelligent, communicative, skillful, humorous, youthful, flexible, and a traveler. You are witty and enjoy laughing and joking. The planet Mercury is the karaka of friends and business; therefore, you value friendship and business partnerships. You are mechanical or skillful with your hands. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini (the original 3rd house). The 3rd house relates to the hands; therefore, you have natural talents with your hands and can be a mechanic, craftworker, carpenter. You have a youthful appearance and can look younger than your age. You enjoy traveling and taking road trips. You enjoy moving and being on the go, therefore you enjoy short trips to the grocery store, gym, running errands, or visiting a family or friend who lives close by.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 1st house

Atmakaraka Mercury in 1st house means you are very intelligent this is because the planet mercury has directional strength in the 1st house. You can retain and process large amounts of information. You absorb information like a sponge and have the intelligence to logically look at problems and create rational solutions; you can process this information quickly and retain what you have learned. You are studious and love learning new things then intrigue your curiosity. You enjoy reading books and have a fascination with always wanting to know more. Because you are so intelligent you may appear to others as a ‘know-it-all.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 2nd house

Atmakaraka Mercury in 2nd house means you have a natural talent for managing finances and resources. You are skillful when it comes to marketing, banking, finances, business, and resources management. You are calculative when managing personal wealth and income. On the other hand, you are skillful when it comes to using your voice as an instrument. You can also be very good at speeches in which you use your words intellectually and skillfully.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 3rd house

Atmakaraka Mercury in 3rd house means you are a skillful communicator and writer. Through writing and communication is how you fulfill your soul purpose. You have a way with words that conveys your intelligence. You are charismatic and can easily win people over with the use of your words. You can be a skillful writer, communicator, social media star, blogger, author, articles writer, or any medium that utilized the written words. If the 10th House Lord of career influences Mercury in the 3rd house, you may as well have a profession in which communication and skilled writing is important.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 4th house

Atmakaraka Mercury in 4th house means you keep books in your home. You have books that stimulate your mental curiosity and books on a variety of subjects. You like your home to be mentally stimulating and you may have a special place in your home where you read and keep your books. Mercury in the 4th house relates to grade school and early education); therefore, you were very studious in grade school; you were engaged in your academic learning (studying, homework, and reading); You were able to retain the information you learned in school which helps you get good grades. You may have been a bookworm because you enjoyed learning so much and you are good at mathematics or any logical information. On the other hand, the 4th house is an indicator of your mother and home environment growing up. Therefore, you have a very communicative relationship with your mother, as a child, your mother could have been your first teacher.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 5th House

Atmakaraka Mercury in 5th House means you are very intelligent and invest in your education. This is because both mercury and the 5th house represent intelligence and education. You have an interest in learning ancient texts and scriptures and mastering of what you have learned. You can have many academic achievements because you value a good education. The 5th house is also related to stage performance; therefore, you could be a very skillful performer (acting, dance, drama, or being on a stage). You can adapt your personality like a chameleon the suit any role for the stage. You use your intelligent accumulate resources and speculative business investments. You have creative intelligence which can manifest in artistic pursuits. However, when in romantic relationships you prefer to be with someone you can have intellectual conversations with. To clarify, you must connect mentally before intimacy.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 6th House means

Atmakaraka Mercury in 6th House means your life path is about the daily routines of everyday life. It is your purpose in life to deal with the mundane world but from an intellectual perspective. This is how you burn your karma. You have the intelligence to outwit opponents and outthink your way out of obstacles. The 6th house is the house of debates and mercury relates to intelligence; therefore, you win arguments with your intellect; Consequently, you win overall competitors with your words and knowledge; this is how you gain victory in life and achieve your goals.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 7th House

Atmakaraka Mercury in 7th House means you are proficient in communicating with others so you can be successful in public relations, mediations, and written contractual agreements. You have excellent business skills and know-how to negotiate disagreements: therefore, you could be an experienced businessman, businesswoman, lawyer, or mediator. On the other hand, the 7th house is related to your spouse; therefore, your spouse (husband or wife) is very intelligent, youthful, communicative, and witty. With Mercury in the 7th House, you enjoy having stimulated intellectual conversations with your husband or wife.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 8th house

Atmakaraka Mercury in 8th house means you enjoy researching and investigating subjects related to the occult and mysticism. You love collecting books on metaphysical and esoteric knowledge; any type of hidden or ‘secret subject’ intrigues your mind and stimulates your mental curiosity. You have a detective mental perspective on life and love researching and digging for information; therefore, you can be a CSI agent, secret investigator, or researcher in which you uncover hidden information. In addition, you enjoy writing about secrets, mysticism, and stories in which clues or secrets must be uncovered. However, you can go through many ups and downs with friends, relatives, and people in your immediate environment.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 9th House

Atmakaraka Mercury in 9th House means you enjoy researching and collecting information on both mundane and spiritual laws. You have a skill when it comes to writing religious texts, philosophies, laws, and religion. You communicate with people regarding your strong belief system, religion, and spirituality. You are mentally intrigued when investigating the laws of man and the divine law of the universe. These subjects stimulate your curiosity, and you always want to know more. Therefore, you could be a master or Guru when it comes to ancient text, religion, and spirituality.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 10th house

Atmakaraka Mercury in 10th house means you can get recognition in business, marketing, writing, or using your logical intelligence on the job. You can work in a profession in which you are a writer, journalist, public speaker, accountant, marketer, copywriting, columnist, or computer programmer, etc. You are the jack-of-all-trades in your profession, and you have a variety of skills that you use on the job and in your work environment.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 11th house

Atmakaraka Mercury in 11th house means you’re intelligent when it comes to accumulating gains and resources in your life. You have a calculative intelligence and can come up with a logical solution to grow your resources. Nevertheless, you have a very communicative relationship with your friends, eldest sibling, support system, and social network. This communicative relationship helps you fulfill your purpose in life. You can make additional resources with writing and communicative talents. When you write or communicate, it can be a social effort.

Atmakaraka Mercury in 12th House

Atmakaraka Mercury in the 12th house means you can channel information and receive messages from the spiritual realm. Since the 12th house is related to the imagination, and mercury is about writing, you could be an extraordinary fiction or fantasy writer; this is because you can easily channel ideas from other worlds and dimensions. You have clairaudience experiences; that is to say, you can hear voices and messages from the spiritual world. Nevertheless, foreign cultures stimulate your mind, and you love investigating how people of different backgrounds and ethnicities live. Your mental curiosity inspires you to travel overseas to other countries in which you absorb the cultures and way of life. Nevertheless, you prefer to communicate with people in private and may dislike talking in large groups. When you are reading a book and learning something you absorb the information better in isolation.


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