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Mercury in the 4th House


The 4th house is an indicator of your mother and your relationship with your mother. If Mercury is not afflicted, this position indicates that the natives have an active communicative relationship with their mother. The native is constantly calling their mom and having long engaging conversations with their mother. However, if Mars is in the 4th house this can show that communication with the mother can lead to verbal arguments. Mercury in the 4th house in Vedic astrology also indicates the mother is highly intelligent with a well-developed logical mind. The mother could be a professional teacher or scholar who influences you to invest in a good education. This position also shows that the mother has good business skills and is very charismatic. Mother could have worked in sales, marketing, or advertising.

Early Education

The 4th house is an indicator of early education (grade school), Mercury in the 4th house in Vedic astrology shows that the natives were very studious in school, studying, doing their homework, and engaged in their academic learning. You could have been a bookworm in your early years of school and good at mathematics or any logical information. You were also able to retain the information you learned in school which helps you pass a test and get good grades.


These natives love to keep books in their homes. They have books on a variety of subjects and choose books in which they can learn a new talent or skills. These natives can also have an array of electronic books on their computers.


Mercury in the 4th house in Vedic astrology indicates there was a lot of movement in the home, especially in early childhood, whether the parents were frequently remodeling, redecorating the home, or the parents were always moving from one location to another. If Mercury is afflicted in the 4th house, the constant moving created a lot of unsettlement in early childhood.






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