Mercury in the 7th House

How Mercury in the 7th House and Your Personality?

The dual function of Mercury – gathering information and then distributing it – is seen when this planet is placed in the 7th house. There is an enormous amount of things to learn from other people, but there is still a lot to teach and share with them.

Mercury in the 7th house wants to communicate and exchange ideas with many different people for nature. You take an interest in evaluating and understanding how and what others think, closely followed by the pleasure of expressing your ideas and opinions.

Maturity in the native comes with some delay due to the position of Mercury in the seventh house. However, with passing time, you become efficient, thoughtful and work with colleagues to achieve happiness and success. You always help your friends and acquaintances.

Favorable Career Options for Natives with Mercury In The 7th House

This position tends to gravitate to the use of intelligence, making you a significant person. You are adept at communicating with the public so you can be successful in sales or public relations. The need to intellectualize may lead you to associate with intelligent and well-educated people. Career-wise, you can become a lawyer, marriage counselor, or teacher. The seventh house signifies legal agreements, contracts, and communication. Indeed, the native has the scope to become successful in these professions.


The seventh house is related to trading, which makes it one of the most notable business houses. You can also be a skilled businessman and make a profit from selling finished goods or trading merchandise. It is also the spouse’s house, so your spouse may be from a family of an aristocrat.


With Mercury in the 7th house, you seek to share your most intimate thoughts with your partner. You are also attracted to intellectual or clever people with whom you can talk about anything. Throughout your life, you will have several partners of different personas. Marriage can take time to occur since you find it difficult to tell yourself to leave your singleness finally. More likely, you will settle with someone who is a carbon copy of you. You are likely to find your partner in the same business, and eventually, you will be discussing trade with your spouse. This can deteriorate the relationship. You look for a partner for more intellectual complementary, without a doubt that the feelings will be necessary. Still, if there is no fit between you, the relationship will have no future.

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