Mercury in the 3rd house

Mercury in 3rd house – Communication, Writing, Charismatic

The 3rd house is the planet Mercury moolatrikona (home) sign; Mercury is comfortable in this house. Some of the indicators of the 3rd house are communication, logical intelligence, learning capacity, travel (short distance). A native who has Mercury in the 3rd house in Vedic astrology is skilled at communication. The native is a natural marker or salesman. These individuals have a way with words and are so charismatic they can easily win people over. Natives with this position are skilled writers, they can be authors of books, blogs, newspaper articles, or any medium that utilized the written words. If Venus is conjunct Mercury in the 3rd house, natives are good at writing poetry, song lyrics, or even movie scripts since Venus is the planet of the performing arts. If the planet Saturn is conjunct Mercury in the 3rd house it indicates a native has a writing talent but may struggle to express their idea in words. Natives with Saturn in the 3rd have trouble expressing their words verbally because Saturn starves Mercury’s communication qualities.


If Mercury is conjunct or aspect by the 10th lord of career, the person can make a living as a salesman, marketer, writer, or can be in advertising.


The 3rd house is a karaka of siblings. If Mercury is in good dignity, natives have good communicative relationships with siblings, especially younger siblings. If Mars is positioned in the 3rd house or aspects the 3rd house, natives get into verbal arguments with younger siblings.


Your neighbors are also an indicator of the 3rd house. Mercury in the 3rd house can show individuals have a communicative relationship with their neighbors. They love getting to know and talking with people in their neighborhoods. These natives like to introduce themselves to new neighbors and are always waving hello.

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